Kohls is a classic low end department store. The few times I have been to Kohl’s I was greeted by not too happy employees but hey at least I was greated and the selection there was decent. I have to admit that they have unbelievably cheap prices on everything. I decided to pick up some blank white t-shirts at the Kohl’s located on Carson in Lakewood.

There was plenty of parking on a Wednesday afternoon when I went for a visit. Upon entering I smelled the classic department store rubber and polyester smell filled my nostrils. The place was surprisingly clean and had very clean floors. While it wasn’t Nordstrom’s it still held its own in affordable selection and somewhat new and trendy clothes. I checked out with a really talkative and unique cashier and I was on my way. Not much to say about this place, but if you want some essential clothing like socks , shoes, or t-shirts give Kohl’s a look, you will probably find a unbelievable deal. Kohl’s can definitely hold its own in the mid range department store rankings.


This Target store in Signal Hill pretty much has it all now. A few years ago they went ahead and did a massive expansion to the grocery department and now I can go grocery shopping at target and get everything that i need which is pretty awesome. It is amazing how much they have expanded. Of course they are about 1/10 of the size of the local Walmart shopping center which is located down the street in Lakewood but the selection is big and best of all it is located close to my house.

Target is located right off the 405 freeway and Atlantic Avenue. It is actually on 33rd street which is a relatively small side street that runs parallel with the 405 freeway. There is plenty of parking and I have never had a problem finding a place to park. Typically I try and find a place up close to the front of the store and more often than not I have to go find myself a spot way in the back of the parking lot but hey at least there is parking.

One of the funniest things about this store is there Segway thing that they have plugged in at the front of the store. It has been there for about 6 years and I have never seen it moved. Also it has the word security on it so that makes it even funnier. I could just see a security guard hop on that thing and chase somebody out the door at the low low speed of 10 miles per hour. Anyway just inside the store there is a starbucks and a Pizza Hut and they take care of any hungry issues that might arise before you head into the store.


Ross Dress For Less

I stopped into Ross Dress For Less after I ate lunch at the Chipotle’s which is located in the same shopping center. I figured I would burn off some of the lunch that I just ate and see what was on sale. That is the good thing about Ross, you never know what you will find.

I was mainly looking for a new pair of workout shorts and after digging through rack and racks of shorts I finally found a pair that I liked so that worked out well. I went through the shoe isle and many of the clothing racks looking for good prices on XXL stuff but did not find any.

Then I wandered over to the home department where you can find all sorts of stuff from luggage to paintings for your home. They have some pretty goofy stuff in here so I got a lot of good pictures to post on Instagram so I had that going for me. On the way out I scored myself a new wallet which was really awesome so new wallet and new pair of shorts all for under $20. They didn’t get to deep into my wallet this time around.

Ross Dress For Less

This Ross Dress For Less is located in downtown Long Beach in the Cityplace shopping center which is a relatively new area of Long Beach that was remodeled a few years back. You can park in one of the parking garages that run adjacent to the promenade and you can find free parking in them for the first 2 hours.

On this day I was in the market for a tie. I stopped in to a few of the different stores located in the downtown Long Beach area but since I do not wear suit and ties much at all I couldn’t see spending $30 or more on a tie. I walked into Ross and found the tie that I was looking for and it only cost me $7.99

I was there around 10am on a tuesday so I moved very quickly through the checkout line and I was in and out of there inside of 20 minutes or so. The city place is an awesome place to shop and has some great places to eat as well.


This Walmart is ghetto! The store just have a dirty vibe to it. You get it from the the other customers and the employees send that vibe your way in just the same way. Its kind of a trip walking into a Walmart and you don’t really know what crazy thing you are going to witness while you are in there. I have had people bump into me and want to fight, I have smelled some of the nastiest people and I have never heard so much yelling and carrying in in any department store in my life.

The foursquare checkin pretty much says it all. Ghetto Walmart. There are bums and crackheads running around out in front of the Walmart even though the store does make an attempt to keep you from being molested by putting a security guard out there. I have seen a variety of funny signs inside the Walmart and the McDonalds inside pointing out obvious things like no loitering and that there is a 30 minute time limit on consuming food. I actually have never seen that posted up as an official sign somewhere.

I have to admit though they do have some pretty smoking deals at this Walmart and others which is what keeps me coming back. Aside from the negative stuff the Cityplace in Downtown Long Beach has some pretty cool shops and restaurants and they are pretty nice so Walmart is doing them a favor by keeping the ghetto over at their shop.

Nordstrom Rack

This Nordstrom Rack is located on the corner of East 3rd Street and Promenade North in the Long Beach CityPlace. I like it because it has a higher end of clothing to it than say a store like Ross which happens to be right next door. I usually roam through here once a month and find something that I cannot live with out.

There is a free parking garage directly across from Nordstrom Rack so you can get in and get out without dealing with meters and finding parking spots and all that jazz. I usually wander into the nice mens clothing department because they always have some kind of cool looking long sleeve shit that will fit. They also have a good selection of shoes as well. This would be my first mall like go to place when I go shopping, then I go check our Ross and Kohls.