Big Bite Bacon Fest

I have never been to a bacon fest before and I have to say I was pretty excited. I went with the VIP option and I am glad that I went that route. The Vip ticket allowed you to enter at 11am which gave you one hour with other Vip’ers before the General Admission folks came in at 12pm.

I buzzed through and tried a bunch of different stuff and when the flood gates where opened at 12pm the place got really busy. With a belly full of bacon, I started to roam around and take a bunch of pictures and enjoy some craft beer. They split this event into two events and both of them were sold out. They had a lunch session from 12pm to 2:30pm and a dinner session from 4pm-7:30pm.

Here are some of the dishes that stood out for me:

B’B’B’ Bacon Burgers from Slaters 50-50: I have been to Slaters a few times and I have been impressed both times. This was no exception. They made huge 50/50 burgers and cut them into quarters. They were very filling vs some of the other things that I sampled. Eggs and Bacon on a burger, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Pork Chicharon In Bacon Fat: This was an amazing dish and this booth was slammed from the get go. They cooked their dishes along the side of the booth so you could check it out as you were standing in line which was a nice touch. A lot of vendors chose to cook behind their booths.

BLT Cup from Beachwood Brewing: This one was pretty interesting. They took regular salad and put that on top of tomatoe jello and bacon jello. When you mixed it all up it was the perfect BLT blend.

Chocolate Covered Bacon from Meat Inc: Meat Inc had 3 different dishes but I think I might of liked this one the best. The chocolate was cooked into the bacon grease which saturated it nicely. I did not expect to like it as much as I did.

Maple Bacon Dirty Ice: This was served at the Whole Food booth and was kind of like a dessert. This was one of the last things I tried and it was good way to end a day of bacon sampling.

Vermont Bacon Maple Bars: These were maple bars topped with bacon. It was a nice mixture and also fell into the dessert section.

After I was done with my bacon sampling I roamed around the Queen Mary a bit and actually took the World War 2 history tour and then I watched the girls from the Las Vegas Sin have a scrimmage against the Los Angeles Temptation and that was pretty fun to watch. It was out on the grass area right in the middle of it and a lot of people including myself have never seen them play and that was pretty fun.

Written by Louie Baur

Queen Mary Aerial Photos

One of the first things that I did when I got my DJi phantom was to go down and shoot some aerial pictures at the Queen Mary.

One of the problems with the Queen Mary is that it costs a lot to park but if you can get in and out of there in a half hour it is free. It took me years to learn this little trick.

Obviously this is plenty of time to fly your phantom up and take some nice pictures of the Queen Mary which exactly what I did.

So I parked my car in the normal parking and then grabbed my rig and box and walked over to the front of the Queen Mary by where those yellow jet boat things are parked and I set up shop there.

I did not have my FPV monitor on yet so I stopped to taking pictures of the submarine and the front part of the Queen Mary I think the next time I’ll venture out there and take pictures of more the middle of the ship in the back of it because I feel a lot more comfortable shooting aerial pictures now.

Written by Louie Baur

The Reef Restaurant

When it comes to having a classy fine dining experience in long beach, look no further than the Reef Restaurant in Long beach. Located right on the water on Harbor scenic drive, the Reef restaurant is a great place to take a date or want to impress some in-laws. Upon arrival you are greeted by waterfalls and koi ponds that are located on the property. The restaurant is very clean and the waiters and waitresses provide unbelievable service.

There is an awesome lobby with a big fireplace to warm up or have a drink while waiting for your table. The restaurant is located right on the water so you have a great view of the city of Long Beach and the Queen Mary. The Reef Restaurant is a great restaurant with awesome food and even better scenery. Check it out for a dining experience you will never forget.

Fuego at the Maya

We arrived at the Fuego Restaurant at about 8pm last night and I was able to hang out with some of me best pals. They where @EmilyQuestions @DimpleThakkar @TheBigDebowski @cyuskooff and we had one hell of a time. I was already a bit juiced up before I arrived so I am sure I was super fun to be around last night. Good thing that ladies that I was with last night have a high tolerance for “Bear Louie”. I guess I got that name because I was growling at people last night.

Anyway the view of Long Beach Harbor is awesome and you can see the Reef Restaurant just down the street and you can also get a clear view of the Queen Mary and the dome that used to house the Spruce Goose. The view looking straight gives you a nice look at downtown long beach as well as the shops and restaurants in Shoreline Village so basically it rocks.

We at a bunch of yummy food and my favorite was the mac and cheese. This is a dish that you cannot go wrong with. We also had a dish with some chicken and asparagus that was very good as well. We pretty much shared everything that we ordered so I got to try a bunch of different dishes last night.

Bluff Park

Bluff Park is a park that definitely stands alone when it comes to beautiful scenery and the gorgeous views from the park. Bluff Park is a long narrow park that runs along Ocean Avenue from 20th to 36th place. The park is set atop the bluffs (hence the name) and has panoramic views of the beautiful long beach water skyline. Bluff Park has views of all the oil islands, Belmont pier, Queen Mary, and the port. On some clear days you can actually see all the way south to Huntington Beach and north to Palos Verdes.

This is a wonderful place to go for a run or jog with your family or pets. The park has ample benches for you to relax on or use as a piece of fitness equipment as many of the parks visitors do. When I walked around the park I noticed tons of dog walkers and fitness junkies using this beautiful park as their playground. A fitness trainer was instructing his student to do dips on the park benches and noticed a woman leading a yoga class right on the beautiful grass. This park has it all and is definitely one of the greatest views in all of long beach.


The Queen Mary Hotel

The Queen Mary Hotel was an interesting experience. I have lived in Long Beach for 6 years and had a friend or two stay on board so I finally decided to take the plunge with my wife and I bought the romance package. We brought a board a few bottles of wine so we polished one of those off and then room service showed up with a bottle of Queen Mary champagne and chocolate covered strawberries so we dusted that one off before we headed up to dinner. Then it was off to Sir Winston’s for dinner and finally there was breakfast on board at the Promenade Cafe where we had a buffet style lunch with some awesome scrambled eggs and extra thick bacon.

So that was the food and drink portion of the romance package but the best part was exploring the Queen Mary itself. It is such a huge vessel that there is no way you can even explore all of it at a halfway relaxed pace in a day so we split it up into a two part exploration. We started in the front of the ship on the first way and made our way about halfway down then we had dinner and all that stuff and in the morning after breakfast we spent another 3 hour checking out the front of the ship which was amazing.

Some of the things that you learn about the Queen Mary are simply amazing. Its size for one, the fact that it was named the Grey Ghost and transformed into a troop carrier during world war two is another and then of course there are the celebrities that came on board. Queen Elizabeth was on board which is really amazing, and of course all the displays that have been set up around the vessel. Some are original and some of for show but they are all very cool and you should check them out. Below are some of the photos I shot.

Sir Winston's Restaurant

Sir Winston’s Restaurant on the Queen Mary is one of the finest restaurants around Long Beach. It is located at the front of the ship on the harbor side and is a five star type restaurant. It says that its fine dining and that you have to dress up all fancy but in reality you can get away wearing a t shirt and a pair of jeans most likely. At least the jeans and a collared shirt just to be safe.

We were seated with a great view of the harbor and you could see the whole front of the boat which also makes for a great view. The dining ware was top notch and we started off with some White Zinfandel wine. They brought out some bread and the butter that came along with it was nice and soft and they didn’t skimp on it which is always nice. I had a nice cut of filet mignon which came with mashed potatoes and vegetables and it was divine!

After dinner we stepped into the bar that is located inside of Sir Winston’s and down a few stairs. Everything on the Queen Mary is like walking into a time machine but this place took the cake. It was an awesome bar with great seating and designs on the walls. It looked like it was where the upper class people would hang out back in the day when it was the Queen Mary was a luxury ocean liner. I imagine this bar was for the officers when they covered it to the Grey Ghost which was a troop carrier during World War Two.

The Queen Mary Observation Bar

The Observation Bar on the Queen Mary is probably one of the coolest bars in Long Beach. For starters its on the Queen Mary which is pretty cool all by itself and it has a great view of the Harbor and also Downtown Long Beach.

When we went to the Observation bar, we sat outside behind this plexiglass thing and it was awesome. The wind was non existent so you didn’t need outside heaters and it was really quiet and chill up there. On the weekends they have a band that played but I have not been able to check that out yet.

One of the biggest things that kept me from coming to the bar was that you have to pay those crazy fees to park at the Queen Mary. Well I learned that they do validate and you can go in there and have a few cocktails and whatnot and get out of there for a few dollars instead of $12 or whatever the full price is. Also another option and my new found way of traveling around downtown Long Beach is on the Passport. The C bus will take you up and around Pine Avenue, down to shoreline and the over to the Queen Mary parking lot. This bus is free so you don’t have to deal with any driving and drink all you want.

Promenade Cafe

This was part of our romance package so we didn’t technically have to pay for it but it was set up buffet style. We enjoyed a nice combination of ¬†scrambled eggs, real potatoes, sausage, bac0n and french toast. One of the interesting touches that went along with the scrambled eggs was the fresh cheddar cheese and salsa that they put next to the scramby eggs so you could do those up right. I believe that was a first for me in that arena.

The French toast wasn’t really that good but hey not everything can be good. One thing that was different than all other buffets were the containers that the hot food was then you actually can lift the container up get what you needed and close the container down and had of those very heavy and made out of like real heavy steel so you’re like dropping the lid on the floor like most of the cheesy buffet coverings.

It was nice sitting there eating breakfast with a nice view of Long Beach Harbor and we ate breakfast pretty early at about 6:30 AM and it was nice and mellow and peaceful and not too many people were around.