Tanaka Park

Not too many citizens of Long Beach know about the small and quaint, Tanaka Park. Tanaka Park is located off Santa Fe and Wardlow on the Westside of Long Beach. I decided to relax from work and de-stress with an afternoon nap on the grass. The park was not too busy and I pretty much had it all to myself.

The park has a basketball court, walking trail, and playground. The park was built by the city in 2004 and has been helping the citizens of Long Beach spend lazy afternoons in the park for almost ten years. I highly recommend checking out the park if you have time and even maybe having a picnic or nap on the grass!

Marina Community Park

Recently I was visiting a friend in Seal Beach and we wanted to play a game of tennis. Luckily there was a tennis court located at Marina Community Park. We took a quick tour of the park before we played tennis; it was located on Marina Drive right on the border of Seal Beach and Long Beach. It is a small park with a good amount of street parking.

The facilities are okay and look like the grounds have been up kept. There was not too much grass to play a game of flag football but there was enough to have a small picnic on. The tennis courts were adequate and there were two total. There was a basketball court and kids playground which was a plus if you have kids. It is a cool and small local Seal Beach park and is worth a look next time you are in Seal Beach.

Point Fermin Park

A recent trip to San Pedro made me realize how many beautiful parks that the city of San Pedro boasts to tourists and residents alike. Point Fermin Park was a park I visited right off Paseo Del Mar and Gaffey Street. There is ample parking on the street and the sight of beautiful trees and colorful gardens make it a feast for the eyes.

There is an awesome walking path right on top of the cliff which overlooks the ocean and views of Catalina and beyond are not uncommon. You can even access the tide pools below and check out all the awesome sea life. Point Fermin Park is one of San Pedro’s must see parks and reason why so many people love to visit this park on a daily basis. It is a very beautiful park located in the most southern part of Los Angeles and the views are spectacular.

Electric Avenue Median Park

Electric Avenue in Seal Beach is one unique street. Apart from having an awesome park to walk your dogs or an awesome gazebo it has an old railcar from the now extinct railroad that passed through this very town many years ago.

I was taking a stroll down Main Street and noticed a bright red train car smack dab in the middle of the park. This sparked my interest and decided to stroll the whole length of the park which stretches all the way to Seal Beach Boulevard to the east. The park had a ton of dogs playing on the nicely manicured green grass and they looked like they were having a blast.

There was even a cool gazebo to relax in that a few people were finding shade under. This is a gem of a park located right in the heart of Old Town Seal Beach. Bring your dog or a loved one to stroll and enjoy this wonderful park.

Joe Rodgers Field

Joe Rodgers field is entrenched in local softball and baseball history for many years. The field is located right off 10th and Park Street next to Wilson High School and Billie Jean King tennis center. It is also across the street from Blair Field which is a much larger baseball stadium as well. Joe Rodgers is where many local softball teams play their games, and it is also the home field for the Wilson High School Bruins women’s softball team.

Joe Rodgers is the site of the “Long Beach Softball Hall of Fame” and is commemorated by a gorgeous plaque near the third base bleachers. The field was well manicured and the bleachers looked to be in good condition as well. There were no bleachers in the outfield just large metal fences which looked pretty tough to hit a homerun over. While this is no Fenway Park it is a field that many locals have gotten to play on and with that there is a personal connection to this field with many Long Beach locals and visitors alike

Jack Nichol Park

Seclusion and getting away from the hustle and bustle of a city is what many local people look for when deciding which park to go to. Jack Nichol Park is the epitome of a secluded local spot that even many locals do not even know it exists. The park is accessed on one single road: Costa Del Sol, which runs behind the gated community of Bay Harbour. The park is visible from PCH for about 2 seconds as it runs directly into the Los Cerritos Channel. The views from this park are pretty epic with many boats passing by and often not seeing a soul for the whole time you are there. The park was first created on September 30th 2006, so it definitely is a relatively new park. There are plenty of amenities to keep your interest which include: a basketball court, baseball field, soccer field, wicked cool playground, restrooms, small picnic Area, and even a youth Recreation Program.

The grass was quite green and like I said I had the whole place to myself on a Friday afternoon which was very nice. If you want to take a road off the beaten path and check out one of Long Beach’s most interesting a new parks give Jack Nichol Park a look next time you are in the area. With great views and plenty of sunshine this month, Jack Nichol Park is the place to be for all your summer excursions.

Channel View Park

Channel View park is another one of Long Beach’s hidden gems. This gem of a park is a 5.28 acre piece of land that is right next to the Los Cerritos channel. It is the river next to the billowing smoke stacks located on Studebaker road. This spot is great if you want to go for a jog or take the dog for a walk on a nice paved path along the water. While the scenery isn’t the greatest with the big steamplant smoke stacks filling up the sky, it is a clean and very nice park.

There are plenty of benches and nice trees to sit under for a quick picnic or afternoon nap. It is also a nice place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, yes there are smoke stacks on the horizon but the immediate area is a river and just trees, so it is much quieter and less crowded than many other Long Beach parks. Next time your in the area, check out Channel View Park and enjoy one of Long Beach’s hidden gems.


La Bella Fontana Di Napoli

The La Bella Fontana Di Napoli fountain has been a landmark apart of the tight knit Naples community since 1971. The gorgeous fountain is in a park like setting and tries to create an atmosphere that you are truly in Naples, Italy. This beautiful three tiered fountain began to flow in 1971 and has wowed residents and tourists alike. When I first arrived I truly felt as if I was transported to Europe standing in this beautiful mini park with gorgeous fountain flowing water gently downward. The spot is a great place to sit on the benches and take a date. The only drawback was a minor amount of construction going on with large orange cones near the fountain.

Some history on the site: it was donated to the city of Long beach in 1933. There was the old Naples Hotel once stood just to the west of this site and its underground septic was where the fountain stands today. The old septic tank was taken out and in went the fountain. The fountain was dedicated on February 20, 1971, and was eventually renamed “La Bella Fontana di Napoli”.: Give it a look, seriously, it is an absolute work of art and gem of a fountain.


 La Bella Fontana Di Napoli

Rose Park

Rose is park is quite simply, Long Beach nostalgia. This small park is one of the city’s oldest parks which was donated by the Alamitos Land company way back in 1910. This quaint little neighborhood park has four paths that lead to a planted area directly in the center. I took my dog for a walk around the beautiful little area and there were local citizens sitting on benches underneath a shade tree enjoying their Saturday to the fullest. It is a perfect place for a picnic due to the abundant green grass and great scenery.

Many people would never guess there is even a park in this historic district. This district contains more than 500 buildings, primarily Craftsman Bungalows constructed between 1910 -1922, so these are some classic homes with a lot of history. I definitely recommend anyone to check out Rose Park and take a step back in time. There is even a pretty epic gazebo to rest under and spend the afternoon.