Staples is your one stop shop for anything office supplies oriented and on this notion I recently visited the Staples in Torrance for a new printer and ink cartridge. Upon arrival into the store the layout was the same as many Staples I have visited which made it easy to find what I needed. The store was very clean and the signs on top of the aisles were big and can direct to what you need in a flash.

The customer service at this Staples location really stood out as well; the customer service representative was attentive and walked me through all the printer and ink options in a calm and timely manner. I even got to use a coupon I found in the daily newspaper for a few dollars off which was an awesome bonus. I highly recommend if you are in the South Bay and need office supplies to check out the Staples on Hawthorne for all your office and school supply needs.

Skechers Outlet

This sketchers outlet location is very big and they have a huge selection! I was there to pick up a pair of running shoes and I really liked the way that the Sketcher Gorun shoes looked and I was amazed at how light and flexible they are. The mens size weighs only 6.9 oz which is pretty damn light and the whole idea behind these shoes is to promote a mid foot strike when you are running.

They were having a memorial day sale and if you buy one pair you get the second pair free which is a pretty darn good deal if you ask me. The staff here was very helpful and friendly and even though the place was packed, there was no issue getting in and out of there. I thought it was a well run store.

K1 Speed Indoor Go Kart Racing

I showed up with a group of 5 on a saturday afternoon and to tell you the truth I had no clue how long it was going to take. I was already in the system so I went through the line a bit faster as my other friends had to go sign in and make accounts.

When you head up to the cashier make sure you let them know that you are going to check in on foursquare, Facebook or yelp and they will give you $5 off which makes it pretty cool.

We waited for a little over an hour but it was no big deal because it gave me time to catch up with some old friends and they have plenty of couches in there so you can sit down with your friends and shoot the breeze while you wait for your name to be called.

I had been here one time before during the middle of the day in the middle of the summer and it was way to hot so I recommend going later if you can. The race that I was in started around 6pm so the temperatures in the building were not bad at all.

When it was time to race I came up with a new strategy than the one I used previously. It was to only use the gas and not use the brake at all. When going around the corners I was going to just going to take my foot off the gas and coast through instead of braking. The race I was in had 13 people in it which I thought was kind of a lot. Anyway off I went and halfway through my first lap 2 people in front of me already got into a crash on one of the hairpin turns and I went by them. Then I had some slow moving traffic in front of me so I pulled out my Cole Trickle moves and just rode this guys ass until I could get him into a corner and then I spun him out and passed him. They really let you get into the racing here and if you are not trying to drive like an ass they will let you bump into each other and it is going to happen. They make you wear full face helmets for a reason and that is because you are going to get hit and you will feel it the next day. I actually had a bruise up on my collar bone and I never got spun sideways and T-boned.

With all that said, this place is awesome. The carts are fast and you are really only racing for lap times but its nice to pass people while you are doing that. I need to find the sweet spot and get in there when its less crowded and nice and cool and I think I might start visiting once a week or so. For $15 you go around for 14 laps which is plenty of abuse for your body until it gets used to being banged around in the karts.


Sharpshooter Indoor Gun Range

I went to Sharpshooter gun range yesterday to fire off 150 rounds of ammo with a few friends of mine. This place is very mellow and laid back. They do not focus on being the cleanest gun range but their prices are good. The range fees are as follows. $16.00 for the first shooter and $8.00 for each additional shooter on the lane. You get one bullseye target with your rental. They offer a wide variety of rentals if you just want to go and shoot and to rent a gun you need to have a drivers license and you need to be over 18 and you are good to go.

This is a 50 foot range and it has the mechanical targets on a wire so you can slide your target out there from as close as 10 feet down all the way to 50 feet. There are 17 different places to shoot from and they are all motorized. Yes they could come in and clean the range up a bit more than some of the other gun ranges that I have been to but at the end of the day you can go in, rent a gun or bring your own and fire off some shot, blow of some steam and get out of there without hassle

El Pollo Inka

El Pollo Inka is one of the best places around to get a nice plate of Lomito Saltado. This time around the green sauce had a bit more of a kick than usual but it was in a good way if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean then let me explain. My bald ass head had beads of sweat on it and I also had a big smile on my face at the same time.

The restaurant is huge. They have these awesome stained glass windows that face out towards Hawthorne blvd and that makes that lighting and the whole restaurant light up with great colors.

The service was great and our meals came out quickly. The staff was very friendly and I had a great experience at El Pollo Inka.

Eddie's Barbershop in Torrance California

What a great place for a cut, a trim or a wild new doo. As traditional in flavor as you could ask for and as modern as you could please to ask. Eddie’s Barbershop had a great staff and selected each customers hair cutting pro but preference and style. Within moments of opening the door I was greeted by Tino with a smile and brought into the Eddie’s Barbershop fold.

IMG 20120223 155324 1024x768 Eddies Barbershop in Torrance California

Eddie's Barbershop Epic Chopped Chevy


Free WI-Fi, complimentary drinks [beer, coffee, soda, tea, wine and water] with an outstanding atmosphere will make you want to stay longer than your cut. The overall motif was in a retro yet again modern car lovers style. With a chopped Chevy for the choice seat at the door. Wall to wall art and fitted decor with flat screens galore to keep you amused.

Walk ins are welcome and the wait was under 10 minutes for my stylist hand picked by Mr Tino. Her name was Nadia and wow was she good. In these times you almost get used to an uncaring cut from your average beautician, at Eddies Barbershop, this is not every going to happen. Nadia paid very close attention to every detail and asked for my opinions and insights are every turn. After a few days I even noticed just a tiny bit of hair, maybe a quarter of an inch on one side, just out of step with the rest… Unlike your megacorp super quick cut salons, Nadia was more than glad to fix it at no charge.

On the first visit Eddie himself even came out to say hi and check in. Now this is a place worth going again. I think I have found the only place I go when I hit the gold coast to trim my nomads fro’

Tell em’ we sent you and you may just get a special deal icon wink Eddies Barbershop in Torrance California


The Standing Room in Redondo Beach

If you cruise by your in for a wicked good surprise. One of Redondo’s hidden treasures and your bellies bountiful buster. By way of the biggest fresh made burgers you can find off the PCH. The spot is small and tucked away inside a mini-mart but the burgers are bigger than your eyes for sure.

Try the Napoleon Burger for a feast to treat you need for fresh meat. A half pound of fresh made hamburger with spare ribs, fried egg, shredded Gouda cheese, homemade fries, fresh greens, red lettuce and caramelized onions… ZOMG this burger is a beast, but oh so good!

minilogo The Standing Room in Redondo Beach