Rock Bottom Brewery

On a recent lunchtime date I decided to visit Rock Bottom on Pine in downtown Long Beach. The area of downtown has been revived and is an awesome place to eat and hangout. Rock Bottom is located right on bustling Ocean Boulevard and Pine. The front of the restaurant is very clean and well kept. For lunch we were seated very quickly and as the looks of it there were a lot of lunchtime customers for noon on a Monday.

We were seated quickly and our server was top notch. I ordered a wedge salad for lunch and we received our meals very quickly. My wedge salad was delicious with blue cheese dressing and tasty little bacon bits. It was a good portion as well unlike the miniature side salads you get at other restaurants. I washed my salad down with a pint of beer and we were on our way. The one drawback to the location of Rock Bottom is the parking. Unless you have coins for the meters the parking is very difficult and you must park in the surrounding parking garages. Overall, Rock Bottom is a great restaurant for lunch or dinner!

Philly Steak and Sub

I have recently visited a few Philly cheesesteak joints around the Long Beach area and surprisingly they have all been pretty good. I decided to visit Philly Steak and Sub located on Long Beach Boulevard. I arrived around noon and the place was very busy. It is a small business with a cool and retro black and white floor. I decided to order a cheesesteak sandwich for myself and a tuna sandwich for my co-worker. The food came out very quickly and I decided to inspect our sandwiches.

The cheesesteak looked delicious with the beef and cheese melted together to perfection. I couldn’t help myself and tried the delectable sandwich. Upon first bite I fell in love with the gooey mixture of meat, cheese, and bread. Top notch was my review and my co-worker enjoyed his tuna sandwich thoroughly. I highly recommend checking out Philly Steak and Sub for all your Philly food cravings! Check out their daily specials as well!

Food pictured below: Tuna Melt and Philly Cheese Sandwich

A's Restaurant

A’s Restaurant was the location of our company dinner party this year. I missed the memo that our party was to take place in the private room at the back of the parking lot so I came in and grabbed a seat at the main bar at about 5pm. The lounge and bar area get pretty busy quickly so I was lucking to even grab a seat. After I had a few glasses of wine I decided to go ahead and order a blue cheese wedge salad. By now it was about 5$5 pm and I was wondering why nobody from my company was showing up yet so I started asking around and that is when I found out about the room in the back.

The private rooms was awesome. We had a few different types of wine and it was perfect for 15 or so people to lightly booze it up and socialize and eventually sit down and eat dinner. It was pretty cold out this particular night and even though that room has been around, it sure was nice and toasty in there. We had some yummy horderves and I had a fillet mignon with mash potatoes which was nice and yummy. A’s Restaurant is a pretty cool red place right on the corner of PCH and the bridge to go over the peninsula. There is a little market there and this place used to be called the Arches. It has always been a great place for the locals to enjoy happy hour.

Cheesecake Factory

When recently visiting the Grove in Los Angeles I decided to get a bite to eat at a favorite of mine, The Cheesecake factory. It is a very popular restaurant, it was packed and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. When you walk around, there is actually some pretty awesome décor throughout the restaurant. Our server was very professional and was attentive to all of our needs.

I started out with a Caesar salad which was great and the presentation on the white porcelain plates was very nice. My entrée the shepherd’s pie was through and through absolutely delicious. I did not try any of the cheesecake but next time I come, I will definitely try what they are famous for. The cheesecake factory is a tad pricey but you get what you pay for. The Cheesecake factory at the Grove is a top notch restaurant to check out for lunch, dinner, or even just for a slice of their world famous cheesecake.

Ventana Grill

Ventana Grill is located in Pismo Beach which is about a 4 hour drive north of Long Beach. The restaurant is very nice and the location is right on the water. Right as you walk in there is a gorgeous bar which specializes in tequilas. We grabbed drinks at the bar because there was a forty-five minute wait for a table. It took us about twenty minutes to get our table which was great instead of the forty-five we were quoted for. We sat down at our table and our server was top notch. She knew the menu very well and explained all the unique dishes to us.

I ordered the clam chowder as an appetizer and the chimichurri steak as an entrée. Our food did take quite a while to receive but when it did come it was delicious. The clam chowder was thick and creamy with plenty of clams and the steak was cooked to perfection. Overall this is a great restaurant and is probably one of the nicest in the Pismo Beach area. A great place to take a date to or catch up with old friends. If you are a fan of tequila or just great food in general Ventana Grill is the place to be in Pismo Beach.


The Yardhouse is a very popular high end chain restaurant that is known for its good food and extensive supply of beer on tap among other things. The Long Beach Yardhouse is located in Shoreline Village right on the harbor and has a great view and a huge patio. Actually they whole place is huge and is usually packed. This is a fun place to party and it is pretty loud so not the greatest place to go on a first date unless you are on a drinking mission and if that is the case then the yard house is perfect for you.

This is a very busy bar and on the weekends you are going to wait. They have a good Happy hour and they have a lot of tvs. Don’t come here hoping to get right in and be served like you are in a fast food restaurant because it is not going to happen. Make sure you head up to the bar and grab a drink and chill out.

On this night I was drinking wine and I was hanging out with a friend and the very back end of the bar and we were watching a game on the television. One thing I love about the Yardhouse is that it is freezing inside so it is a perfect place to go to really “chill out”.

After I had a few glasses of wine I went ahead and ordered the Macaroni and Cheese. It is so good here! They actually call it Mac + Cheese 2 and this is what comes in it. Chicken breast, applewood bacon, wild mushrooms, cheddar, parmesan, campanelle pasta and truffle oil. If you are a fan of mac and cheese then I recommend trying a bowl of this stuff for sure its the bomb!

Outback Steakhouse

I enjoy coming to the Outback Steakhouse when I am in the mood for a nice meal. I have always found the steaks to be good and the servers were knowledgeable and polite. The only problem I have with this particular Outback Steakhouse is the parking situation. You cannot pull right up to the front door and park unless you valet park. The alternatives are to find your way into one of the paid parking garages that are located on both sides of Shoreline Drive and park there. If you are new to the area it can be tough finding a parking spot. Other than that the location is awesome and you have views of Rainbow Harbor.

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian themed steakhouse restaurant. Although beef and steak items make up a good portion of the menu, the concept offers a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes. The Company’s strategy is to differentiate its restaurants by emphasizing consistently high-quality food and service, generous portions at moderate prices and a casual atmosphere suggestive of the Australian Outback.