Jean Machine

I recently was trying to buy my nephew a pair of classic Vans and stumbled across Jean Machine near the Promenade in Long Beach. Jean Machine has a massive selection of shoes and clothing that which really impressed me. As I walked in I noticed some skate decks and hardware along with the assortment of clothing. When I was searching for a pair of Vans the salesman was very aggressive but got the job done.

I appreciated how driven he was but can some people can say he would come off a little too pushy. I noticed a large selection of legit skate brands like Etnies, DC, Supra, and Vans. Parking can be a major headache if you don’t have coins or want to park for free. That is understandable because the whole downtown area is tough to park at. My overall experience at Jean Machine was okay and the amount of time spent looking was very small and checking out was very efficient. I usually like to support core local skate and surf shops when it comes to buying products regarding the action sports industry but as another option Jean Machine was good too.

Payless Shoe Source

I have been going to Payless Shoe source since I was a little kid in 3rd grade off to get new shoes for the first day of school. I stopped by the Payless on Anaheim and Redondo to check out some non-slip shoes for work. Once I parked in the sketchy strip mall parking lot that smelled like wet trash I walked in the store and was greeted by the unique smell of fresh rubber and shoe laces.

The one lone worker was very sweet and friendly and helped me find the non-slip section. On my way there I noticed that had some cool Air walk shoes for sale that brought back memories of the 90ís when Airwalks were cool. The prices were actually a tad higher than I expected but got my non-slip shoes and was on my way. Overall, it was a quick and no hassle shoe buying experience which is always the best kind. Check out Payless Shoe source for awesome deals on quality footwear without the name brand price.

Vans Shoe Store

Vans have been a classic for decades and I was very excited to see they put in a Vans store on 2nd street in Belmont Shore. I was excited to check out this location for their new OTW collection of dressier vans shoes. The location is right on 2nd street so unless you have change you will have to park on the side streets, which can be a walk. I ended up finding a spot about 5 minutes away and made my way into the beautifully designed Vans store.

Instantly when you walk in you are greeted by rock music and a framed Christian Fletcher model Stretch surfboard. The layout is very cool too with a skate shop with decks and wheels next to clothing and shoes on the far wall. Overall it is a great store and its employees are friendly and provide great service. So next time you are in the market for some new vans head on down to the Vans store in Long Beach for unbeatable selection and great customer service. They even have the nice OTW collection in stock so check them out!

Nike Town

Nike has always been one of my favorite companies to turn to for all my training shoe needs. They consistently put out a good product at somewhat decent prices. When I recently needed some new training shoes I decided to stop by the Nike town located in Beverly Hills. Instantly when you walk in you are dazzled by the amount of shoes and athletic gear that they have at the store. The smell of fresh rubber intoxicates your nostrils and the bright green and yellow Nike’s are a feast for the eyes.

The great thing about Nike town is the selection. Many shoe stores have the exact shoe you want but not in the right size. At Nike town I did not run into this problem, they were fully in stock of every shoe I tried on and the service was great. Whether it be a football jersey or new tennis shoes give Nike town in Beverly Hills a visit and you will be impressed with the service and selection they provide. It is a great place to pick up the new Nike NFL jerseys for the start of the football season as well! GO 49ers!!

Roger Dunn Golf Shops

From my earlier days of playing on my high school golf team to my current pathetic attempt to hit the golf course, my number one place for anything golf has always been a Roger Dunn golf shop. Roger Dunn has multiple locations throughout southern California and the one I visited was on Seal Beach Boulevard. This Roger Dunn is awesome, it has countless amounts of golf clubs, balls, bags, and anything to do we golf.

I arrived on a Sunday which was very busy and entered into the store. Wall to wall were anything from golf bags to USC golf towels. I noticed they had an awesome indoor putting green and mini golf simulator as well. Roger Dunn is stacked with golf stuff and has been southern California’s golf center for many years. Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to the game of golf, if there is anything you need for the game head on down to Roger Dunn for all you golf needs.

Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing shoes are tough. Originally designed for hardworking miners, loggers, and farmers these shoes are built to last under the harshest conditions. I recently needed some shoes and new shoelaces and decided to visit their Long Beach store on Atlantic.

Upon arrival I noticed the cleanliness and smell of fresh rubber in the store. They had a variety of different boots and shoes for any job or need. While I didn’t find some shoes that I really wanted I did go there for shoelaces and the extremely nice sales associates hooked me up with a free pair! I was ecstatic. If you ever need some hardworking shoes that will perform under even the harshest conditions go with Redwing shoes.

Ross Dress For Less Signal Hill

Today I went into Ross Dress for Less and I scored a new pair of Nike Running shoes. I have been looking for a new pair of running shoes for awhile but I never pulled the trigger. I guess sometimes you have to keep looking around at the places that are known to have the deals and kind of keep an eye on them.

I like shopping at the Ross Dress For Less in Signal Hill mainly because it is so close to my house. Some of the other benefits include a very big parking lot that is not very crowded. If you approach the Ross parking lot from spring street you will not run into much traffic at all. If you try and come in from the Atlantic Avenue side and cut through the Home Depot parking lot you will it will be a bit slower but it will still get you there.

I have always like shopping at Ross. They are not as high end as say Nordstrom Rack but they do have lower prices and there are plenty of name brand deals to be had here. I am also in the market for some new bedding so I will be lurking around in the home section here pretty soon looking for deals on king sized comforters and matching sheet sets.

Skechers Outlet

This sketchers outlet location is very big and they have a huge selection! I was there to pick up a pair of running shoes and I really liked the way that the Sketcher Gorun shoes looked and I was amazed at how light and flexible they are. The mens size weighs only 6.9 oz which is pretty damn light and the whole idea behind these shoes is to promote a mid foot strike when you are running.

They were having a memorial day sale and if you buy one pair you get the second pair free which is a pretty darn good deal if you ask me. The staff here was very helpful and friendly and even though the place was packed, there was no issue getting in and out of there. I thought it was a well run store.

Big 5 Sporting Goods

I like to go into this Big 5 Sporting goods store because of their awesome sales. I don’t think that there have been many moments in my life where I needed something and Big 5 was the only place to get it. Besides there is so much cool stuff in there, if you where on a mission you can easily get sidetracked.

I ended up buying a pretty cool knife on this particular trip. Its now in the drawer with the rest of the hunting knives that I have purchased there over the years. They are also a good place to purchase ammo but I have found that it is kind of hard to find a store that sells guns and ammo. This particular store does not and they told me to go across town to the Big 5 by the traffic circle if I wanted that sort of stuff.

With parking it is the same deal. Big 5 sporting goods is located in between two free parking garages so if you park in one of those you can come in and get a spot no problem and handle your business. Not to many people know about these garages and they try and park out in front of the businesses where the metered parking is.