Pacific Coast Highway Mobil Car Wash

We southern Californians love our cars. Just look at our roads and you’ll see more luxury cars than anywhere in the country. One problem, how do we keep them clean. Many car washes are meant for your run of the mill car washes that will wash and dry in about 3 minutes. The Mobil on PCH and 2nd street caters to luxury cars by having a car wash specifically catered to luxury cars, trucks, and SUVS.

This personally is the first gas station car wash that I have seen that caters to nicer cars. This is awesome for all you Mercedes, Lexus, and even Maserati owners. I stopped by to check it out for myself and was very impressed. I even saw a Lamborghini pull up into the station so it must have street cred. Overall this is an expensive gas station but it does have a car wash for luxury cars so if your Porsche needs a quick wash check out the Mobil gas station on PCH.


This Shell Gas Station is located on the corner of Del Amo Blvd and Cherry Ave which is a very busy intersection. This location also has a car wash on the property and is a rather larger piece of property.

There are 8 pumps at this gas station and the car wash was busy and had pretty nice cars going in and coming out of it so that tells me that the car wash here is probably decent or that the people that run their car through this car wash don’t really care about their cars. My guess is that the car wash is decent.

Its amazing how many of of these gas stations have car washes on locations and how terrible they are or how poorly they are maintained. It seems to me that if you are going to bother installing a car wash, you should put in a good one and maintain it so that it doesn’t scratch up peoples cars. Anyway off the rant, the point is that I don’t think that is the case here at this Shell.

Willow Car Wash

The Willow street car wash is located on Willow Ave just before the 710 freeway depending on which way you are coming. It is on the west side of long beach so it is not the safest place to get your car washed but this place is cheap and quick.

I put in $2 and got 4 minutes of time and that was enough to get my little car washed up. I did have a bit of a delay because the soap brush was busted and it was squirting out of the house so that screwed me up a bit.

I made it though with a few seconds to spare and then hopped on the freeway for the short 5 minute drive to my house. I like getting my car washed a few minutes away from a freeway because a short drive can do wonders for the drying process.

They have 4 car washing bays at this location and they have 3 vacuum cleaner stations. It is easy to get in and out of this car wash as well. To bad they don’t do a better job maintaining it.

Tommy's Carwash

This car wash is cheap and awesome! I went for the works package for seven bucks and they literally wash the car all the way through the car wash for you.

On the way out a couple of guys hop on your car with towels and get all the rest of the water off of your car. Once they are done with your car you are sitting right on the parking lot and you cruise out the Santa Fe exit.

I would say that the total time I spent in there with a small line of 5 cars ahead of me was 15 minutes maximum. It might have been faster but time sure did go by quickly. I have never seen a car wash with such good service for such a low price. I must hang out on this side of Long Beach more often and see what other kinds of deals that I can find.

Arco AmPm Gas Station On Long Beach Blvd

Great prices but the parking lot is a nightmare! If it’s busy, good luck getting in and out. I have to admit though this Arco is located in a pretty good spot if you need some gas before you hop on the 405 freeway going north but be careful when you pull out of the gas station before you make that quick right onto the freeway or you might get smashed into. I have seen this happen before and it wasn’t pretty.


The do have a car wash now and its funny because this gas station went out of business about 4 times in the past 6 or so years. Previous to it being a car wash, it was a drive through window for a Louisiana Fried Chicken. Man I wish that place was still here … that chicken was the bomb!

Andres' Detail Shop

I heard about Andres through a friend and got sick of waiting in the big huge lines at the Bixby Knolls Car Wash around the corner. I got in and out of Andres in about 15 minutes and they did a nice thorough job in about 15 minutes.

I have driven by here in the past and it looked very busy so I am sure I got lucky but I will take it. Its a bit awkward when you pull in because you have to cruise in on 37th street into a small driveway and its easy to miss. A few months ago they painted it blue so it stands out more.

I went back again today with my other car and it had some black rub marks on it because I had a little fender bender and it is a white car. Instead of extensive bodywork and the run around they charged me $48 bucks for the clay wax job and rubbed all the black marks out of there and you can barely tell that the car was in any kind of accident. Andre’s Detail Shop came through for me again!