The Palms Gentlemens Club

I recently went to the Palms Gentleman’s club in Signal Hill and I was blown away by how big it was inside! As far as I know, there is one strip club in the Long Beach and Signal Hill area and that is Fantasy Castle. I actually found it on Yelp and I was wondering what kind of gem this was going to be. As I was coming down willow and hanging the right on Palm I saw a neon sign that said dancing on it or something and it was small. I assumed that was the building but The Palms is a few doors down.

The parking lot is huge and inside is huge. The way it looks inside compares to some of the big strip clubs in Las Vegas. The parking lot was pretty crowded so that was a good sign and the bouncer saw my veterans card and let me right in which was cool of him. You can hang a right to head to the restrooms or walk straight into the big room and grab yourself a seat. This is in the warehouse district so they basically converted one for this and took advantage of the high ceilings and how open it is.

There are two poles that go way up to the ceiling and that is where the dancers are. There is a lap dance section in the back that is not the most private setting but not bad either. The lap dances where $10 vs the $20 you pay at Fantasy Castle but it seemed like the songs where shorter. Not really sure on that though.

There were girls of all sizes and there were a lot of them. They claim 200 girls a night and there was room for it but I didn’t see that many on the floor. Maybe they were in the back or in a vip section or something. Regardless, I had a good time had 2 lap dances, drank a few beers and headed on out. When anybody mentions strip club I am going to likely be taking them here because it is impressive inside. Now if I want somebody to see a ghetto one then I am for sure headed to the Castle.

The hours of operation are as follows
Monday through Saturday 11am to 2am
Sunday Noon to 2am

They have an open dress code so you can wear pretty much whatever you want unless you are gang banger and you have to be 21 to enter.

Written by Louie Baur

On Deck Batting Cages

I was in Signal Hill at the Costco and I remembered that the Batting Cages place was there so I decided to go in and check it out. I came in with a friend which was a good thing because you need two people for the slow pitch softball stuff that I ultimately ended up doing.

It was pretty straight forward. You pay $10 for 15 minutes of cage time and the guy took me over to the softball area which kind of lobs the balls at you at 27mph which is nice and slow. I haven’t picked up a bat in 10 years so this was perfect for me.

After a 1 minute tutorial on how the machine works, I headed on over to home plate and my friend hopped in behind the pitching machine. Wow it is amazing how fast slow softballs are!! I did a pretty good job hitting the balls but I was all over the board. Good thing that there is netting all over the place because those balls where flying everywhere.

I worked up quite a sweat in a short 10 minutes and it was pretty hot in there! I did the pitching for a few but my friend was not that into it so I took another crack at it. I already had a blister so it is a good idea to wear some kind of glove because the grips will chew you up. After about 20 minutes we gave the bat back, took some pictures and headed home. It was fun and I will try it again with a glove on this time!

Written by Louie Baur

Sub King

The monotony of big chain sandwich shops has been getting really bland and stale for my liking so I decided to try a local sandwich place called Sub King. Sub King is located off Willow in Signal Hill and is located in the same exact strip mall as Mailbox Plus. Sub King is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 3pm and is closed on the weekends. Upon entering Sub King I was greeted by some friendly workers working behind the counter who were quick and efficient in taking my order.

There was a large assortment of hot and cold sandwiches on the menu and I decided to go with a large tuna sub. The tuna sandwich came out quickly and looked amazing. The sandwich was good sized and was on fresh baked bread. The tuna tasted fresh like it was made that day and not too heavy on the mayonnaise. The toppings were also fresh and the tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles gave it that substance that it really needed. Sub King was pretty busy when I visited there for lunch which is always a good sign as well. I recommend Sub King as a great lunch spot in the heart of Signal Hill. Whether you are looking for a tuna sandwich or healthy salad, Sub King has everything you want to curb you midday hunger.

Food pictured below: Egg Sandwich

Modern Computers

I am not to happy with Elizabeth. She is not a bad person but she did not properly diagnose my problem and made me pay for her mistakes. In my business, if I make a mistake or do not clearly communicate with the customer, then I absorb the cost for the miscommunication. I do not push that onto the customer!

She only takes cash so charge backs where not an option. Its as if she might have gone through this before.

I wanted my computer to drive 2 27″ monitors at a very high resolution like 2560 x 1600. The card I brought in already drove my both monitors at 1920×1080.

After waiting for about 4 days Elizabeth told me to come get my computer and that I was all set with the newer powerful card and charged me $70 labor and $69.50 for the new card.

I brought the card home and I was running the exact same thing which was 1920×1080.
I kept my cool because she now had collected $145.58 and nothing had been done.

She told me she could fix it with a more expensive card. She installed that and finally did some research and said that my monitors might not be able to go beyond 1920×1080.

This was the case and I wish that Elizabeth would have asked the right questions about my card and my computer vs charging me labor and basically giving me nothing.

In the end she gave me a $50.58 store credit and I am still out the $145.58.

A simple solution would be to charge me nothing or split the labor with me and give me cash but that didn’t happen. I may be the one guy in Long Beach that had a bad experience here and at this point I would have preferred to bring this to the Geek Squad at Best Buy because they would just be straight about it and probably have charged me less.


Costco has been a household name when it has come to buying in bulk and being a great warehouse style shopping center with great prices. Recently, I visited the Costco in Signal Hill on willow and decided to skip the shopping and go straight to their outdoor food area. The line was about 20 people long so there must be something good with their food. Not only was it great food but UNBELIEVABLE prices, prices so low I thought they were a mistake.

I got a huge Hebrew National all beef hotdog with all the fixings for $1.50. This hotdog was meaty, juicy, and had a soft and delicious bun. Drinks were about a buck and a small sundae was under two bucks. The prices are unreal, portions are massive, and the food is very good. Head on over to Costco for a great cheap lunch but beware it can get really busy, for having some of the lowest food prices in town!

Long Beach Mini

Ever since watching the Italian Job I have had a big time fascination with the Mini Cooper. I recently visited Long Beach Mini in the Signal Hill Auto Mall. The place is open every day of the week and during the week they are even open late, till nine at night. I arrived on the lot and was greeted by a friendly but not pushy salesman who was really good at educating me about the new and used mini coopers on the lot. I was very intrigued by the four door mini cooper with its sleek styling and design, and unique four door option.

This mini was called the countryman and even had four-wheel drive! I even envisioned myself racing up to the mountains in this car and even if it snowed, I would be good because of the awesome four-wheel drive. There were lines and lines of mini’s and after looking for thirty minutes I told the salesman I was just looking and he was very nice and didn’t pressure me into looking at more cars. Overall this place is the spot to go to for your next mini cooper, with friendly staff and a huge selection Long Beach Mini is your place to get your new fast and fuel efficient mini cooper.

Mercedes Benz of Long Beach

I rolled up to the Mercedes Benz of Long Beach lot at about 8pm at night. My only mission was to come through and take pictures of some sweet looking cars and post them on instagram. I have thought about doing this before but I don’t want to deal with explaining what I am doing or that I am not in the market for a car so I usually skip it. I was recently inspired by Beverly Hills Porsche and how they encourage people to take and post pictures so I thought I would give me local Mercedes Benz dealer a shot.

I walked on the lot and was greeted by a salesman and I told him I was just there to take some pictures and he basically gave me the nod. The same thing happened when I walked past a few more people that looked like salesman. They could clearly tell I was all over the board and taking pictures of everything so they left me alone.

I was having a blast so I decided to walk inside and try my luck there. I said hi to about 4 people at the reception desk and took pictures of all the cars on the showroom floor. This was awesome I have plenty of good looking pics to post to my various carporn locations.

When I came back a friend of mine pointed out to me that I was the 1000th person to check in on foursquare. Since they haven’t updated their twitter account or their Facebook fan page in over a month, I decided to fill out the contact form and let them know. It was mainly because 1000 checkins is kind of a big deal. Anyway an email back from the Internet Sales Manager.

I went to their website and I did notice that they had a Facebook and a twitter link so I sent them a tweet and a wall post prior to showing up but oddly I did not get a response from either of those networks. As of August 22, 2012 when I wrote this, the @MBZLongBeach twitter account had not sent out a tweet since May 30, 2012 and I didn’t see a whole lot going on the Facebook page. Maybe they are still strategizing or something.

Here is a list of some of the cars that I took pictures of while I was at the dealership:

2013 Mercedes-Benz E350 Sedan
2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe
2012 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG
2012 Mercedes-Benz SL550 Roadster
2009 Mercedes Benz CLK350
2012 Mercedes Benz 2500 Sprinter Passenger Van 170

Rocco's Deli Italiano

Rocco’s Deli Italiano is truly one of a kind. It is a great sandwich spot located in Signal Hill on 28th street. This spot came highly recommended by my friends who have been raving about a sandwich called the Bronx Bomber. Apparently the sandwich is so massive you get a free t-shirt if you finish it.

Upon arrival I noticed this place was packed! It’s only open from 10am to 3pm so the locals are on it especially during lunch time. The servers were all girls and extremely helpful in educating us through our sandwich selection. I decided to go with the Times Square, which was a turkey sandwich with all the fixings. One of my friend’s went with the Hell’s Kitchen sandwich and the brave one, Phil, went with the Bronx Bomber! We receive our food in about ten minutes and the Bronx bomber was HUGE. It was an Italian sausage and meatball sandwich that was absolutely massive.

My Times Square and the Hell’s kitchen were very tasty but the Bronx Bomber stole the show. Phil ended up eating the whole thing and won his free t-shirt. Rocco’s is a great lunch spot and if you are brave enough try the Bronx Bomber Challenge. This place serves the best Italian sandwiches at a somewhat reasonable price. Two big thumbs up!

Golden Eagle Restaurant

When your stomach is growling and you are ever in Signal Hill give Golden Eagle restaurant located on Willow Street, a quick stop in. I had to have a quick meeting with a client in Signal Hill and while driving down Willow Street I came across the Golden Eagle. This place really caught my eye with its big golden eagle logo on the sign outside. The building itself reminded me of an old pizza hut and the outside décor wasn’t that great, but hey sometimes looks can be deceiving. The parking lot was pretty clean and had ample parking.

Upon arrival inside, I noticed the plush red booths and clean interior. I walked up to the register where you order and noticed a multitude of options everything from steak and eggs to gyros it was there. I decided to go with the gyro sandwich. It came out promptly and bit into the delicious looking Greek sandwich. The taste was delicious perfectly cooked and the pita was very soft. Overall I give this place a good rating. The décor maybe outdated but the food was delicious. Give the Golden Eagle a try for some fast and very tasty eats located right in the heart of Signal Hill.