Spin Cycle

My washer and dryer gave out recently so I decided to go to Spin Cycle Laundromat on 7th and Termino. The parking lot had plenty of parking and was easily seen from 7th street. The first thing I noticed was how professional their operation was and how clean everything is. Huge stainless steel washer and dyers were everywhere and everything you needed was at your fingertips.

There was no waiting in line just straight to using the washer or dryer. The prices were a tad more expensive but there was free WI-FI while you wait and the attendant was very helpful. Overall, this was a top-notch Laundromat and I highly recommend Spin Cycle to anyone who has to get their laundry done in a place that is efficient, clean, and professional.

BJ Clothes

BJ Clothes has been the go to place for years for people to get good clothes at a good honest price. I personally used to come here to get my school uniforms way back in the day so I can attest that BJ Clothes being a great place for all back to school clothes shopping. Located right off 7th street, this store is easily missed but shares the parking lot with Denny’s so there are a good amount of parking spots. As you walk in the rows and rows of clothing is very overwhelming.

There are little plastic and paper signs telling you the sizes and prices of the clothes which can be helpful if you are looking for your specific size. I love getting my plain white t-shirts here because they are of good quality and decently priced. This is definitely not your department store or trendy boutique but you can get good clothes at a fraction of the cost of other stores. BJ Clothes is your one-stop shop for all your clothing needs.

Goodwill Long Beach

I cannot say enough good things about Goodwill of Long Beach on Redondo between 11th and Anaheim. This Goodwill accepts donation of clothes and household items for a tax right off and has been a place I have always gotten great deals at low low prices. I recently visited this Goodwill to find a belt and see what other goodies I could find. The parking lot is very small and crowded so you might have to park on the street. There is no access to the store directly from the parking lot so you have to walk along a cement ramp to the front of the store to enter.

Once you get in the place smells exactly like a garage sale and it does not smell that appetizing but that is all the used clothes and household items at super low prices. I searched for a belt but they didnít have my size. They have incredible deals on clothes and all the clothes are color coordinated which makes finding what you need super easy. Even though I came up empty handed this Goodwill is awesome and recommend everyone coming here before spending an arm and a leg at other more expensive stores.


On a recent lunch outing to the Terranea resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, I decided to stop by and check out Marea. Marea is Terranea’s on-site shopping store and has some very cool and hip clothing. First, to get to the shop you must park along a small road if you are not a hotel guest. You also have the option to valet your car but that can be expensive.

The gift shop is located next to the real estate office and the coffee shop as well. They have some very high end clothing that was pretty expensive. I noticed a great selection of women’s clothing from swimsuits to dresses, it has it all. The men’s selection was not too my liking but did have some cool name brands I liked. If you happen to be a guest at Terranea this is the perfect shop to pick up some clothes you need for a fancy night out or swim at the pool. There is not too much shopping around the resort so if you want a shop to walk to, on the resort, Marea is the spot.

Terranea is a beautiful resort located in the beautiful city of Palos Verdes right on the Pacific Ocean. The resort boasts beautiful restaurants, hotel accommodations, and now with the unveiling of Marea it includes world class shopping as well. Marea is Terranea’s new high fashion boutique which caters to men’s and women’s fashion.

The layout of Marea is beautiful and is clean as a whistle. There are is even a children’s section and jewelry area as well, like I said it has everything for a great shopping experience. So if you are staying at the Terranea or just would like to have a one-of-a kind shopping experience head to Marea and while you are there make sure and check out Seabeans which is located right next door.

Vans Shoe Store

Vans have been a classic for decades and I was very excited to see they put in a Vans store on 2nd street in Belmont Shore. I was excited to check out this location for their new OTW collection of dressier vans shoes. The location is right on 2nd street so unless you have change you will have to park on the side streets, which can be a walk. I ended up finding a spot about 5 minutes away and made my way into the beautifully designed Vans store.

Instantly when you walk in you are greeted by rock music and a framed Christian Fletcher model Stretch surfboard. The layout is very cool too with a skate shop with decks and wheels next to clothing and shoes on the far wall. Overall it is a great store and its employees are friendly and provide great service. So next time you are in the market for some new vans head on down to the Vans store in Long Beach for unbeatable selection and great customer service. They even have the nice OTW collection in stock so check them out!

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is the hipster superstore for kids in Southern California. The store is located at Fashion Island in Newport Beach and upon arrival, this store was quite unique. Little trinquets and unique items were stashed throughout the store and shot glasses and PBR beer mugs were also thrown into the mix. I was in the market for some new jeans and due to my large thighs anything close to skinny jeans won’t even fit above my kneecap.

I searched and searched and they personally only found that they only had super skinny, skinny, and slim fit jeans. Not stoked. They did though have a ton of unique books that made me laugh and wonder if this place was a hybrid clothing store/adult toy store/ hipster hangout. Overall, this place didn’t do it for me, but I do know it would be awesome for a majority of the southern California youth looking for their skinny jeans and a new pair of vans.

Out Of The Closet Thrift Store

When it comes to thrift stores in Long Beach, Out of the Closet is definitely one of the most unique. To start off, the building is bright pink and located right on Pacific Coast Highway. The parking lot is unique and has parking spaces but when it is busy, the parking in the lot fills up quick. I recently went there needing a costume for a themed party and was hoping to find what I needed.

Upon entering the smell of used clothes and old wood filled my nostrils, but wasn’t surprising. The store is very big and there are a ton of clothes, shoes, furniture, nick-knacks, and just about anything you can think of. I found an old race car shirt for my hillbilly costume for five bucks and was on my way. This is a legit thrift store with legit prices and has just about anything you can think of under one roof. They even give out complimentary condoms on your way out, to promote safe sex, yes very unique.

Golden West College Swapmeet

The Golden West Colleeg Swap meet is awesome. As a kid I would love to see all the cool antiques and sports memorabilia and try and barter to get the lowest price. Now that I am all grown up I still love going to swap meets and the one at Golden west in Huntington Beach is awesome. It is open Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 3pm rain or shine. There is free parking and even better, free admission!

I went on a lazy Saturday morning to get a razor scooter and some socks for myself. Upon entry I noticed the myriad of unique vendors and shopkeepers. Anything from flowers to fold up chairs or water bottles to rugs it was here. I noticed a man selling Razor scooters (which were a knock-off) and eventually bartered him down for 75 dollars to 50 dollars. Super stoked. I also got my about 20 pairs of socks for about 10 bucks so I came and conquered the Golden west Swap meet! If you every need anything I would skip the department store and come to the Golden west swap meet, there are some absolute treasures and deals to be found