Pete's Sunset Grille

Recently I enjoyed a beautiful stay at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach and for lunch I decided to eat at Pete’s Sunset Grille located on Pacific Coast Highway. Pete’s is a cool surf themed restaurant and bar which is aptly located right across the street from the beach. The décor is pretty cool and the place as an awesome southern California vibe. I had a burger which was piled high and mighty tasty.

There is a good happy hour from five to seven at night so if you are on a budget that would be the time to go to Pete’s. If you are not staying at the Hyatt there is free valet parking if you spend $25 at Pete’s. If you are staying at the Hyatt or want a cool beach atmosphere for lunch, head on down to Pete’s in Huntington. After eating at Pete’s you will probably be inspired and go for surf!

Hof's Hut

Hof’s Hut has been a staple restaurant in the Long Beach community since I was a little kid. It used to be located on 2nd street where Lucille’s is now located, and Hof’s Hut was always a breakfast favorite of mine. Since then Hof’s Hut moved to 2nd and PCH where I went with a friend for breakfast.We sat down at one of their plush red booths and noticed it was very busy even on a Tuesday morning at 10:00. I ordered the banana walnut pancakes with a side of bacon and my friend ordered the healthy breakfast.

When I received my pancakes they tasted very good and were fluffy just the way pancakes should be. The only thing that I would want to change was to add more walnuts and bananas to the pancakes other than that it was a very standard breakfast that did the job. Check out Hof’s Hut on 2nd and PCH for great food breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And I will recommend if you go there for lunch or dinner to try the Pot Roast Parmesan melt sandwich, which is pure heaven.

Best Western Golden Sails

Best Western Golden Sails hotel in Long Beach has been around since I have been a little kid. It is located on PCH just past Loynes right next to the water. It is located adjacent to the Cerritos Bahia Marina and across the street from the Marina Pacifica shopping center. The hotel itself is a maroon and brown color which is not that easy on the eyes.

It is in a great location to get to just about anywhere in Long Beach and is a great place for tourist’s to get a good night sleep. There is a huge parking lot with plenty of spaces and overall the area is very clean. I can recommend the Best Western as a decent hotel for tourists coming into Long Beach who want to be in a great location and somewhat affordable prices.

Cerritos Bahia Marina

Boating and water sports have come hand in hand with the culture of Long Beach since the early days of boating. While driving down Loyne’s I noticed a sign for Cerritos Bahia Marina and Cerritos Bahia Yacht Club/ So cal Tuna Club. Being born and raised in Long Beach I have never heard of this marina or yacht club so I decided to check it out. The entrance is just past the Gas lamp restaurant and before the mobile home park on Loynes. To enter you must drive down this narrow driveway to the marina which puts you in a large parking lot right behind the Golden Sails hotel on PCH.

Once you park you are in front of a large dirt patch and must walk to the boats. There are hundreds of boats in this marina and smells of fish and saltwater. And like the name it reminds me of a marina in Baja, Mexico. Overall the marina isn’t that nice but it has a lot of boats and is a good docking place for boats in Long Beach. While driving on PCH I just realized it was the harbor I saw off the Eastern side of PCH where all the boats were docked, and now I know how to get there. Check out the Cerritos Bahia marina if you need a place to dock your boat in a prime location.

Pacific Coast Highway Mobil Car Wash

We southern Californians love our cars. Just look at our roads and you’ll see more luxury cars than anywhere in the country. One problem, how do we keep them clean. Many car washes are meant for your run of the mill car washes that will wash and dry in about 3 minutes. The Mobil on PCH and 2nd street caters to luxury cars by having a car wash specifically catered to luxury cars, trucks, and SUVS.

This personally is the first gas station car wash that I have seen that caters to nicer cars. This is awesome for all you Mercedes, Lexus, and even Maserati owners. I stopped by to check it out for myself and was very impressed. I even saw a Lamborghini pull up into the station so it must have street cred. Overall this is an expensive gas station but it does have a car wash for luxury cars so if your Porsche needs a quick wash check out the Mobil gas station on PCH.

Pelayo's Burgers

Long Beach has no shortage of good sandwich and burger joints scattered throughout our great city. I decided to visit Pelayos Burgers located on PCH. Upon arrival I was immediately approached by not one but four panhandlers! This was not the greatest welcoming to Pelayos and might recommend for Pelayos to tell them not to harass potential customers.

With that aside, started my great meal at Pelayos. I ordered the egg sandwich and waited patiently for my meal to come. Upon receiving the sandwich I noticed the simple yet tasty design of the sandwich. The egg sandwich was on very soft delicious wheat bread and overall was very good. Pelayos is a good place to grab a sandwich and recommend the food but was a little turned off by the excessive panhandlers.

Metro Blue Line PCH Station

The metro blue line PCH station is also known as the Pacific Coast Highway station. The station is a raised platform and sits right in the middle of Long Beach Blvd right by PCH street. There are special crosswalks on either side of Long Beach Blvd that allow you to access the platform. There are stairs there so if you have bikes like I did on the day I shot these pictures you will have to carry your bicycle up the stairs.

This is the last station where the train goes both ways in Downtown Long Beach. It makes a big loop around on Pacific and comes back. In this case I was trying to get on at Anaheim and head back up to my house which is by the Wardlow Blue Line station and I would have had to do the whole loop. It was easier for me to ride my bicycle from the Anaheim stop to the PCH station and then it was a straight shot back home. Yea I was pretty tired so I rode my bike down and took the train back. I am glad that is an option for me.


The parking lot is kind of difficult to get into and you might circle around in the area of Pacific Coast Highway and Oregon Ave but in the end its worth the stop if you make it into the parking lot. Its encaged with black fence if that helps at all.

I went in and was immediately drawn to the shoes for some reason and in particular are pair of LA Dodgers slippers that were made by Reebok. For $1.99 i figured that I would bring them home and wash them and hope for the best. I would have to say it was the best slipper purchase of my life. I never by the $40 slippers because I just don’t roll like that and when I go into thrift stores my size is always sold out.

So with slippers in hand I decided to head on over to the long sleeve shirts and see if I could dig anything out of the racks over there. To my surprise it was actually kind of organized and the bigger shirts where pretty much sorted together. I grabbed three of them that did not have any blemishes on them and my slippers and headed for the register. For less than $20 I was all geared up with a pair of slippers and three long sleeve shirts. You just can’t beat that!

Rally's Burgers

This Rally’s Burger Restaurant is located on the corner of PCH and Cherry Avenue. If you live up in Signal Hill its easy to shoot down Cherry and grab a burger. Also if you live in that area of Long Beach its not a problem as well. The have a walk up window with a covered outside dining area and two drive throughs to keep your wait time down to a minimum.

I got a Big Buford cheeseburger and I thought it was delicious. It is an awesome cheeseburger and it doesn’t have that same fast food taste that Carls Jr and Wendy’s have. There is something different about it that is really good. This was my first burger here and I am going to be back for another visit soon.

Another random piece of info is that I just saw a TV show called CEO Undercover and I was the CEO of Rallys going around and checking in on some locations and seeing how his restaurants are being run. I thought the details he was looking at was pretty cool and for that I am a fan.

minilogo Rallys Burgers