Fresh Brothers

Fresh Brothers Pizza has ten locations throughout California and, after my experience, I would recommend trying any of them! The atmosphere at the Hollywood location was perfect for my friends and I to catch up, meet new people and eat lots and LOTS of pizza. Given that is has been nearly 12 hours since I’ve eaten anything and I am still in a veritable “pizza coma” I would say it was a success.

The parking fills quickly at this location – big surprise, its Hollywood – but I road my bike so I was able to park right in the front. Once inside, I started counting the televisions. Even for a relatively small establishment I was able to count around 15 flat-screened televisions, two of which pointed outside for the waiting patrons to enjoy and to more in the men’s room – even more awesome!

I would like to thank Debbie Goldberg for being the hostess with the mostess! She made sure our relatively large party of ten had plenty to eat and never let our cups run dry. We started with the fresh garlic knots, which were dusted with Parmesan and served with pizza sauce for dipping, and wings. Next came the salads. I dove right into my BBQ Chicken Salad, which was incredibly fresh. It was barbecued chicken breast served over a bed of romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, corn, zesty onions, black beans, and topped with fried onions – Wow!

Surprisingly, we still had room for the star of the show – the pizza. There were so many different types of pizza but my favorite was a customer pizza my friend Dimple ordered which is topped with sausage, pepperoni and red onions. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll all see the “Dimple Special” on the Fresh Brothers menu.

Written by Louie Baur

Old Plaza Firehouse

On a recent trip to the oldest part of Los Angeles, I decided to visit Old Plaza Firehouse located North Los Angeles street. The Old Plaza Firehouse is designated as the city’s first firehouse designed to house fire crews and their trucks and other equipment. The house was building in 1884 and was where the Volunteer 38s (name of the firefighters) stayed to protect the city of Los Angeles.

The firehouse is open for tours on Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00am to 3pm. When you first step into the old firehouse you see many ancient fire trucks and unique fire equipment they used from over a century ago. This is the place to take any young kids who love fire trucks or even adults who are young at heart who love stepping back in time and seeing how fire fighters fought fires over a hundred years ago.

Avila Adobe

Historical monuments in Los Angeles have always fascinated me and one I recently visited was Avila Adobe located on Olvera Street. It is recognized as the oldest house of residence in Los Angeles. It was built in 1818 by Francisco Avila out of adobe bricks, hence the name. It is an awesome historical landmark that was designated a historical landmark in 1972.

Upon arrival you notice really how old this structure is and inside there are a ton of cool historical artifacts throughout the house. Avila Adobe is a great Los Angeles historical landmark many locals or tourists never knew existed. Check it out and take a step back in time for a look at how Los Angeles was over two hundred years ago.

Olvera Street

When you think of old town Los Angeles you think of Olvera Street. Olvera Street pretty much dates back to the birth of the city of angels. It is also known as the Pueblo historic monument and is chock full of Mexican heritage and tasty Mexican food. To walk around Olvera Street is always a great experience to take in the shops and take in a tasty meal as well.

I recently visited Olvera Street and had some delicious cheese enchiladas that put me back about six bucks. I also had taquitos and chips with guacamole that tasted like they were shipped straight from old Mexico, muy delicioso! I highly recommend giving Olvera Street a tour on your day off or weekend down time, you will experience how Los Angeles was back when there were no freeways and time was slower and simpler.


The Redbury Hotel is an awesome boutique hotel located in Hollywood. It is on the intersection of Hollywood and Vine and is centrally located near the iconic Hollywood walk of fame. Right when you walk in you get the feeling of going back in time to the original early days of Hollywood. The décor is really cool and unique. There is valet parking but it can be quite expensive but street parking is very hard to find or pretty much non-existent.

The Redbury is also a great hotel to stay at because of its close proximity of the LA party scene; you are literally smack dab in the middle of party area 101. So if you and some friends want to stay at a great hotel with quick access to some of the best clubs and bars in Los Angeles, I would definitely stay at the Redbury. Book in advance for cheaper rates as well.

Magic Johnson's TGI Fridays

TGI Friday’s has been known to the world as a classic chain restaurant that consistently puts out a decent meal at somewhat low prices. I recently was on La Tijera Street in Los Angeles and decided to stop at Magic Johnson’s TGI Fridays. Being a Laker fan I was more than happy to eat at a restaurant named after a local legend of Lakers history.

The restaurant is littered with a ton of Magic Johnson memorabilia and really makes this TGI Fridays stand out. I had a burger which was decent and the service was pretty good too. Overall, this may not be the place to go if you want a filet mignon but if you are trying to watch the game in a restaurant that has the feel of a sports bar, Magic Johnson’s TGI Fridays is the place to be.

I decided to grab something light for lunch this time around and that ended up being a Blue Cheese Wedge Salad. I know they are not hard to make but I also know that some places make them better than others. This was one of the cases of a really tasty wedge salad.

Food pictured below: Blue Cheese Wedge Salad


GGalleryLA was founded by Gabor Csupo, a five times Emmy Award winning producer & director of such hits as “The Simpsons”, “Rugrats”, “The Wild Thornberrys”, “Aaahhh, Real Monsters” ,”Rocket Power”, & “Duckman.” I was invited up by Jessica and Michelle and I haven’t been to a gallery like this before so I was excited to go check it out. I got a chance to shoot the shit with Gabor Csupo who is a really cool dude and I got to meet a lot of other great people as well.

Tonight is another bigger party and gathering there so I will be headed back up to Santa Monica to check it out and meet some more interesting people. The main attraction currently is Andras Wahorn who has been doing paintings in the windows for the past 10 days and is going to have them all finished up today. The pieces are about Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt filming in Hungary earlier this year and it is called “Hungarian Cowboys exchanging carrots with Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis.”

I am not into the art scene at all but I saw a lot of cool looking stuff and some familiar names regardless of your knowledge level like some stuff by Picasso. I look forward to go down there tonight and seeing the completed set that Andras Wahorn has been working on.


7th Street / Metro Center Station

Public transportation is not southern California’s forte per say but the 7th Street Metro Station in downtown Los Angeles is a pretty fine transit center. I would always take the blue line to various events in Los Angeles and the transfer center is usually the 7th street metro station. Strategically it is in an awesome area of Los Angeles, you can get just about anywhere in Los Angeles County from this station.

Inside the station it is adequately nice and doesn’t smell like many other Los Angeles train stations. The station is broken up into three levels: first is for tickets, second is for the blue line or Expo line, and the third floor are for the red and purple line. Overall this is a good train station for a county that does not have a great public transportation system. While it won’t blow you away in beauty it will get you where you want to go.