Vera's Market

Vera’s Market is a hidden gem of a carniceria located on Delta Avenue in Long Beach. I recently had to pick up some Carne Asada and decided Vera’s Market was the place to go. There was a ton of parking and the service was excellent. There was a large variety of meats and cheeses with even some seafood as well.

There are a few cash registers to ring you up and the employees are very helpful. They even sell beer, wine, and produce which makes Vera’s Market a one-stop shop for all your pantry and kitchen needs! I sometimes like going to smaller carnicerias and family owned markets due to the excellent service and higher quality products. Vera’s Market is awesome and I highly recommend stopping by and checking it out!

Top Valu Market

Top Valu Market just had a grand opening on 644 Redondo and I decided to check out the store. There was an Albertsons that was here before Top Valu came in, and upon walking in, it had the exact same layout. The floors were new and the store was spotless. Very clean and open, they did a good job of cleaning up this property.

The quality of the fruits and vegetables at Top Valu have been in question in the past but what attracted me was the variety of Latin American food items they had. They had a great selection of items that you would see mostly in a carniceria which was really awesome. Masa and Mexican cheese was what I picked up. This store was not a place I would get all my groceries but when it comes to simple essentials it is definitely a store I would go to.


Albertsons are slowly disappearing from the Southern California market place and on a recent trip to San Pedro I found one of the few remaining Albertsons in the Los Angeles area. It was located off 25th street and the parking lot did not have too many spots directly in front of the store. Upon entering, this Albertsons was very bright and open which made finding my groceries a breeze.

This Albertsons also had a Bank of America ATM inside the store which was a definite plus as well. The checkers were very friendly and got me on my way in a reasonable amount of time. The quality of fruits and vegetables were not as good as a Whole Foods but the prices were much better than other competitors. Albertsons is a good grocery store to get your shopping done quickly and at a good price.


It’s that wonderful time of year when people start sneezing, coughing, and getting the dreaded flu bug. On a recent trip to find some Nyquil and anything to help my throbbing head I decided to stop at the Walgreens on Redondo and Anaheim. This Walgreens has a new design and has a good sized parking lot.

Right when I walked in it resembled many other Walgreens but the employees were very friendly and happily showed me to the products I needed. There was a wonderful photo area that made it super easy to get high quality prints from your computer and printed out so you can put them in a frame. The grocery items like cereal were priced a little high for my liking and understandable there wasn’t a large selection. There was one thing I noticed this Walgreens didn’t have: alcohol. While that was not something on my list it was definitely something I should note if you are trying to pick up some booze for your Friday night. Overall, this Walgreens had friendly employees and a fast check out which was exactly what I was looking for.

Seal Beach Pavilions

On a recent quick trip to pick up some last minute Thanksgiving supplies I decided to visit Pavilions in Seal Beach on Pacific Coast Highway. The parking lot was understandably packed but the parking lot was easily maneuverable and had an easy entrance and exit. Walking up to the store, the design and color of the Pavilions was very nice and easy on the eyes due to the recent remodel.

The selection was great and prices were very good. It is a must to use your rewards card which you can get on-site if you don’t have one. I got my stuffing and was on my way in a pretty efficient amount of time. They have the self-checkout which was a breeze when you don’t have a lot of groceries. This is a high quality grocery store without the extravagant prices which was very refreshing. Check out Pavilions in Seal Beach for all your holiday cooking needs.

Rite Aid

I have always enjoyed a nice scoop of ice cream and since I was a little kid we always went to Rite Aid for a scoop of this frozen delicious treat. I decided to visit the Rite Aid located on Redondo and Anaheim and see how this Rite Aid stacked up with others in the area. First, when I arrived there were a lot of parking spots but some sketchy looking people wandering around the parking lot and asking for money.

I decided to lock my doors twice and walk in to the store. The service to get ice cream was speedy and the employee was very friendly. This Rite Aid was stacked with everything from bouncy balls to laundry detergent. Their selection of personal items was huge and will definitely be coming back for all my personal hygiene products. The prices here on alcohol were very cheap and recommend this place for all your partying needs. This Rite Aid was very good except for the location and some not so friendly people in the parking lot.

California Heights Market

California Heights Market is located on Orange Ave in Long Beach. This little market from the outside doesn’t not look too swanky or nice but don’t be fooled this place packs a punch when it comes to selling great beer and wine.

Upon arrival and walking in I was surprised of their massive beer and wine selection. Any sort of craft or unique beer they have got it. Whether it be IPA, lagers, stouts, or pale ales the selection was jaw dropping. And too sweeten the pot the customer service was bar none. The store clerk came over and literally schooled me in the art of selecting a high quality beer. He was very nice and showed me one of his favorites. I took his advice and went home with a very tasty and refreshing beer. If you are a beer enthusiast who lives in Long Beach, give California Heights Market a look. With massive selection and great customer service this beats out almost all other liquor stores in Long Beach

Smart & Final

Smart and Final on Atlantic Avenue and Anaheim Street has just about everything you need it you are looking for grocery related items. It is right down the street from Long Beach Poly High School and it is not to far away from Downtown Long Beach itself. So if you are in town in one of the hotels and want to stock up on a ton of stuff for good prices then come head on up to Smart and Final.

There is a great little bakery in the same little strip mall called Babette Bakery and that is worth checking out for sure. The have all sorts of goodies.

99 Cents Only Stores

When I went they had really long lines and nobody making a jump to fill up the other check out counters so that wasn’t to great. Another odd thing I noticed was that had a sign that said open 9 days a week. I am not sure if that was a joke or the 6 was turned upside down or what but that is a bit off.

This place does have just about everything from Organic Foods, Frozen Foods, Household Accessories and all sorts of random stuff in the isles. I purchased a toy for my dog and a can for cleaning supplies. The total bill was $2.17 so those items were actually 99 cents. It bothers me when I go to a 99 cent store and the prices are all over the board.

There was somebody outside asking for money and she was set up with a chair and it looked like the store was OK with her being out there. I already do my charitable donations so I am not looking to get hit up after I am done shopping, ESPECIALLY at a 99 cent store. Other than the long lines, weird sign and person outside I would have to say this is one of the bigger 99 cent stores around and they have a ton of stuff.