I was in the neighborhood and I needed to pick up some stuff at the grocery store so I decided to hit up this Vons after I went to the United States Post Office which is located right across the street. From the outside this Vons looks like any other normal grocery store but when you walk inside you can immediately tell that it has been remodeled.

One thing that stood out was that there was a Wells Fargo Bank to the right and a Jewelry store off to the left and its situated in a way that kind of makes you feel like you are walking into some sort of mall or something. Just beyond those to stores you come to the fruit section and it has all been completely remodeled and it looks awesome.

There is a starbucks off to the right and I know there are all sorts of sizes of Starbucks located inside these grocery stores, but when I went inside this one I saw people sitting and talking and drinking coffee inside at the starbucks and also in the seating area that they had set up out in front of Vons itself.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the remodel and you would never know how nice it is in there by looking at the outside. It also seems bigger than the grocery store that I go to which is Ralphs located on the corner of Long Beach Blvd and San Antonio. Who knows I might come up a block and start coming here instead.

Trader Joe's Bixby Knolls BBQ

I went up to the Trader Joe’s in Bixby Knolls yesterday to grab a few items for dinner and they where having a Memorial Day BBQ out in front which looked kind of fun. They had huge pieces of beef and nice sized hot dogs that they where cooking up so that they could hand out samplers to the customers as they come and go.

I have seen Costco do this kind of stuff but never a grocery store and I thought it was so cool that I decided to give them a nice 5 star review for making my day when I walked out of Trader Joe’s with the items that I purchased for dinner.

Fresh & Easy

This Fresh & Easy location is on the promenade in downtown Long Beach. It is located right on the corner just across the street from the walmart so it gets a lot of foot traffic.

The store itself is great and they have a pretty diverse selection. There are lots of organic products in this store and I actually enjoy some of the pre packaged products that they put together for people like me that are in to much of a hurry to cook anything. Of course you pay top dollar for these items but it is better than the sandwiches at 7-11.

The thing that I really like is the self checkout machine unless of course I am behind somebody that just does not know how to use it. It is not some kind of video game, just scan your products and swipe your card or enter your cash and please move on down the road.


This Walmart is ghetto! The store just have a dirty vibe to it. You get it from the the other customers and the employees send that vibe your way in just the same way. Its kind of a trip walking into a Walmart and you don’t really know what crazy thing you are going to witness while you are in there. I have had people bump into me and want to fight, I have smelled some of the nastiest people and I have never heard so much yelling and carrying in in any department store in my life.

The foursquare checkin pretty much says it all. Ghetto Walmart. There are bums and crackheads running around out in front of the Walmart even though the store does make an attempt to keep you from being molested by putting a security guard out there. I have seen a variety of funny signs inside the Walmart and the McDonalds inside pointing out obvious things like no loitering and that there is a 30 minute time limit on consuming food. I actually have never seen that posted up as an official sign somewhere.

I have to admit though they do have some pretty smoking deals at this Walmart and others which is what keeps me coming back. Aside from the negative stuff the Cityplace in Downtown Long Beach has some pretty cool shops and restaurants and they are pretty nice so Walmart is doing them a favor by keeping the ghetto over at their shop.


This is one of my local 7-Eleven’s. This one is located on the corner of Spring Street and Pacific Avenue in Long Beach. The other is located on the corner of Long Beach Blvd and Wardlow. I like to hit this 7-Eleven if I am going downtown and I forgot something. There is also a Redbox location in front of this store so I come here and return movies and rent them.

One of the biggest problems with this 7-Eleven is the parking lot. It has a strange 45 degree angle parking spot in it as well which is a one of a kind deal for sure. I am pretty sure the problem is because of the combination of shops that share this parking lot. It has a laundromat which always has people in it, The 7-Eleven which also is busy and the people renting and returning movies to the redbox.

Other than the parking I have no problems with this 7-Eleven location and I will keep doing business with them until I do.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s is a great place to find a variety of foods that are on the healthier side. You can find some pretty random stuff here at Trader Joe’s and back when they started out, they were kind of like the hi line specialty grocery store but that was also 20 years ago.

Now their prices are very competitive, they have a great selection and the people that work there are knowledgable and friendly. The location on Atlantic Avenue and Carson Street in Long Beach is located right smack dab in the middle of Bixby Knolls. My only complaint about this location is that there are to many shops and not quite enough parking. Well maybe thats not 100% correct but it is for sure a very busy parking lot.


This is my neighborhood Ralph’s and I love it vs the alternative I have down the road which is Von’s on the Bixby Knolls side of the freeway or Albertson’s on Willow and Long Beach Blvd which is just plain ghetto.

I come here and do all my shopping and get my redbox movies which is why I took a picture of it. The have pretty good deals on things I find the prices to be fair when you use the Ralph’s card. So I rate this store pretty darn high.

For some reason the are blowing out Belvedere and Grey Goose vodka for very low prices. If you buy six bottles it costs $18 per bottle vs $40 but the problem is that they never seem to have 6 of them at once. So I go in and buy one at a time for $25 and that still beats $40 by $15 bucks so no complaints from me.

It does tend to get busy in the late afternoons so I like to avoid that timeframe if at all possible.

Albertsons On Willow

Just remodeled and the grand opening is tomorrow. I came here to grab a red box movie cause this is the only place around that has two red box machines together which cuts your wait time down for sure!

The parking lot is big and I have never had a time finding parking. This is the closest Albertsons from my house and I frequent the place regularly. It is located in the Wrigley section of Long Beach and the largest cross streets are Willow and Long Beach Blvd or Atlantic. This store is located in a big strip mall that stretches from one major street to the next.

If you are going down pacific towards wardlow when you leave its best to go around back of the Albertsons where the Pacific Hospital is. There is less traffic that way regardless of the time of day.