Pelican Isle

Pelican Isle
16400 Pacific Coast Hwy, Sunset Beach, CA 90742
(562) 592-3221
33.716276, -118.070052

Pelican Isle, Sunset Beach, Bar, Drinks, Lunch, Breakfast Dinner

I met an old friend at Pelican Isle for lunch the other day. I have never been here before so I was excited to check out a new lunch spot which is typically always the case for me.

We sat on the outside patio which over looked the boats that were parked in the harbor. I am pretty sure this is Huntington Harbor but I cannot be sure 100% because I don’t know where Sunset Beach starts and where Huntington Harbor ends.

Anyway I was served and I have to admit the service was a bit slow. My friend ordered hot tea and for some reason the lady that was serving us was having problem bringing that back. She brought back warm water and slightly warmer water but no hot water. Seems simple enough to me, put some water in the microwave and nuke it. Anyway, after about a half hour of this she brought hot water. It was just a little strange.

Other than the water deal, the food was good and so was the view. There are not to many tables out there so it is pretty quiet out on the patio. Not sure what it is like at night when the bar is cranking so I guess I will have to make a special trip to go back out there and check that part out:)

Written by Louie Baur

Agora Churrascaria

This is a great place for meat lovers! Make sure that when you show up here you have a very empty stomach because it is non stop meat up in here! There is a salad bar and there are some yummy pastas and stuff like that at it but as tempting as it may be, I would probably skip the salad bar all together or just hit it very very lightly because you will be stuffed in no time.

The guys with the cowboy hats that come by and serve the meat are the bomb! They do not fool around and they just want to get as much meat out to as many people as possible. Make sure that you have your tongs ready when they come up because the have their hands full and when they cut the meat with the knife you don’t want it falling on the table which explains the tongs.

Lunch is $25 and Dinner is $43. Kids between 6 and 10 years old eat half price.

Written by Louie Baur

Rock Bottom Brewery

On a recent lunchtime date I decided to visit Rock Bottom on Pine in downtown Long Beach. The area of downtown has been revived and is an awesome place to eat and hangout. Rock Bottom is located right on bustling Ocean Boulevard and Pine. The front of the restaurant is very clean and well kept. For lunch we were seated very quickly and as the looks of it there were a lot of lunchtime customers for noon on a Monday.

We were seated quickly and our server was top notch. I ordered a wedge salad for lunch and we received our meals very quickly. My wedge salad was delicious with blue cheese dressing and tasty little bacon bits. It was a good portion as well unlike the miniature side salads you get at other restaurants. I washed my salad down with a pint of beer and we were on our way. The one drawback to the location of Rock Bottom is the parking. Unless you have coins for the meters the parking is very difficult and you must park in the surrounding parking garages. Overall, Rock Bottom is a great restaurant for lunch or dinner!

George's 50's Diner

Diners have always shared a special place in my heart and I truly love going to these places that take us back in time. George’s 50’s diner, located on Atlantic Avenue in Bixby Knolls is a cool retro spot to eat at here in Long Beach. This place has literally been around since the 50’s and tries really hard to keep up its old school charm. I was seated in a fast and precise manner with very cheerful service which was an awesome plus.

Being I was there for breakfast, I ordered Huevos Rancheros and was very pleased after taking my first bite. The eggs were properly cooked and the spice level was not too intense but not bland either. The rice and beans were not overcooked and tasted great. Overall, this place is very nostalgic and brings back memories for many of the older citizens of Long Beach and southern California. Cruise over to George’s 50’s Diner for a good meal and a bit of Long Beach history!

Togo's Sandwiches

Togo’s has been a favorite sandwich spot of mine for years due to its great tasting sandwiches and cool atmosphere. I decided to visit the Togo’s in Signal Hill off Willow Street. It is in a strip mall with less than ample parking. It shares a parking lot with Del Taco so it makes maneuvering around the parking lot somewhat of a challenge. Right when I stepped into this Togo’s location I noticed there was a small line but the tables were almost all taken.

I ordered my Turkey and Cheese regular sized sandwich with a side of avocado. My sandwich was prepared very efficiently and properly. I was rung up in record time and was seated eating my sandwich within about five minutes. The parmesan bread I ordered was soft with a little bit of crunch, just the way I like it. The turkey and cheese were perfect and the avocado made the sandwich, extraordinary. Overall the sandwich was $6.94 with tax so it wasn’t extremely cheap but a small size filled me up right. Overall, I highly recommend Togo’s as a go-to lunch spot in Signal Hill.

Food pictured below: Turkey and Cheese Sandwich

The Potholder Cafe

The Potholder has been a neighborhood landmark eatery in Belmont Heights for years and finally on President’s Day I decided to try it. I arrived at about 11:15 AM and the place was crowded as it usually is. I could see why many people walk here because there was limited street parking and I had to park a few blocks away down a side street. I decided to take it upon myself to tour the restaurant before sitting down and the place has character. There are multiple rooms for dining and were all decorated uniquely and differently and you could tell they expanded their restaurant with increased popularity. There were multiple photos of people standing all over the world holding “Eat at the Potholder” signs which was really awesome.

I later found out that they give you a free breakfast if you bring in a picture of you with the sign in some country other than ours. When we sat down our server was cheerful and fast. I ordered the Ortega Chile Scramble which was cooked to perfection and my wife had the Eggs Benedict which was equally delicious. Overall, this is one of the top breakfast spots in all of Long Beach: delicious meals at a reasonable price all situated right in the heart of one of Long Beach’s greatest neighborhoods, Belmont Heights.

Food pictured below: Ortega Chile Scramble and Eggs Benedict

H. Salt Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips are a food that when done right can be an amazing meal and can give a restaurant a great reputation. I recently visited H.Salt Fish and Chips on Atlantic in Long Beach to try out their famous fish and chips. I arrive at the strip mall where it was located and found parking in the crowded parking lot. I stepped into H. Salt’s and immediately the smell of fried food filled the air. I had to use the ATM debit machine which charged me forty-nine cents to get cash out.

This place was cash only so bring cash otherwise you will be charged a service fee from the ATM. After that debacle I ordered to pieces of fish and chips and was delivered the food in a timely manner. The fish was cooked to perfection and was definitely tasty. The fried pieces of cod were really good size and filled me up right. The chips were also good and seasoned perfectly. H. Salt Fish and Chips is a great place to get fish and chips but remember to bring cash!

Flour Fusion

Lake Elsinore is an awesome town and on a recent trip out there, I stopped at Flour Fusion. Flour Fusion is a cool bakery and coffeehouse located right on Main Street in Lake Elsinore. Right as you step in the smell of fresh brewed coffee and pastries fills your nostrils. It has been family owned and operated since 2007 and has been a local favorite ever since.

I ordered a croissant sandwich which was all around one of the tastiest breakfast items I have had in a long time. The cheese, croissant, and meat were all very fresh and of high quality. To drink I had an espresso that woke me right up and tasted delicious. I highly recommend Flour Fusion as a great eatery located right in the heart of downtown Lake Elsinore.

Royal Palms State Beach

When we talk about a hidden beach gems located in San Pedro, Royal Palms Beach Park is the first thing that comes to mind. First off, it is not visible from the main road and you must drive down a very long and steep concrete road down to the beach park. That makes it seem very secluded and secret compared too many of the busier beaches in San Pedro. Once you are there the place is magical.

There are areas for surfing, swimming, and even checking out the tide pools. It is a very rocky beach so I would recommend bringing shoes and the water comes up all the way to your car at high tide so there is not much sand to lie on. You must pay for parking which can be expensive but it is worth every penny. It is a great spot I would sit in my car and eat lunch at and look off into the distance to the vast and beautiful Pacific Ocean. I have been coming here for years and Royal Palms Beach Park is truly a hidden gem of San Pedro.