Pioneer Medical Group Optical Shop

The Pioneer Medical Group Optical Shop is located inside the Pioneer Medical Group building in Long Beach. Dr. Arthur Pazornik, O.D is the doctor of this Optometry shop. Dr. Pazornik is a pretty cool doctor. I have problems with taking my contact lenses out of my eyes and instead of just telling me that I need to do it the right way he found a set of lenses that allows me to leave the contacts in a bit longer because I am going to do that anyway. This is the first optometrist that took this approach with me and I was impressed with that.

They have a full line of name brand glasses and contacts at this location and after you get your eyes tested its off to the glasses shop to go shopping. On problem that I did not anticipate was the fact that I took my contacts off for the eye test and when I went to go try on some new frames I was two blind to see what they looked like. I actually had to have the gal behind the counter take a picture of me with them on so I could check them out later. I thought that was a pretty funny way to shop for glasses.

CSULB Student and Recreation and Wellness Center

There was a massive addition to the CSULB campus and our local skyline about a year ago and many people don’t know about it. CSULB added its own Student Recreation and Wellness Center located off Palo Verde street on the eastern side of the campus. The recreation center is a 126,500 square foot, two story, mega behemoth of a gym/everything center. And when I mean everything I mean everything. It has 3 basketball courts, a gym with every weight and machine imaginable, an indoor jogging track, racquet ball courts, activity rooms and swimming pool and spa. There’s even a rock climbing wall you can climb as well!

After much hype I decided to see this place for myself and check it out. First thing I noticed was the CIA- esque hand scanners the students used to enter the facility. The technology in this place is beyond mind boggling and is awesome. Upon entering I noticed the upbeat rock/electronic music playing and a very clean and nice smelling facility. The place was immaculate and huge. All the good things I heard about this place were spot on and had friendly staff working there as well. You can check out basketballs, racquets, and any other equipment so you don’t have to bring your own and the rentals are legit. Only downside is during peak hours it does get crowded and there is plenty of college meatheads in the building as well. Other than that the place is amazing and I highly recommend anyone to check this super gym and wellness center. It is summer and time to get yourself that beach body you have always wanted and the CSULB student recreation and wellness center is the place to do it.

Pioneer Medical Group

The Pioneer Medical Group is located right by the El Pollo Loco on the corner of Clark Ave and Los Coyotes Diagonal. I have been to this urgent care facility 3 times now and the majority of the times that I visited I did actually get a solution to my problem. They have a pharmacy on site and they also have an optometrist. I actually discovered the optometrist because I brought my wife in because she was experiencing back pain and I whipped out my insurance card and found out that I was eligible for an eye exam and a pair of glasses.

The last visit that I had was decent. I have a problem that I have to see my personal doctor for but since I was in pain I thought I would go in there, pay my $25 co pay and see if I could get a solution to my problem a little sooner. Unfortunately I was not able to get my problem solved or any medication prescribed on my last visit but the one prior to that went very well. These urgent care centers are a mixed bag because of how many people they move through them. Overall I am happy with the care that I receive here at Pioneer Medical Group and I would recommend this place if you have a non emergency related issue.

Nu Image Wellness Center

Its heading into summer and we all want that rock hard beach bod. Nu Image Wellness Center can help you get there, in a flash. This gym/ wellness center formerly known as Signal Hill Athletic Center, has everything you need to get into shape.

Located on the corner of Redondo and Hill Street, the lime green outside décor is hard to miss. Walk through the door and you are always greeted by a smiling employee who is happy to show you around the facility for a free tour. As you step through the waiting room you are greeted with a refreshing good smelling gym environment with ample: weights, cardio machines, and any fitness item you can think of.

What struck me was how uncrowned the gym was. At eleven am there was one other person in the gym, yes, one! They are still under a tad bit of construction which is understandable because they just opened their doors last week. There also is a fitness room which hosts spin classes and a variety of free classes to its members. This gym is top notch with new machines, great employees, and a brand new facility you truly get what you pay for with this gym. If you want to get that beach body in a hurry for summer definitely make your way to NU Image wellness center.

Long Beach Wellness Center AHC

The Long Beach Wellness Center as a Alternate Health Collective Wellness Center that sits way back in the corner of a mini mall on the corner of Long Beach Blvd and Wardlow Ave. I go into this mini mall quite a bit but I have almost never noticed this place sitting in the corner.

I do not smoke nor do I have a card but my understanding of the rules is that if you have no card then you cannot go inside. I am curious what is inside of these place and how they display them. Like is the edible stuff sitting there like in a bakery and the weed, how is that displayed?

I would love to learn more about this whole business because I read good and bad stuff about them opening up then being shut down. My thought that is until the federal government make some kind of decision, these types of shops are going to be operating in the grey area.