Albertsons are slowly disappearing from the Southern California market place and on a recent trip to San Pedro I found one of the few remaining Albertsons in the Los Angeles area. It was located off 25th street and the parking lot did not have too many spots directly in front of the store. Upon entering, this Albertsons was very bright and open which made finding my groceries a breeze.

This Albertsons also had a Bank of America ATM inside the store which was a definite plus as well. The checkers were very friendly and got me on my way in a reasonable amount of time. The quality of fruits and vegetables were not as good as a Whole Foods but the prices were much better than other competitors. Albertsons is a good grocery store to get your shopping done quickly and at a good price.

Royal Palms State Beach

When we talk about a hidden beach gems located in San Pedro, Royal Palms Beach Park is the first thing that comes to mind. First off, it is not visible from the main road and you must drive down a very long and steep concrete road down to the beach park. That makes it seem very secluded and secret compared too many of the busier beaches in San Pedro. Once you are there the place is magical.

There are areas for surfing, swimming, and even checking out the tide pools. It is a very rocky beach so I would recommend bringing shoes and the water comes up all the way to your car at high tide so there is not much sand to lie on. You must pay for parking which can be expensive but it is worth every penny. It is a great spot I would sit in my car and eat lunch at and look off into the distance to the vast and beautiful Pacific Ocean. I have been coming here for years and Royal Palms Beach Park is truly a hidden gem of San Pedro.

Point Fermin Park

A recent trip to San Pedro made me realize how many beautiful parks that the city of San Pedro boasts to tourists and residents alike. Point Fermin Park was a park I visited right off Paseo Del Mar and Gaffey Street. There is ample parking on the street and the sight of beautiful trees and colorful gardens make it a feast for the eyes.

There is an awesome walking path right on top of the cliff which overlooks the ocean and views of Catalina and beyond are not uncommon. You can even access the tide pools below and check out all the awesome sea life. Point Fermin Park is one of San Pedro’s must see parks and reason why so many people love to visit this park on a daily basis. It is a very beautiful park located in the most southern part of Los Angeles and the views are spectacular.

Korean Friendship Bell

Tucked away in the awesome community of San Pedro lies the Korean Friendship Bell. In the years of growing up in southern California I have never heard about nor seen the beautiful Korean Friendship Bell. Located just off Gaffey Street you pull into a parking lot overlooking the ocean and there lies in front of you a gorgeous multi-colored bell with a beautiful seating area around the bell for a picnic or just to relax.

It is a huge bronze bell with red pillars around it and was dedicated to the city of Los Angeles in 1978. There is even a basketball court to the right of the bell to play a game of ball overlooking a beautiful outlook of the Pacific Ocean. I highly recommend this spot for a picnic with a friend or even just to check out the gorgeous view; I went recently and could see for miles in every direction. They ring the bell only four times a year so it the bell is not loud and won’t wake you up from your afternoon nap!

Vincent Thomas Bridge

Southern California does not have the golden gate bridge but when it comes to bridges it does have a big and green behemoth named the Vincent Thomas Bridge. It is a bridge that many commuters and travelers alike take to get through the Port of Long Beach to San Pedro and the South Bay. This bridge is quite unique because it is painted green, and has been in many Hollywood movies.

It was in Gone in 60 seconds with Nicholas Cage and Lethal Weapon 2. This 1500 foot long suspension bridge has been dominating the skyline and aweing tourists and locals alike, since its creation in 1963. This is an awesome bridge and you should drive across it for a great view of the harbor and surrounding cities. It is quite high though so if you have a fear of heights I would view it from a boat or lookout point instead!

Ports O'Call Restaurant

I took some friends down to the Ports O’Call Restaurant last night and they were totally blown away by how awesome it is to eat on an inlet such as the Port of Los Angeles. We actually caught a big container ship on its way out which made it even more exciting. It was kind of funny because it was dusk and we saw the ship making its way under the Vincent Thomas Bridge and my friend grabbed his camera in kind of a hurry so he didn’t miss the shot. I told him to relax because it would take at least another 10 minutes to even get to the location that we were sitting.

Anyway I have been coming to happy hour here for about 5 years and on fridays they bring out tacos, vegetables and cheese that is served buffet style and they totally let you do the all you can eat thing so that is fun.

On this night I ordered The Crab & Shrimp Louie Royal salad and it was very tasty. It had Garden Greens, Asparagus, Crab Stuffed Deviled Egg, Black Caviar, Cucumber, Avocado, Tomato, Croutons and they had a special Louie Dressing that they put on it. It was perfect! I have been trying to eat a bit healthier so this salad filled me up just right.

Written by Louie Baur.