Bamboo Teri House

I had the Teriyaki Beef and Shrimp Tempura Combo. The food is reasonable prices and the quality is decent. I remember about 5 years ago when this place was like a restaurant and somebody always took your order. Now during the day, you place your order up front and grab a seat. When I was here there were 4 tables that had dishes still left on them and that made the whole place look sloppy and this is a small restaurant.

The parking lot here is a bit small and crowded but I have only had to circle around the block once to come back through and grab a spot.

There must have been some kind of change in ownership or something from when I first started coming here. The food quality and service seemed better a few years ago and the prices where also more reasonable. The full service thing seems like a no brainer to fix and it would improve the dining experience ten fold if there was somebody taking order, running food and cleaning the tables on a regular basis.

Food pictured below: Teriyaki Beef and Shrimp Tempura Combo

Eon Asian Bistro

Eon Asian Bistro or En Seafood is a cool little lunch and dinner spot in Costa Mesa. It is a tad hard to find but once you do it is worth it. Its located next to a Rite Aid and there is ample parking. Upon arrival our server, was awesome, great service and very attentive. I had the spicy tuna roll and samurai roll.

The sushi tasted very fresh and was not too overwhelmingly fishy. The Asian bistro had really cool décor and the smell of fresh seafood filled my nostrils. For dessert I had the banana bread pudding, which was delicious and extremely flavorful. Eon Asian Bistro is a cool Asian restaurant in a small strip mall but is big on taste and great service.

Royal Buffet

Located right off the 405 freeway is the Royal Buffet Chinese restaurant. There is ample parking in the parking lot and my friends have raved about this place. Upon arrival I noticed there were tons of food and sushi throughout the restaurant and couldn’t wait to try it. The food was decent for the price you pay, but like many buffets you get what you pay for. They had everything from crab legs to fresh fruit and everything in-between.

The customer service I thought was good and added to the experience. Overall this would not be my top choice for sushi or seafood but if you want a buffet experience and try a little bit of everything head over to Royal Buffet.

Sushi Studio

I really am not the biggest sushi fan but after enjoying a few nights out at Sushi Studio in Long Beach, I am a full blown sushi addict. Sushi studio is located on PCH in Long Beach right before Clark. It has a very college vibe with unique menu’s that resemble comic books. Our server was all-time and had a great attitude throughout the whole meal.

My buddies and I ordered about six different rolls and split them. We also ordered much sake and Kirin (beer) which goes hand in hand with sushi. It was my birthday and they do a unique ceremony: dim the lights and play the funniest Japanese music along with clapping their hands. Overall the night was a great success and Sushi Studio is one of my favorite places to get sushi in Long Beach.

Sushi Town

Southern California is littered with sushi restaurants on just about every corner. The real hard part is finding the ones that are legit and at a decent price. I recently went to Sushi town in Costa Mesa with some friends to try it out.

Upon arrival I noticed there was ample parking in front of the restaurant and as we stepped in the smell of fresh fish filled my nostrils. The place was clean and had a cool vibe to it. We ordered many rolls one of which was the Angry Fish roll, which was very tasty. Sushi town is a cool little sushi joint located in Costa Mesa. It definitely isn’t the high class sushi restaurants many OC’ers are used to, but for good sushi at a reasonable price a safe bet in Costa Mesa is Sushi town.

Fusion Sushi

We were over by spring street and palo verde avenue on my way to go check out the Nature center walk at the El Dorado park when all of a sudden I realized that we were starving. We pulled into the mini mall and there was a Super Mex that looked nice and big and air conditioned so we started walking for that when all of a sudden I saw the Fusion Sushi next door and was somehow drawn to that door instead. It really doesn’t look like much from the outside because its in a strip mall but man when you walk inside that place you know they spent some money in there.

The floors are awesome, paint is awesome, the bar is long and very classy. Overall a very clean place and it is huge inside. So we started to order some sushi. I went ahead and started with my usual which is a scallop hand roll and that was delicious. I then went with my 2nd, 3rd and 4th things that I normally order which are Tuna, Yellowtail and Albacore and all of those where yummy. The wife likes the rolls so we dove into those and ordered a crunchy roll and I also ordered a baked scallop dish that has mushrooms in it called Scallop Dynamite. This was not what I was expecting so I am going to pass on that dish next time. The BSCR Roll was good and was a california roll on the inside and had baked scallop and smelt egg on the outside.

Overall it was a good experience, we got excellent service and at some good sushi in a very comfortable environment. What is not to like about that?


Mitaki is a great little restaurant that is located on the corner of 4th Street and N Waite Ct which is situated in the City Place Shopping Center section of downtown Long Beach. There are three parking garages that are pretty much geared towards the city place and you can get free parking in those garages for 2 hours. You can also park out in front in one of the metered spots but they are pretty hard to come by.

I like the layout and the design of Mitaki. Its a nice clean restaurant and the people that worked there were very cool. I came in for a beef teriyaki plate which came with rice and a salad and while I was eating I was talking to one of the employees about motorcycles because we both ride similar bikes. He didn’t talk to much and was just trying to help me pass the time so he was obviously a listener. The price was very reasonable as well. So during this lunchtime experience I got it all. Quick and friendly service, a good meal for a low price and I got in some good conversation while I was at it. I would recommend Mitaki no problem at all.


Sushilicious is a great place to eat sushi for lunch if you are looking for a fun place to eat. This sushi bar is set up in a revolving format so you sit down and the sushi comes to you. There are different colored plates that are priced differently but the average place is $3. During lunch you can grab 5 plates for $10 and that is for any colored plate which is a good deal.

On this day I got here at 12:00pm on a weekday and the crowd wasn’t to bad so I did not have a hard time finding stuff to eat. There where probably about 6 sushi chefs in there cranking out the food so it kept the revolving sushi trays full. At about 12:45pm there was a huge line and the place got packed but the food kept coming out and it didn’t seem to effect them that much. I was having lunch with a friend so I actually was in before the lunch rush and I was there after it as well. I thought they handled it nicely


I have been to Wokcano a few times but this time I went with a albacore sushi roll to start things off along with a couple of glasses of nice Rose Wine and then we ordered the basic sushi special with an extra order of salad and miso soup. The rolls that were included where a California Roll, A cucumber roll and a tuna roll. I really love the salad here and the salad dressing so that is a no brainer and the miso soup is good as well and they are not skimpy on the tofu like some places are.

Wokcano is located on the promenade in Long beach and this place is massive. The inside dining area can seat a ton of people and when it is warm outside they open that up and there must be another 15 good sized tables out there. The sushi bar is in the middle of the dining area and those guys make the magic happen. Above the sushi bar is an upstairs area that is almost as big as the downstairs section.

There is an actual bar and chill spot if your into that sort of thing and the bar is light up really cool. Behind the bar are those teppan grill things like they have at Benihana’s. I have never seen this spot open which is probably due to the time I show up but it sure looks like fun.

So there is free parking in the garage right next to Wokcano. It is a one way street so you get there by coming down Pine Avenue. You get 2 hours free in that garage and that is enough time to get you in and out for a nice dinner.

They have a good happy hour and a nice selection of affordable food and snacks during the happy hour so check that out if you are in downtown Long Beach during happy hour.