George's 50's Diner

Diners have always shared a special place in my heart and I truly love going to these places that take us back in time. George’s 50’s diner, located on Atlantic Avenue in Bixby Knolls is a cool retro spot to eat at here in Long Beach. This place has literally been around since the 50’s and tries really hard to keep up its old school charm. I was seated in a fast and precise manner with very cheerful service which was an awesome plus.

Being I was there for breakfast, I ordered Huevos Rancheros and was very pleased after taking my first bite. The eggs were properly cooked and the spice level was not too intense but not bland either. The rice and beans were not overcooked and tasted great. Overall, this place is very nostalgic and brings back memories for many of the older citizens of Long Beach and southern California. Cruise over to George’s 50’s Diner for a good meal and a bit of Long Beach history!

The Potholder Cafe

The Potholder has been a neighborhood landmark eatery in Belmont Heights for years and finally on President’s Day I decided to try it. I arrived at about 11:15 AM and the place was crowded as it usually is. I could see why many people walk here because there was limited street parking and I had to park a few blocks away down a side street. I decided to take it upon myself to tour the restaurant before sitting down and the place has character. There are multiple rooms for dining and were all decorated uniquely and differently and you could tell they expanded their restaurant with increased popularity. There were multiple photos of people standing all over the world holding “Eat at the Potholder” signs which was really awesome.

I later found out that they give you a free breakfast if you bring in a picture of you with the sign in some country other than ours. When we sat down our server was cheerful and fast. I ordered the Ortega Chile Scramble which was cooked to perfection and my wife had the Eggs Benedict which was equally delicious. Overall, this is one of the top breakfast spots in all of Long Beach: delicious meals at a reasonable price all situated right in the heart of one of Long Beach’s greatest neighborhoods, Belmont Heights.

Food pictured below: Ortega Chile Scramble and Eggs Benedict

Carl's Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is a powerhouse in the fast food industry with many locations throughout Long Beach and southern California. I recently visited the location on Bellflower Boulevard for some breakfast. When I arrived the location was clean and the service was good but that was about it. When I received my breakfast burrito and sandwich it didn’t look anything like how it did on the big picture on the menu.

The burrito looked like it was sweating and fresh from the microwave. The sandwich was not good and just gave me a stomach ache after eating. I am not sure what the deal was there but I suppose you win some and you loose some and in this case I ended up feeling a little sick. I did not contact Carl’s Jr. about this because in all fairness I did eat other food that day but sometimes you just know.


Starbucks is known around the world as the leader when it comes to on the go coffee. I recently visited the Starbucks on MacArthur in Irvine. While Starbucks is a super chain of coffee shops I do notice sometimes that the layout is slightly different in many Starbucks locations. The parking lot was clean and there were plenty of spots available.

The place was somewhat busy but the jolly barista took orders very fast and got people on their way. I got a vanilla mocha latte and when I received it, it was very good and was made right. Many people like their coffee a certain way and the Starbucks on MacArthur and their expert baristas will get your order right and done fast.


Personally vegetables are not too big of a part of my daily diet unless they are put on sandwich. That is exactly why I love subway, to pile on my daily intake of vegetables on my foot long sandwich. Recently I visited the Subway on Long Beach boulevard to get my daily foot long and breakfast sandwich.

I usually get a breakfast sandwich for breakfast and buy a foot long for lunch later in the day. This particular subway has extremely soft bread which is a rarity among many subways I have eaten at. My breakfast sandwich filled me up right and my foot long turkey, bacon; avocado sub (best one on the menu) was delicious. If your stomach is growling morning, noon, or late night head on over to subway for a fast, quick, and somewhat healthy alternative to fast food.

Village Kitchen & Pie Shoppe

A truly good pie is like a work of art and Village Kitchen and Pie Shoppe does it right. Located in Carlsbad, Village Pie Shoppe has been a local favorite for years. When I arrived I noticed there was a good amount of parking and didn’t look too busy. Upon entering the smell of pecan pie and fresh cooked pastries filled the air. The layout resembled a diner layout and was very cozy.

I ordered an omelet and cinnamon roll. The omelet was cooked to perfection and the side of hash browns was crispy and delicious. The cinnamon roll was fluffy and tasted amazing. The icing was sweet and added just the right gooeyness to the cinnamon roll. If you are ever down in Carlsbad check out the Village Kitchen and Pie Shoppe. Whether it’s peach pie or a cinnamon roll the Village Kitchen is the place to fulfill all your sweet tooth needs!

Hof's Hut

Hof’s Hut has been a staple restaurant in the Long Beach community since I was a little kid. It used to be located on 2nd street where Lucille’s is now located, and Hof’s Hut was always a breakfast favorite of mine. Since then Hof’s Hut moved to 2nd and PCH where I went with a friend for breakfast.We sat down at one of their plush red booths and noticed it was very busy even on a Tuesday morning at 10:00. I ordered the banana walnut pancakes with a side of bacon and my friend ordered the healthy breakfast.

When I received my pancakes they tasted very good and were fluffy just the way pancakes should be. The only thing that I would want to change was to add more walnuts and bananas to the pancakes other than that it was a very standard breakfast that did the job. Check out Hof’s Hut on 2nd and PCH for great food breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And I will recommend if you go there for lunch or dinner to try the Pot Roast Parmesan melt sandwich, which is pure heaven.

Redondo Beach Cafe

I came to the Redondo Beach Cafe after a night of drinking and I thought it was a good place to go get something that would help me feel a bit better. It was a Sunday morning and it was pretty crowded but they sat us down pretty quickly and the food we ordered came out in a very timely manner as well.

One thing I noticed was all the LA Kings stuff on the walls. After reading up on them owners a bit I learned that they are both Hockey fans and they heavily support the LA Kings which I thought was a nice touch. That place must have been really hopping during the playoffs and when they won the Stanley Cup. Chris and Kosta Tsangaris are really into making their restaurant the home of hockey in Southern California and they are off to a good start.


On a recent trip surfing trip down south to San Clemente, we decided to stop at the classic diner, Denny’s. When we arrived at this Denny’s it reminded me much of many other Long Beach and Orange county Denny’s I have visited late night throughout the years. We were greeted by a happy server and sat down at one of their plush red booths.

I ordered a breakfast burrito and my friends ordered the classic Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast. Our food came out in a very quick amount of time and we dove headfirst into our generous portions of food. Surprisingly, every time I eat a Denny’s I am not disappointed but mildly impressed. Our food was cooked to perfection and tasted pretty good. Overall I can officially say whether in Long Beach or San Clemente, Denny’s is a safe place for breakfast.