Hollywood and Vine Metro Station

When it comes to public transit stations, the Hollywood and Vine station located at the intersection of Hollywood and vine, is cream of the crop. The station is for the red line and is with walking distance of some pretty legit landmarks in Hollywood. As you walk upstairs from the station you will be right on the Hollywood walk of fame and the world famous Pantages Theater.

The station has some bright green palm tree type statues and other unique decorations. The station opened up in 1999 and has been funneling passengers up to the Los Angeles area in rapid time. Compared to other stations the Hollywood and Vine station is actually very visually appealing and smells good too. Check out the Hollywood and vine station while you ride the red line and will pleasantly surprise you and rethink your ideas of public transit in Southern California.

7th Street / Metro Center Station

Public transportation is not southern California’s forte per say but the 7th Street Metro Station in downtown Los Angeles is a pretty fine transit center. I would always take the blue line to various events in Los Angeles and the transfer center is usually the 7th street metro station. Strategically it is in an awesome area of Los Angeles, you can get just about anywhere in Los Angeles County from this station.

Inside the station it is adequately nice and doesn’t smell like many other Los Angeles train stations. The station is broken up into three levels: first is for tickets, second is for the blue line or Expo line, and the third floor are for the red and purple line. Overall this is a good train station for a county that does not have a great public transportation system. While it won’t blow you away in beauty it will get you where you want to go.

Metro Blue Line Transit Mall Station

The Transit Mall station for the Metro Blue Line is located on 1st Street and Pine Avenue. This is pretty much the final stop for me because when I am headed to downtown Long Beach I start off at Wardlow station and I take it to the Transit Mall station and it puts me right on Pine Avenue smack dab in the middle of all the action.

If you are going to the performing arts center than you need to go to the 1st street station but if you are doing anything downtown this is your stop. When it is late at night this is where you want to wait if you are headed back up up into Long Beach or if you are going further down the tracks. There are usually a lot of cops lurking around this area so it is pretty safe to hang out on the platform at night time and you would probably have to worry about drunk kids more than the drunks themselves but they are here as well.

Not much else that I can say about the station other than than that there is a little snack shop called The Fast Lane that sits right across the street from the station. If you are looking for a quick drink or something thats a good spot to grab one.

Metro Blue Line PCH Station

The metro blue line PCH station is also known as the Pacific Coast Highway station. The station is a raised platform and sits right in the middle of Long Beach Blvd right by PCH street. There are special crosswalks on either side of Long Beach Blvd that allow you to access the platform. There are stairs there so if you have bikes like I did on the day I shot these pictures you will have to carry your bicycle up the stairs.

This is the last station where the train goes both ways in Downtown Long Beach. It makes a big loop around on Pacific and comes back. In this case I was trying to get on at Anaheim and head back up to my house which is by the Wardlow Blue Line station and I would have had to do the whole loop. It was easier for me to ride my bicycle from the Anaheim stop to the PCH station and then it was a straight shot back home. Yea I was pretty tired so I rode my bike down and took the train back. I am glad that is an option for me.

Metro Blue Line At Willow Station

My main entry point is at the Wardlow Blue Line Station and the last time I got on the train it had to go back to the station house or something so they unloaded everybody at the Willow Blue Line Station. I have to say that there is a stark difference between the the two stations and the Willow Station is in worse shape and the attitudes where worse.

I am happy to take the train it means that I don’t have to drive but in general people seem kind of grumpy on the train. Once you get them all off and make them wait for the next train its gets uglier. Lots of foul language and bitching and moaning about nothing and then it all ended in 5 minutes when the next southbound train came and off we went again.

I have to admit the city of long beach could probably go by and do some repairs on this station and maybe slap some fresh paint on it. After all it is across the street or basically connected to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center which is basically the biggest hospital that I am aware of in Long Beach.

Metro Blue Line Wardlow Station

The Metro Blue Line Station is located on the corder of Wardlow Road and Pacific. There are quite a few of these Blue line stations that I would never even feel comfortable waiting at but this one is ok and is not to sketchy.

As you are going towards the beach on the blue line, the train rides at street level the whole way to downtown Long Beach so it stops with the cars. You can actually beat the train if you are driving in a car. That discussion is for a different time I am just glad that Long Beach has a train in it.

It costs $1.50 for a one way trip on the blue line and from wardlow station it takes about 15 minutes to get to downtown long beach and if you are going to Pico/Chick Hearn Station to catch a game at Staples Center then it will take you about a half hour. It moves faster going towards La than it does moving south towards long beach for the most part.