Durty Nelly's

I have been coming to Durty Nelly’s since the 90’s and it has always been a ton of fun. For the most part I come hear to drink on a Friday or Saturday night. There are plenty of hotties around if that is what you are looking for (I was 15 years ago) icon smile Durty Nellys and for the most part the people here are pretty cool. I would have to say a bit better than some of the people you run into at the bars on 17th street.

The bar/restaurant is located right in the middle of a bunch of business so it is a tad hard to find and if you have never been here, you will defiantly have problems getting in. The tendency is to try and get in the door that is closest to where you park your car. The problem is that the only door that is open is off to the side. Actually its not really a problem its just a little strange. When you go you will figure it out.

They have had Karaoke here on the weekends for a really long time and that is fun. I made the mistake of trying to sing Welcome to the jungle on night and that was a total mess but I had a bunch of fun and that is all that matters.

The owner has been here for years and she can run the whole bar area on her own. Her name escapes me which is a shame but she is really nice.

Written by Louie Baur


This was my first time to Greenleaf and I came here with a friend. I have not been in Costa Mesa for awhile so this place was new to me even though I am sure its been open for years. One thing that stuck out was the parking problem. This place is so big and so popular, that it takes over the strip mall that it is located in and the parking in the back of the restaurant is limited as well. There is valet parking but that’s not really my deal. Anyway I went ahead and ordered a glass of Juice which was called The Western Standard and I also ordered a Turkey sandwich. Both were very yummy and I really enjoyed the vibe here at Greenleaf.

Even though this location was packed during lunch time, there was plenty of room to sit both inside and outside. It was amazing how long the building was. There was a place to order from, a store inside that you can by stuff from as well as a wine bar. This place looks awesome and there are two other locations in California and I am sure that they are cranking away as well. My friend told me that another thing that they do here is curbside pick up for your online or phone in orders. I think that is a really cool idea and is even better than a drive through because you get that personal touch.


Food pictured below: Turkey Sandwich



Habana is a Cuban style restaurant located in Costa Mesa on Bristol Street. Upon arrival for dinner the décor was unreal and the painting on the walls was very attractive. There was great mood lighting for dinner and very awesome atmosphere to bring a date. Our server was excellent; he was attentive and very fast when it came to all of our needs.

I had the skirt steak and it was seasoned to perfection and was very filling. The prices were somewhat reasonable but for four people expect to shell out some dough. There is a full bar and the restaurant wasn’t that noisy which both were to my liking. This is a great place to take a date for a delicious Cuban dinner with a truly unique vibe.


When people think of the company Patagonia first thing that comes to mind for many people is the great outdoors, adventure, and hiking. While that is true there is so much more to Patagonia and on a recent trip to the Patagonia store in Costa Mesa it really opened up my eyes on how many different things Patagonia represents. First off the store is awesome with more camping, hiking, and outdoor gear than you could shake a stick at.

They also had some wetsuits and surfing and skating apparel that really caught my eye. They have a full sponsored surf team that rocks their specialty made wetsuits that are made from natural materials. Patagonia is a company rich in adventure and the thrill of exploration, if you need any supplies for your next adventure trip make Patagonia your first stop. Go explore and have fun!

Eon Asian Bistro

Eon Asian Bistro or En Seafood is a cool little lunch and dinner spot in Costa Mesa. It is a tad hard to find but once you do it is worth it. Its located next to a Rite Aid and there is ample parking. Upon arrival our server, was awesome, great service and very attentive. I had the spicy tuna roll and samurai roll.

The sushi tasted very fresh and was not too overwhelmingly fishy. The Asian bistro had really cool décor and the smell of fresh seafood filled my nostrils. For dessert I had the banana bread pudding, which was delicious and extremely flavorful. Eon Asian Bistro is a cool Asian restaurant in a small strip mall but is big on taste and great service.

Sushi Town

Southern California is littered with sushi restaurants on just about every corner. The real hard part is finding the ones that are legit and at a decent price. I recently went to Sushi town in Costa Mesa with some friends to try it out.

Upon arrival I noticed there was ample parking in front of the restaurant and as we stepped in the smell of fresh fish filled my nostrils. The place was clean and had a cool vibe to it. We ordered many rolls one of which was the Angry Fish roll, which was very tasty. Sushi town is a cool little sushi joint located in Costa Mesa. It definitely isn’t the high class sushi restaurants many OC’ers are used to, but for good sushi at a reasonable price a safe bet in Costa Mesa is Sushi town.

Inka Grill

On a recent summer afternoon, I decided to try the Inka Grill located in Costa Mesa on Bristol Street. I have always loved trying to find legit Peruvian restaurants in our area but many came up short. I stopped by the Inka grill and was looking to be impressed by their highly acclaimed Peruvian dishes.

I walked into Inka Grill and the smell of fresh roasted meats and fish filled my nostrils. I ordered the Lomo Saltado and waited for this delicious dish to arrive. For most of you don’t know Lomo saltado is a Peruvian dish consisting of beef marinated in some different sauces and traditionally served over rice with homemade French fries. The Lomo saltado I received was right on point and was utterly delicious. Overall I give the Inka Grill a great review and recommend this place to anyone who enjoys Peruvian food. This place has great Lomo saltado and other top notch Peruvian dishes.

Claim Jumper

During a recent lunch meeting in Costa Mesa, I had the dilemma of taking my clients out to a quick, easy , and somewhat nice lunch. Down the street I noticed a Claim Jumper. While my past experiences at Claim Jumper have been decent, I decided to give it a shot.

Upon arrival into the Costa Mesa Claim Jumper I noticed some very unique décor. Chairs that looked like they were made from literal tree branches were awesome. The place was very clean and smelled like prime rib. We ordered the chicken pot pie, mahi mahi, and meatloaf. Our server was very polite and knowledgeable with the food and drinks. When we got our food we were pleasantly surprised. The meatloaf was tender and juicy, the mahi mahi was cooked properly and was very tasty, and the chicken pot pie apparently tasted like unbelievably delicious. Overall the place was a surprise in a good way and will recommend the place to other clients.

Also just a tip for if you are going here during the week. If you arrive at 11:30am you will be able to sit right down with no problems. If you wait until say 12:15pm or so you will be right in the middle of the lunch rush.

Costa Mesa Hilton

I arrived at the Costa Mesa Hilton which is located just off the 405 freeway on the corner of Bristol and Paularino. I was there to attend an event that my friend Bryan Elliot was throwing for his Linked OC Linked in group. Tonight we got to listed to Rohit Bhargava which is a very interesting guy and he was talking about his new book called Likeconomics.

The only problem that I had with the hotel is that they made me pay to park my motorcycle. I ride a motorcycle for a reason and it does not take up the spot of a car so shame on your Costa Mesa Hilton for charging full pop on motorcycle parking. Other than that you have an awesome hotel.
After the event I sat down with about 8 of my social media friends that I haven’t seen in awhile and we grabbed some food and drinks. We ate at the Bristol Farms Bar under the huge palm trees and we sat in a spot that let us watch the indoor elevators go up and down. That probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do while eating but oh well. I ordered a veggie wrap and every body else ordered a few pizzas and shared that. We spend about an hour after the event talking and reminiscing and then we went our separate ways.