Top Valu Market

Top Valu Market just had a grand opening on 644 Redondo and I decided to check out the store. There was an Albertsons that was here before Top Valu came in, and upon walking in, it had the exact same layout. The floors were new and the store was spotless. Very clean and open, they did a good job of cleaning up this property.

The quality of the fruits and vegetables at Top Valu have been in question in the past but what attracted me was the variety of Latin American food items they had. They had a great selection of items that you would see mostly in a carniceria which was really awesome. Masa and Mexican cheese was what I picked up. This store was not a place I would get all my groceries but when it comes to simple essentials it is definitely a store I would go to.


On a recent lunch outing to the Terranea resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, I decided to stop by and check out Marea. Marea is Terranea’s on-site shopping store and has some very cool and hip clothing. First, to get to the shop you must park along a small road if you are not a hotel guest. You also have the option to valet your car but that can be expensive.

The gift shop is located next to the real estate office and the coffee shop as well. They have some very high end clothing that was pretty expensive. I noticed a great selection of women’s clothing from swimsuits to dresses, it has it all. The men’s selection was not too my liking but did have some cool name brands I liked. If you happen to be a guest at Terranea this is the perfect shop to pick up some clothes you need for a fancy night out or swim at the pool. There is not too much shopping around the resort so if you want a shop to walk to, on the resort, Marea is the spot.

Terranea is a beautiful resort located in the beautiful city of Palos Verdes right on the Pacific Ocean. The resort boasts beautiful restaurants, hotel accommodations, and now with the unveiling of Marea it includes world class shopping as well. Marea is Terranea’s new high fashion boutique which caters to men’s and women’s fashion.

The layout of Marea is beautiful and is clean as a whistle. There are is even a children’s section and jewelry area as well, like I said it has everything for a great shopping experience. So if you are staying at the Terranea or just would like to have a one-of-a kind shopping experience head to Marea and while you are there make sure and check out Seabeans which is located right next door.


Swedish meatballs and furniture. That what us Americans think of when we hear the word IKEA. IKEA is a great home furnishing store with locations throughout southern California. I recently needed a new dresser for my bedroom so I decided to check it out.
IKEA is massive, were talking huge. The parking lot has about 5000 parking spaces in itself and the building is bright yellow and blue, so you can’t miss it. You have to take an escalator just to access IKEA which is good and bad, great view of the city but takes a few minutes just to get into the store.

Inside they have a great selection of bed, kitchen, and any home furnishing you can think of. I saw they had an area of products that were slightly damaged or display products for a discounted price. A lot of the stuff at IKEA is pricey so this section was a welcoming sight. I found a dresser with a small chunk missing that was 50% off! Wow was I stoked. IKEA has everything you need but unless you go to the small discount section be prepared and bring your wallet. They even have a cafeteria which sells their famous Swedish meatballs, so if you conjure up an appetite while shopping, you can head down and grab a bite to eat! IKEA is awesome so definitely check it out on your next home furnishing shopping adventure.

Golden West College Swapmeet

The Golden West Colleeg Swap meet is awesome. As a kid I would love to see all the cool antiques and sports memorabilia and try and barter to get the lowest price. Now that I am all grown up I still love going to swap meets and the one at Golden west in Huntington Beach is awesome. It is open Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 3pm rain or shine. There is free parking and even better, free admission!

I went on a lazy Saturday morning to get a razor scooter and some socks for myself. Upon entry I noticed the myriad of unique vendors and shopkeepers. Anything from flowers to fold up chairs or water bottles to rugs it was here. I noticed a man selling Razor scooters (which were a knock-off) and eventually bartered him down for 75 dollars to 50 dollars. Super stoked. I also got my about 20 pairs of socks for about 10 bucks so I came and conquered the Golden west Swap meet! If you every need anything I would skip the department store and come to the Golden west swap meet, there are some absolute treasures and deals to be found

Ross Dress For Less Signal Hill

Today I went into Ross Dress for Less and I scored a new pair of Nike Running shoes. I have been looking for a new pair of running shoes for awhile but I never pulled the trigger. I guess sometimes you have to keep looking around at the places that are known to have the deals and kind of keep an eye on them.

I like shopping at the Ross Dress For Less in Signal Hill mainly because it is so close to my house. Some of the other benefits include a very big parking lot that is not very crowded. If you approach the Ross parking lot from spring street you will not run into much traffic at all. If you try and come in from the Atlantic Avenue side and cut through the Home Depot parking lot you will it will be a bit slower but it will still get you there.

I have always like shopping at Ross. They are not as high end as say Nordstrom Rack but they do have lower prices and there are plenty of name brand deals to be had here. I am also in the market for some new bedding so I will be lurking around in the home section here pretty soon looking for deals on king sized comforters and matching sheet sets.


This is my neighborhood Ralph’s and I love it vs the alternative I have down the road which is Von’s on the Bixby Knolls side of the freeway or Albertson’s on Willow and Long Beach Blvd which is just plain ghetto.

I come here and do all my shopping and get my redbox movies which is why I took a picture of it. The have pretty good deals on things I find the prices to be fair when you use the Ralph’s card. So I rate this store pretty darn high.

For some reason the are blowing out Belvedere and Grey Goose vodka for very low prices. If you buy six bottles it costs $18 per bottle vs $40 but the problem is that they never seem to have 6 of them at once. So I go in and buy one at a time for $25 and that still beats $40 by $15 bucks so no complaints from me.

It does tend to get busy in the late afternoons so I like to avoid that timeframe if at all possible.