Tantalum Restaurant

I have heard good things about the Tantalum Restaurant so I decided to head down and try out one of their Moscow Mules. They have a pretty good selection of craft cocktails but I decided to keep it simple and go with the basics. Parking looks like it can be a challenge but I pulled in at the perfect time and scored a spot up front which was a bonus!

They have a really cool entrance with these cool carts on the way in and there is a lot of bamboo and jungle stuff lining the walkway. One I got inside I headed for the bar and it is very impressive. It has a great view of long beach harbor and the bar wraps around what seems like half the restaurant.

I was served quickly and when I sat down it was the 2nd quarter if the spurs game with San Antonio up so that made me happy. (I am not much of a Miami Heat fan). This is a great place to to watch a game.

Written by Louie Baur

Nino's Italian Restaurant

Personally, Italian food is my favorite type of food and I am a harsh critic when it comes to Italian restaurants. I recently visited Nino’s Italian restaurant when a craving of spaghetti and meatballs came over me. When I walked in I was greeted and sat in a very quick manner and enjoyed the décor within the restaurant. I ordered a salad and the Penne Bolognese as opposed to my usual spaghetti and meatballs. My salad came out and was delicious with a really creamy caesar dressing.

My penne Bolognese was also very good and hit the spot. The meat sauce was full of flavor and very hearty with the right amount of spice. The pasta was also cooked al dente and exact to my liking. The prices might have been a tad high but for how good the meal was I had no complaints. I have noticed this place has had good and bad publicity but personally I enjoyed myself and my meal. If you are looking for a solid Italian meal in Bixby Knolls head on down to Nino’s!

Food pictured below: Caesar Salad and Enzo’s Pizza

Le Yen Chinese Restaurant

Le Yen Family Chinese Restaurant is an authentic sit-down Chinese food restaurant located on Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach. I decided to go visit Le Yens because I got a tip from a friend who said that had delicious sweet and sour chicken. Personally, I love Chicken Chow Mein and decided to try it and see how it stacked up against other Chinese food restaurants in Long Beach. The overall parking situation is okay and the outside of the building does not look too new.

Once you are inside there is some very unique bird-like décor and was really trippy and cool. The service was good and I got my order of sweet and sour chicken very quickly. The chicken was surprisingly excellent and stacked up very nicely among Chinese restaurants in Long Beach. I also had the fried rice which was very delicious and not too salty. I have noticed many at many Chinese food restaurants the food is unbearably salty but not at Le Yen. Le Yens is closed on Mondays but I recommend going there any other day of the week for a good authentic Chinese food meal.


Food Pictured Below: Chicken Chow Mein & Egg Drop Soup

A's Restaurant

A’s Restaurant was the location of our company dinner party this year. I missed the memo that our party was to take place in the private room at the back of the parking lot so I came in and grabbed a seat at the main bar at about 5pm. The lounge and bar area get pretty busy quickly so I was lucking to even grab a seat. After I had a few glasses of wine I decided to go ahead and order a blue cheese wedge salad. By now it was about 5$5 pm and I was wondering why nobody from my company was showing up yet so I started asking around and that is when I found out about the room in the back.

The private rooms was awesome. We had a few different types of wine and it was perfect for 15 or so people to lightly booze it up and socialize and eventually sit down and eat dinner. It was pretty cold out this particular night and even though that room has been around, it sure was nice and toasty in there. We had some yummy horderves and I had a fillet mignon with mash potatoes which was nice and yummy. A’s Restaurant is a pretty cool red place right on the corner of PCH and the bridge to go over the peninsula. There is a little market there and this place used to be called the Arches. It has always been a great place for the locals to enjoy happy hour.

Carl's Jr Long Beach Towne Center‎

I was on my way out to my friends wedding in Upland, California and it was right in the middle of rush hour so as I was cutting through Long Beach to get onto the 605 freeway I decided to make a quick stop and grab some food at Carl’s Jr at the Long Beach Towne Center‎.

It is always nice to pull into the drive through and find nobody waiting in line. How come they can’t all be like that especially the In-N-Out drive throughs:) Anyway I pulled in and decided to go with the 5 Piece Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders because I was wearing a suit and a white shirt and I did not want to get a big juicy burger all over me.

The Chicken tenders where pretty big and surprisingly filling. I am not to sure that I would come back and get that again when I am at Carl’s Jr because I like their burgers to much but it worked for this time around for sure!

Golden Eagle Restaurant

When your stomach is growling and you are ever in Signal Hill give Golden Eagle restaurant located on Willow Street, a quick stop in. I had to have a quick meeting with a client in Signal Hill and while driving down Willow Street I came across the Golden Eagle. This place really caught my eye with its big golden eagle logo on the sign outside. The building itself reminded me of an old pizza hut and the outside décor wasn’t that great, but hey sometimes looks can be deceiving. The parking lot was pretty clean and had ample parking.

Upon arrival inside, I noticed the plush red booths and clean interior. I walked up to the register where you order and noticed a multitude of options everything from steak and eggs to gyros it was there. I decided to go with the gyro sandwich. It came out promptly and bit into the delicious looking Greek sandwich. The taste was delicious perfectly cooked and the pita was very soft. Overall I give this place a good rating. The décor maybe outdated but the food was delicious. Give the Golden Eagle a try for some fast and very tasty eats located right in the heart of Signal Hill.


The Yardhouse is a very popular high end chain restaurant that is known for its good food and extensive supply of beer on tap among other things. The Long Beach Yardhouse is located in Shoreline Village right on the harbor and has a great view and a huge patio. Actually they whole place is huge and is usually packed. This is a fun place to party and it is pretty loud so not the greatest place to go on a first date unless you are on a drinking mission and if that is the case then the yard house is perfect for you.

This is a very busy bar and on the weekends you are going to wait. They have a good Happy hour and they have a lot of tvs. Don’t come here hoping to get right in and be served like you are in a fast food restaurant because it is not going to happen. Make sure you head up to the bar and grab a drink and chill out.

On this night I was drinking wine and I was hanging out with a friend and the very back end of the bar and we were watching a game on the television. One thing I love about the Yardhouse is that it is freezing inside so it is a perfect place to go to really “chill out”.

After I had a few glasses of wine I went ahead and ordered the Macaroni and Cheese. It is so good here! They actually call it Mac + Cheese 2 and this is what comes in it. Chicken breast, applewood bacon, wild mushrooms, cheddar, parmesan, campanelle pasta and truffle oil. If you are a fan of mac and cheese then I recommend trying a bowl of this stuff for sure its the bomb!


I was on my way to Las Vegas and since we left at about 4:30 in the morning and now that we passed the rush hour traffic in Los Angeles, we decided to stop in at Bakers and grab a quick bite to eat at the Hesperia location.

This place is good I do not know why they only have them in the Inland Empire and they don’t have any in Los Angeles. I think they would do very well here but that is a different story for a different day.

I went ahead and went for something pretty safe but it did have a lot of calories. I was headed to las vegas for a week so no need to count calories there. I got the Egg Buritto which has reshly scrambled eggs with mild red sauce and mild real cheddar cheese all wrapped in warm flour tortilla. It was super yummy and kept me going all the way to vegas.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

I came into Chipotle Mexican Grill today to get a pork salad. This is a nice location located just outside the Traffic Circle of Long Beach and its in a pretty big mall with plenty of parking. It doesn’t really matter what you order at Chipotle because its pretty much served up the same way.

You start at one end and tell them what kind of fixings you want and pay at the other end. On this day I went ahead with a salad with pork, cheese, corn and dressing along with a glass of water to drink. This was the first salad that I have eaten at Chipotle and I have to say it was mighty good. I really enjoy the vibe this restaurant gives off. Serving organic and healthy fast food seems like such and easy concept yet they are the only mexican food chain to master it. I am always happy when I am in the vicinity of a chipotle around lunch time and this day was no exception.