Back In The Day Aerial Pictures

Back in the day is a car dealership that is located on Avalon Boulevard just off the 405 freeway in Carson. I would have to say that this place has been here for a year or so and you can see it when you are on the 405.

They deal with classic cars and older cars in general. It is fun to check the place out and the guys on the lot are cool with kooky loos.

I thought it would be fun to fly the DJI phantom over the lot so I parked in an abandon lot across the street and flew over Avalon. It had just rained so it was not the greatest day out but you will get the general idea by looking at the pics.

My neighbor has an old Chevy Truck and he has been to a car show here so I imagine that is a pretty cool venue. I love the idea of this lot and I hope they are doing great business!

Written by Louie Baur

SC Fuels

I have always appreciated a good gas station and I recently came across a good one called SC Fuels in Carson. This gas station was very spacious and easy to maneuver around other cars and trucks trying to get gas. SC fuels looks like it is designed for large big rigs but it also has 4 pumps for normal vehicles.

Diesel seems to be the most prevalent type of gas at this station so it must be a favorite for trucker’s hitting the road. I decided to go inside and check out their minimart that was called Topstop. It had a ton of snacks and drinks for all your long drive needs. I got a large Gatorade and granola bar for $3.45. The attendants were friendly and got me on my way in a flash. If you are ever in Carson and want to fill up at a cool gas station head to SC Fuels.

Car Pros Kia of Carson With Willie Green Of The Clippers

I was at a Los Angeles Clippers game earlier this week and the Clippers whooped up on the San Antonio Spurs that game. During halftime or something like that, there were some announcements being made and I heard that Willie Green was going to be signing autographs at Car Pros Kia in Carson.

I had never been to that dealership and I thought that I would check it out and see what kind of draw that professional athlete that was on the Clippers would bring. To be safe I rode my Hayabusa down there because the last thing that I wanted to happen was to run into some sort of parking problem. Good thing I did too because I was able to maneuver my way up the the front of the place.

Willie Green was signing autographs with two of the Clippers Cheerleaders and there was a decent line when I arrived which was about 3:05pm. People had all sorts of stuff to sign and it was nice to see such a good turnout. I don’t know how many more cars get sold on a day like this but there were salespeople all over the place and they had their four square sheets out and it looked like they were putting together some deals. I got a signed picture from Willie and a picture with him as well. I am pretty stoked in the Clippers this year so that was a nice experience.

I was in and out of there in about a half hour and I walked around the lot to take the pictures that I have posted below. This looks like a decent dealership so check them out if you are in the Carson area.

Melinda McCoy's Flowers

Let’s face it guys, flowers can get us out of pretty much any jam we get ourselves into. Recently I decided to visit Melinda McCoy’s flower shop located on Carson. Melinda McCoys has been serving the Long Beach community since 1976 and is family run and operated.

Upon arriving to Melinda McCoys I noticed the fragrant scent of roses and orchids filling my nostrils. I walked inside and saw the bountiful amounts of bouquets and flowers they had on display. The shop was clean and the sales associate explained the intricate details of each different flower. They have been serving the long beach community the freshest flowers for over 35 years and is your one stop shop for all your flower needs.

It doesn’t matter if it is Mothers Day or a birthday head on down to Melinda McCoys and they will hook you up with great flowers and great prices. Check out their website too at

24 Hour Fitness Sport

I have been coming to this gym for a few years now and when I fist signed up back in 2010 this 24 hour fitness was top notch and put my other two 24 hour fitness location to shame which where both located in Long Beach. I went back this morning after visiting one of the brand new long beach locations and this one is starting to show some wear and tear.

Back in the day there was a guy in there vacuuming every single time I went in there regardless of the time of day or night. Today at 7am was the first time I did not see that guy in there. Not sure what that means but I am going to assume that the upkeep is not as important. I did hop on a few machines and I noticed that the earphone jack was broken on one of the running machines and when I went to work out upstairs the grips where missing on the chest press machine. So like with most of these gyms this one is slowly falling apart compared to what it used to be a few years ago. It could be better but it is not bad.

Teriyaki Factory

The Teriyaki Factory is located on the corner of East 223rd Street and Avalon Boulevard in the city of Carson. I drive by the place quite a bit on the way to my friends house and today I decided to stop by and boy am I glad that I did!

I got the classic beef bowl combo which is one of the lunch specials. It came with beef mixed with onions, bell peppers and rice, a salad with ranch dressing and a small drink. I have to say the salad was pretty good here. Typically I find that the salads on these combo deals kind of suck but it was not the case here. The beef bowl was really which was no real surprise because this place is known for its Teriyaki Beef Bowls.

There was plenty of parking, the place was clean inside and it had a little outside play area of some kind. I think this might have been a McDonald’s or some kind of fast food restaurant at some point in time but I am not sure about that.

Discount Center

The Discount Center in Carson, California is probably the best thrift store that I have ever been shopping at in my life. They are not as picky as Goodwill and they price things accordingly. For example, Goodwill has a certain standard of long sleeve shirt and it needs to be in a certain condition in order for them to take it in and then they sell them all at say $5.95. The Discount Center will take in all sorts of conditions of shirts and mark them from anywhere from $1.00 to $5.95 depending on the condition.

I have bought all sorts of stuff with rips, tears and paint marks on them. Additionally they always seem to be having sales depending on what day of the week you come in. They have color coded little tags on the items and if you find something that is $1.00 that is on sale you are really going to get a smoking deal. I have hauled a decent shirt out of there for 50 cents. No joke!

The Discount Center is a cash only place. It is always packed because they have so much stuff and as they mainly carry clothing they do have some furniture in the back and some kitchen stuff and books off to the side. Getting in the parking lot is a bit tricky the first time because of the islands that are located on the corner of Avalon and Carson but after you spin around in circles once or twice you will figure it out.