This Shell Gas Station is located on the corner of Del Amo Blvd and Cherry Ave which is a very busy intersection. This location also has a car wash on the property and is a rather larger piece of property.

There are 8 pumps at this gas station and the car wash was busy and had pretty nice cars going in and coming out of it so that tells me that the car wash here is probably decent or that the people that run their car through this car wash don’t really care about their cars. My guess is that the car wash is decent.

Its amazing how many of of these gas stations have car washes on locations and how terrible they are or how poorly they are maintained. It seems to me that if you are going to bother installing a car wash, you should put in a good one and maintain it so that it doesn’t scratch up peoples cars. Anyway off the rant, the point is that I don’t think that is the case here at this Shell.


In me efforts to travel around Long Beach to review and take pictures of places this was the farther business that I could find before I ran into the city of compton. It was pretty early on a Sunday morning so I figured I would take a few pictures of the place and boogie on out of there. The owner showed up and was really cool and it looked like it was opening time anyway. So I waited for him to unlock everything and grabbed some more pictures and some gas and then I was on my merry way.

I always found the prices at arco to be the best. It helps if you pay cash and as I am not 100% sure about the quality of the gas I have never had any problems with it so I am good there. I would recommend this Arco Gas Station to anybody that is passing by it or if you are anywhere near the North Long Beach area.

United Oil

This United Oil location is on the corner of spring street and long beach blvd which is just a few blocks down from Long Beach Memorial Hospital. They have a car repair shop in the back that has decent prices and they are pretty quick about getting you all fixed up.

I have never had any problems with people or with getting in and out of United Oil. It is pretty easy to maneuver in and out of the 4 drive ways and it isn’t a complete nightmare if you have to do a three point turn of some kind to get out of the place.

From what I can gather, United Oil was a family owned business about 50 years ago and was based in Los Angeles and it has grown throughout California and now has 125 locations

Mobil Gas Station

This Mobil Gas Station is located on the corner of Edinger and Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach. It is one of the busiest intersection in Orange County. I arrived at Mobil at about 7:15 in the morning to fill up the motorhome we were traveling out to Temecula in.

There was nobody at the gas station so everything about this gas station was good except for the gas prices. (They have been going up for some time now). We had no problem finding a spot which is tough to do with a motorhome and the place had clean restrooms and the clerk was nice. I grabbed a Monster Energy Drink while I was in there and then we were on our way.

Arco AmPm Gas Station On Long Beach Blvd

Great prices but the parking lot is a nightmare! If it’s busy, good luck getting in and out. I have to admit though this Arco is located in a pretty good spot if you need some gas before you hop on the 405 freeway going north but be careful when you pull out of the gas station before you make that quick right onto the freeway or you might get smashed into. I have seen this happen before and it wasn’t pretty.


The do have a car wash now and its funny because this gas station went out of business about 4 times in the past 6 or so years. Previous to it being a car wash, it was a drive through window for a Louisiana Fried Chicken. Man I wish that place was still here … that chicken was the bomb!