A Barber Shop

I don’t grow hair but I do attempt to grow a beard from time to time. Usually I shave it off after a few weeks but if I can make it past the few week mark, then I head on down to A Barber Shop and get it fixed up.

First of all you want to deal with Jack. I am sure the other guys there are cool but Jack is who takes care of me and he won’t steer you wrong. There are two different options for you.

1. You can go with a beard trim that costs $5 and takes about 10 minutes
2. You can go with the full hot shave which is very relaxing and takes about 45 minutes.

I have done both and I have enjoyed them both. This is just an old school barber shop with no hipster bullshit stuff going on. You come in and get trimmed up and talk a little sports or whatever and move on down the road.

Parking: There are a few spots out front on the street on Long Beach Blvd or you drive just past the barber shop and there is a little archway in the middle of the building that you drive into. There is a pretty decent sized parking lot back there.

Patricia's Restaurant

I heard about Patricia’s Restaurant and how good the food was the other day and I could not believe that I had never noticed it before. It is only a few blocks away from me so when I went down for lunch I was surprised that I drove by it so many times. It is actually a pretty big restaurant but like many other business on Atlantic Avenue, it is easy to drive right on by them.

I pulled into the parking lot and there was quite a bit of parking available behind the restaurant. They also have a very cool sign on the back wall and the whole parking lot is painted up very nice which is a change from other parking lots in that neighborhood.

I walked past the outside patio and as I approached the ordering counter I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of food that they prepare. After checking it out for a few minutes I decided to go with something that I know is safe and I ordered a Wet Carne Asada Burrito.

The burrito was huge and it was very yummy. I actually was only able to eat about 60% for lunch and I ate the rest of it for dinner. That is one thing that I learned about wet burrito’s, and that is that they typically make for a nice leftover meal.

My first meal was a success so I cannot wait to come back again and try something else. Also the prices are very reasonable here.

BIS Italian American Sports Cafe

I had lunch there today. I chose the waiters suggestion of the seafood special which was a pasta dish with seafood. To my surprise the shrimp were still in their shells, so instead of digging in and eating, I had to tear off all the shell bits to get to the meaty portion.

I have to admit that the shrimp were decent sized but all the stuff that I had to rip off started leaving a bit of a mess on the table. The waiter came over and said something like “hey bro, you mind putting that on a plate or a bowl?” I thought this was a strange conversation since the shrimp should have just been cleaned off in the first place. I surely did not anticipate that I would end up having to shell my own shrimp in order to eat my meal.

When the check was brought out I asked him what the deal was with the shrimp parts on the table and he told me that it was a pet peeve of his not to have food left on the table and he had a real cocky attitude while telling me about how his mom told him to not put food on the table bla bla bla.

The waiter should have probably checked his personal feelings at the door and helped me solve my problem rather than being rude about it. I will not be coming back here again. Oh yea the waiter was a young guy who worked the lunch shift on August 23 at about 2pm. I didn’t care to catch his name. I did leave a review on yelp and the owner of the place who’s name is Roberto Bologna decided to hop into the mix and call me a 4 year old because he didn’t like my negative review.

Grace Brethren Church

Many people and families are looking for churches to join and check out. One I recently visited was Grace Brethren Church located on Elm Avenue in Long Beach. I recently visited the church to check out the awesome new architecture of the church. The church looks very new with a multitude of new and fresh looking additions to the church. The church has ample parking and has a ton of trees planted on site.

Grace church has been part of the Long Beach community since 1913. The church itself is a very diverse church family that is accepting to all. The pastor is Lou Huesmann and recommend people to check out this place not only if you are looking for a church but if you want to see some great Long Beach architecture as well. Grace Brethren is a church that all are welcome to check out and highly recommend if you want to see a beautiful building located in the heart of downtown Long Beach.

Go Go Nails

Go Go Nails is located in the same parking lot as CVS Pharmacy which is located on Atlantic Avenue and 36th Street in the City of Long Beach. There is usually plenty of parking available in this lot so that is not a problem. I have been here about 5 times and I have always had a good experience. I am relatively new to getting pedicures, and after going to about 3 other places in the area I stumbled upon Go Go Nails and I have never gone anywhere else.

I always get a nice greeting when I walk in and the lady that owns the place asks me how I have been and how my wife is which is always nice and then I plop down into one of their big comfy massage chairs and they go to town on my for about a half hour or so. I like all the ladies that work there and sometimes they ask me if I want my toenails painted and joke around with me and stuff like that which keeps it fun. Most importantly they don’t just trim my nails up but they cut them off. I am a dude and have no use for toenails so I don’t need them to look pretty but I do need them to be gone. They offer plenty of other services here and I am not sure about the specifics because I only come in for a pedicure but I assume that the prices are reasonable along with the service.

Aura Thai

I took my wife out to lunch at Aura Thai the other day and it was delicious. This place use to be some sort of Hawaiian BBQ place or something like that and it was pretty good but when I walked in it was now called Aura Thai. Not a problem I noticed that they slapped a new paint job on the place and changed it up a little so I decided to give it a shot.

I went ahead and ordered the Beef and Broccoli which came with a nice helping of fried rice and a salad with this awesome yellow dressing on it. The service was good and so was the food. The restaurant is located on the corner of Atlantic Ave and Carson Street in the Bixby Knolls section of Long Beach. It’s a pretty chill spot and I will probably head back again sometime in the near future.

El Torito

This El Torito location is located just off the 405 freeway just off of Atlantic Avenue. It is pretty easy to get in and out of and there is plenty of parking behind the restaurant so that won’t be a problem. On this day I came in for Sunday Brunch. I came with a friend of mine and we arrived nice and early so the restaurant was not very busy and the lines to get tacos, and custom made omelettes where nice and short which was a bonus.

It is kind a of ironic that I ended up here because I am watching what I eat a lot closer now and I might go so far to say that I am on a diet of sorts. So anyway I started off small with a salad that consisted of carne asada, tomatoes and topped off with some parmesan cheese. I didn’t go to big on the salad so I mowed through that and then I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to go back for more. On trip two I didn’t do so well and I caved in and grabbed a few chicken tacos that where topped with cheese and I grabbed a Juevos Ranchero as well. It was actually just the right amount of food and I normally would have eaten twice that much.

The food selection was nice. Like I said earlier they had somebody making omelets and another person making tacos that came in either Pork, Steak or Chicken. The fruit selection was yummy looking as well as the normal mexican food stuff like that yummy sweet corn stuff they have as well as enchilada’s, burritos and the normal stuff that you will find at El Torito. My only complaint was that I thought $16 was a bit spendy for the meal but then again I didn’t take full advantage and power through 5 plates of food and drink a bunch of champagne which was included like I normally do.

Dr. Frank Attenello, MD

I went in for my visit with Dr. Frank Attenello and I had a good visit with him like I normally do. When I got weighed in I asked the medical assistant to provide me with my weight since 2008 and I was happy to see that my current efforts are paying off and that I am at the same lower weight that I have maintained for the past 4 years. Now I just need to go bust ass and drop 10 more pounds and then I am really rocking and rolling.

Dr. Attenello is a pretty mellow dude he is a family practice doctor that has been there for a long time on the corner of Orange and Bixby. There is never a hassle finding a parking spot or having to pay for parking like so many of the doctors that are around Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

I like the old school doctors office vibe that I get here and that is mainly what keeps me coming back. I would recommend Dr. Attenello for sure.

Trader Joe's Bixby Knolls BBQ

I went up to the Trader Joe’s in Bixby Knolls yesterday to grab a few items for dinner and they where having a Memorial Day BBQ out in front which looked kind of fun. They had huge pieces of beef and nice sized hot dogs that they where cooking up so that they could hand out samplers to the customers as they come and go.

I have seen Costco do this kind of stuff but never a grocery store and I thought it was so cool that I decided to give them a nice 5 star review for making my day when I walked out of Trader Joe’s with the items that I purchased for dinner.