Just A Buck

Dollar stores are a bargain hunter’s dream and I recently stopped by Just A Buck, a new dollar store located on Willow. Just A Buck really does live up to it’s name with all of it’s items are sold for one dollar or less. The store was pretty much spotless and had all of the items perfectly displayed. Partly this must be because it was a new store but nonetheless it was very nice.

There were a ton of off-brand items and brand name items mixed in as well. I found some small toys for my nephew and they looked somewhat of good quality. I also picked up a sports drink for a buck and was ready to check out. The store clerks were very nice and got me on my way very quickly. If you are looking for a great dollar store, look no further than Just A Buck!

Vera's Market

Vera’s Market is a hidden gem of a carniceria located on Delta Avenue in Long Beach. I recently had to pick up some Carne Asada and decided Vera’s Market was the place to go. There was a ton of parking and the service was excellent. There was a large variety of meats and cheeses with even some seafood as well.

There are a few cash registers to ring you up and the employees are very helpful. They even sell beer, wine, and produce which makes Vera’s Market a one-stop shop for all your pantry and kitchen needs! I sometimes like going to smaller carnicerias and family owned markets due to the excellent service and higher quality products. Vera’s Market is awesome and I highly recommend stopping by and checking it out!


Arco has been my favorite gas station to get gas at for years due to the very cheap cash prices they offer. The Arco on Redondo and 10th has been my personal favorite go-to station for ultra-cheap prices near my house and proximity to major thoroughfares. The Arco does frustrate many who come due to the congested and compacted small area and limited gas pumps.

The place can get absolutely hectic at rush hour so the key is to go early in the morning or late at night. Once you pull in you can pay for gas at the center station or go inside to pay. The wait time can be long and there are consistently bums in there that look at you strange or ask for money. Although all these drawbacks they have cheap gas prices which ultimately what matters. It can be pretty dirty, congested, and wait times can be long but it is still my go-to place in Long Beach to fill up my tank.

Payless Shoe Source

I have been going to Payless Shoe source since I was a little kid in 3rd grade off to get new shoes for the first day of school. I stopped by the Payless on Anaheim and Redondo to check out some non-slip shoes for work. Once I parked in the sketchy strip mall parking lot that smelled like wet trash I walked in the store and was greeted by the unique smell of fresh rubber and shoe laces.

The one lone worker was very sweet and friendly and helped me find the non-slip section. On my way there I noticed that had some cool Air walk shoes for sale that brought back memories of the 90ís when Airwalks were cool. The prices were actually a tad higher than I expected but got my non-slip shoes and was on my way. Overall, it was a quick and no hassle shoe buying experience which is always the best kind. Check out Payless Shoe source for awesome deals on quality footwear without the name brand price.


Costco has been a household name when it has come to buying in bulk and being a great warehouse style shopping center with great prices. Recently, I visited the Costco in Signal Hill on willow and decided to skip the shopping and go straight to their outdoor food area. The line was about 20 people long so there must be something good with their food. Not only was it great food but UNBELIEVABLE prices, prices so low I thought they were a mistake.

I got a huge Hebrew National all beef hotdog with all the fixings for $1.50. This hotdog was meaty, juicy, and had a soft and delicious bun. Drinks were about a buck and a small sundae was under two bucks. The prices are unreal, portions are massive, and the food is very good. Head on over to Costco for a great cheap lunch but beware it can get really busy, for having some of the lowest food prices in town!

Carl's Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is a powerhouse in the fast food industry with many locations throughout Long Beach and southern California. I recently visited the location on Bellflower Boulevard for some breakfast. When I arrived the location was clean and the service was good but that was about it. When I received my breakfast burrito and sandwich it didn’t look anything like how it did on the big picture on the menu.

The burrito looked like it was sweating and fresh from the microwave. The sandwich was not good and just gave me a stomach ache after eating. I am not sure what the deal was there but I suppose you win some and you loose some and in this case I ended up feeling a little sick. I did not contact Carl’s Jr. about this because in all fairness I did eat other food that day but sometimes you just know.


Denny’s has always been somewhat of a safe bet if you want a quick easy meal at any time of day. Denny’s are usually open 24hrs and due to this fact I visited the one on Atlantic Avenue very late at night for a quick bite to eat.

Upon arrival the Denny’s was decently clean and sat down at one of their plush booths. I noticed it was actually extremely busy. I was waited on a very straight to the point server who I really liked. I ordered the chicken sandwich with side of cottage cheese. My food came very promptly and was pleasantly surprised. The chicken was cooked adequately and the sandwich had a ton of flavor. All in all my time in Denny’s was a total of about 20 minutes. If you are looking for a quick, cheap, and fast meal that isn’t straight fast food head on over to Denny’s. Anytime day or night Denny’s will be open to feed even the heftiest of appetites.

McDonalds In Lakewood Walmart

What is more American than having a McDonalds in a Wal-Mart? Well the answer is pretty much nothing. Located inside, yes inside the Wal-Mart on Carson Street in Lakewood is a McDonalds. On my way to pick up some hangars and laundry detergent at Wal-Mart I decided to stroll into McDonalds for a quick bite to eat and see how it was.

The McDonalds was surprisingly clean and had that great smell of fresh French fries and grease. I ordered a McMuffin and McChicken sandwich from a very smiley and cheery worker for how early it was. My food came very promptly (hence fast food) and unwrapped the unhealthy goodness known as McDonalds. The McMuffin was delicious for being under 2 dollars and the McChicken was very subpar. You honestly can’t expect much from McDonalds but if you do have to go to one id choose the one located in Wal-Mart for good customer service and clean eating area.