Pelican Isle

Pelican Isle
16400 Pacific Coast Hwy, Sunset Beach, CA 90742
(562) 592-3221
33.716276, -118.070052

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I met an old friend at Pelican Isle for lunch the other day. I have never been here before so I was excited to check out a new lunch spot which is typically always the case for me.

We sat on the outside patio which over looked the boats that were parked in the harbor. I am pretty sure this is Huntington Harbor but I cannot be sure 100% because I don’t know where Sunset Beach starts and where Huntington Harbor ends.

Anyway I was served and I have to admit the service was a bit slow. My friend ordered hot tea and for some reason the lady that was serving us was having problem bringing that back. She brought back warm water and slightly warmer water but no hot water. Seems simple enough to me, put some water in the microwave and nuke it. Anyway, after about a half hour of this she brought hot water. It was just a little strange.

Other than the water deal, the food was good and so was the view. There are not to many tables out there so it is pretty quiet out on the patio. Not sure what it is like at night when the bar is cranking so I guess I will have to make a special trip to go back out there and check that part out:)

Written by Louie Baur

The Lobby Bar

Terranea is one of the most gorgeous resorts in all of Southern California and recently, I visited The Lobby Bar at the resort for a quick after work drink with some friends. To park at Terranea you can park a solid distance away for free or you can drop your car off at the valet. The overall feel of Terranea is definitely a state of luxury and relaxation and that is something that everyone will enjoy.

The bar is right near the check-in desk and is easily accessible. I met some friends here and we grabbed some nice seats around a small table. Our waitress took our orders and was very efficient in getting our drinks. I ordered a Jack and Coke and it wasn’t too weak or too strong. The prices of the drinks were a tad high but it is understandable being located on a beautiful resort. I noticed it was pretty busy on a Friday afternoon but the vibe was very mellow and everyone was enjoying themselves. The overall experience at The Lobby Bar is top notch and I highly recommend stopping in for a drink!

House of Hayden

The House of Hayden is an awesome bar located on 1st Street in Long Beach. This bar is ultra-unique and has a ton of character. The first thing I noticed was that there were no televisions throughout the bar. This was a problem for me because I was trying to watch the Kings game and there were literally no televisions.

This might be cool when it comes to actually being social and meeting people but if you are going to come to House of Hayden to have a beer and watch a game, I would head somewhere else. This bar has a pool table, jukebox, and affordable prices. I ordered a Budweiser and chatted up an old biker for about twenty minutes. The bar was not too crowded and I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere. If you are looking for a cool bar in Long Beach head to the House of Hayden!


Habana is a Cuban style restaurant located in Costa Mesa on Bristol Street. Upon arrival for dinner the décor was unreal and the painting on the walls was very attractive. There was great mood lighting for dinner and very awesome atmosphere to bring a date. Our server was excellent; he was attentive and very fast when it came to all of our needs.

I had the skirt steak and it was seasoned to perfection and was very filling. The prices were somewhat reasonable but for four people expect to shell out some dough. There is a full bar and the restaurant wasn’t that noisy which both were to my liking. This is a great place to take a date for a delicious Cuban dinner with a truly unique vibe.

Thompson Hotel

Driving down the palm tree lined streets of Beverly Hills you sometimes feel like you are part of Beverly Hills 90210 and the glam and Ritz of the city engulf you. On a recent trip up to Beverly Hills I decided to check out the Thompson Hotel and their rooftop bar. The Thompson hotel is located on Wilshire is absolutely gorgeous. The interior looks as if it was done by an Italian designer and spent thousands of dollars renovating the place.

The rooftop bar is what the Thompson is known and for, on the very top deck is a beautiful bar and swimming pool. The rooftop is the perfect place to go for a nice dip in the pool or when the sun goes down, a place to party. The Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills should not be missed and the rooftop bar is amazing. This place will make you think you are a movie star partying on the top deck of an ultra luxurious hotel. Watch out for the drink prices, they can be a little steep, but the view and atmosphere definitely make it worth it.


The Yardhouse is a very popular high end chain restaurant that is known for its good food and extensive supply of beer on tap among other things. The Long Beach Yardhouse is located in Shoreline Village right on the harbor and has a great view and a huge patio. Actually they whole place is huge and is usually packed. This is a fun place to party and it is pretty loud so not the greatest place to go on a first date unless you are on a drinking mission and if that is the case then the yard house is perfect for you.

This is a very busy bar and on the weekends you are going to wait. They have a good Happy hour and they have a lot of tvs. Don’t come here hoping to get right in and be served like you are in a fast food restaurant because it is not going to happen. Make sure you head up to the bar and grab a drink and chill out.

On this night I was drinking wine and I was hanging out with a friend and the very back end of the bar and we were watching a game on the television. One thing I love about the Yardhouse is that it is freezing inside so it is a perfect place to go to really “chill out”.

After I had a few glasses of wine I went ahead and ordered the Macaroni and Cheese. It is so good here! They actually call it Mac + Cheese 2 and this is what comes in it. Chicken breast, applewood bacon, wild mushrooms, cheddar, parmesan, campanelle pasta and truffle oil. If you are a fan of mac and cheese then I recommend trying a bowl of this stuff for sure its the bomb!

The Rocks

The Rocks is located on the corner of Long Beach Blvd and Wardlow just behind the Am Pm Gas Station. It does not look like a very big bar if you are walking by it down Long Beach Blvd but it is actually a pretty big place. It is very dark inside and the bar takes up half the place.

Its a cool bar to go watch a game and they have good specials and I have never been messed with in there. I have gone in there on the weekends and a DJ has been playing sometimes so that mixes it up a little bit.

The best part about the Rocks for me is that I can get hammered and stumble home and I have done that on more than once occasion. This is an awesome dive bar and is drama free which I really like.

Written by Louie Baur

Phil Trani's

I have been to Phil Trani’s a few times over the past 5 or so years and Phil was there each time and he has always been really cool to me and is generous with the free shots. They have an awesome cocktail lounge with live music playing on thursday and friday nights. I am in walking distance from Phil Trani’s so that is an added bonus.

I usually just go to Phil’s to be a lounge lizard and I have never had any complaints with the service or the people in there. Amber and Ashley are always very nice and make sure that my glass is full whey I am sitting at the bar. The crowd here is typically a bit older which is great because you dont deal with that hipster bullshit that happens at a lot of the other bars. Just cool people and good fun!


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