Burger King

Let’s face it, being hungry really sucks and sometimes you will do anything for a bite to eat. I decided to pull into a Burger King to feed this insatiable hunger I was having. This Burger King was off Carson in Lakewood and had a horribly frustrating parking lot. Once I got my parking spot I walked in and the smell of grease and French fries filled my nostrils. I was greeted by a surprisingly cheery worker who took my order with great efficiency and cheer. I ordered the #1 combo which is a Whopper with Fries. I got my food in record time and sat down in one of the many open tables to start chowing down.

The French fries were fresh and tasted like a dream. Fast food French fries are not always that great but these were divine. The chicken sandwich was unbelievable in my state of extreme hunger and I really enjoyed it. The overall cleanliness of this Burger King was also good and the workers were cleaning away because they were not too busy. Overall, if you are looking for a quick, delicious, and unhealthy meal head on down to Burger King. There are also multiple coupons in our local newspaper for Burger King for some really good discounts on the already cheaply priced food.

Food pictured below: Whopper Combo

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I like five guys burgers and fries and this is my second trip but the first one to this particular location. They have a very straightforward approach to ordering and I thought they communicated well with me.

I got a very good burger and yes I would have to say that this burger was better than the ones I get at In and Out. There are a lot of folks that compare the two but two me there is no comparison.


Kohls is a classic low end department store. The few times I have been to Kohl’s I was greeted by not too happy employees but hey at least I was greated and the selection there was decent. I have to admit that they have unbelievably cheap prices on everything. I decided to pick up some blank white t-shirts at the Kohl’s located on Carson in Lakewood.

There was plenty of parking on a Wednesday afternoon when I went for a visit. Upon entering I smelled the classic department store rubber and polyester smell filled my nostrils. The place was surprisingly clean and had very clean floors. While it wasn’t Nordstrom’s it still held its own in affordable selection and somewhat new and trendy clothes. I checked out with a really talkative and unique cashier and I was on my way. Not much to say about this place, but if you want some essential clothing like socks , shoes, or t-shirts give Kohl’s a look, you will probably find a unbelievable deal. Kohl’s can definitely hold its own in the mid range department store rankings.


Today I went to Chipotle for lunch and I went for a classic burrito. This particular location is situated on the corner of Candlewood and Lakewood Blvd and it is an extremely busy intersection. The Lakewood mall is located directly across the street so that is the main reason that this Chipotle parking lot is busy. I would say that the main reason this parking lot is busy is because of the Chipotle because the food is so darn good!

Today I came in and had a classic steak burrito and a soda. I love the food and the environment of Chipotle. My only complaint is that there are no Chipotle Restaurants closer to my house but when I am in the mood I do not mind hopping in my car and taking the 10 minute drive over there but I must say I am looking forward to the day they yank out a fast food joint and install a Chipotle in its place.


This red box kiosk is located inside the Lakewood Walmart and as you walk through the double doors it is located on the left side. At this location there is only one kiosk instead of two which seems to be what red box is trying to roll out at most of its locations.

The set up is pretty good. You can stand here and select and return movies without getting in the way of the people that are coming in and out of the main door of the Walmart. This was not the case at the Albertson’s that I visited over in Wrigley Heights.

Another thing that stands out about this redbox kiosk is the fact that it is wrapped in blue vs the traditional red. I am not sure if this is a marketing deal or maybe they are making the walmart redbox kiosks look a little different but that is not really that big of a deal.

Denny's On Carson St

Sherry served us and she was nice. I started off with a diet come and she was pretty slow in the refill but when I ordered some food the service picked up a bit. The bathrooms were clean and i had a decent Denny’s experience. I have had better and I have had worse.