George's 50's Diner

Diners have always shared a special place in my heart and I truly love going to these places that take us back in time. George’s 50’s diner, located on Atlantic Avenue in Bixby Knolls is a cool retro spot to eat at here in Long Beach. This place has literally been around since the 50’s and tries really hard to keep up its old school charm. I was seated in a fast and precise manner with very cheerful service which was an awesome plus.

Being I was there for breakfast, I ordered Huevos Rancheros and was very pleased after taking my first bite. The eggs were properly cooked and the spice level was not too intense but not bland either. The rice and beans were not overcooked and tasted great. Overall, this place is very nostalgic and brings back memories for many of the older citizens of Long Beach and southern California. Cruise over to George’s 50’s Diner for a good meal and a bit of Long Beach history!

Abrams and Clark Pharmacy

When it comes to healthcare establishments, I absolutely adore Abrams and Clark Pharmacy and Healthcare center located on Atlantic Avenue. I recently was trying to find a soft collar neck brace and decided to stop in and check out the selection. Immediately as I walked in I noticed the abundance of healthcare supplies, from walkers to bandages this place had it all.

Abrams and Clark is open from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. Another reason why Abrams and Clark stands a cut above the competition of big chain drugstores is the service. I had a very sweet and helpful employee walk me through all the different styles of neck collars and the advantages and disadvantages of each style. It felt like she honestly cared and that was an awesome feeling. Head on down to Abrams and Clark for all your pharmacy and health supply needs!

Golden Bowl Charbroiled Teriyaki #6

The Charbroiled Chicken Golden Bow #6 has been my consistent bowl lunch spot for a good time now. It is situated on the corner of Bixby and Atlantic and is a hot spot for lunch time workers. The building is not that big but there is a cool patio with a good amount of seating. The property is very clean and smelled of fresh chicken and vegetables. I came to eat right at noon and there was a solid line when I walked in. The employees were friendly and got my order right the first time I gave it to them.

I ordered the large chicken teriyaki bowl and boy is it large. There is a heaping portion of rice and chicken and filled me up right, and I was stuffed. The teriyaki sauce was also not too overbearing which I really enjoy when they don’t dump and over power the meal with teriyaki sauce. Overall, this is a great place to get a quick and tasty lunch in Bixby Knolls.

Pictured in post: Beef Teriyaki Bowl

Nino's Italian Restaurant

Personally, Italian food is my favorite type of food and I am a harsh critic when it comes to Italian restaurants. I recently visited Nino’s Italian restaurant when a craving of spaghetti and meatballs came over me. When I walked in I was greeted and sat in a very quick manner and enjoyed the décor within the restaurant. I ordered a salad and the Penne Bolognese as opposed to my usual spaghetti and meatballs. My salad came out and was delicious with a really creamy caesar dressing.

My penne Bolognese was also very good and hit the spot. The meat sauce was full of flavor and very hearty with the right amount of spice. The pasta was also cooked al dente and exact to my liking. The prices might have been a tad high but for how good the meal was I had no complaints. I have noticed this place has had good and bad publicity but personally I enjoyed myself and my meal. If you are looking for a solid Italian meal in Bixby Knolls head on down to Nino’s!

Food pictured below: Caesar Salad and Enzo’s Pizza

Le Yen Chinese Restaurant

Le Yen Family Chinese Restaurant is an authentic sit-down Chinese food restaurant located on Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach. I decided to go visit Le Yens because I got a tip from a friend who said that had delicious sweet and sour chicken. Personally, I love Chicken Chow Mein and decided to try it and see how it stacked up against other Chinese food restaurants in Long Beach. The overall parking situation is okay and the outside of the building does not look too new.

Once you are inside there is some very unique bird-like décor and was really trippy and cool. The service was good and I got my order of sweet and sour chicken very quickly. The chicken was surprisingly excellent and stacked up very nicely among Chinese restaurants in Long Beach. I also had the fried rice which was very delicious and not too salty. I have noticed many at many Chinese food restaurants the food is unbearably salty but not at Le Yen. Le Yens is closed on Mondays but I recommend going there any other day of the week for a good authentic Chinese food meal.


Food Pictured Below: Chicken Chow Mein & Egg Drop Soup

Panda Garden

Chinese food has long been a favorite food of mine and recently I was looking for a decent spot to have some quality orange chicken and dumplings here in Long Beach. I stumbled across Panda Garden on Atlantic and was very happy I did. Panda Garden shares a parking lot with Trader Joes which means the parking lot is crazy crowded. The building is pretty big and when we arrived we were greeted and provided top notch service.

I ordered the dumplings and Egg Flour soup and my wife ordered the Orange Chicken which also came with Egg Flour Soup. The quality of Panda Garden’s Chinese food stood out in a very positive way. The dumplings were excellent and my wife’s orange chicken was very delicious and cooked perfectly. Overall, our experience at Panda Garden was great and recommend it for all Chinese food aficionados.

Food pictured below: Orange Chicken, Dumplings, Egg Flour Soup

Mustard's Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Hotdogs. The American food that has been around for decades and is synonymous with our American culture. Recently I have noticed it has been pretty hard to get a quality Chicago-style hot dog here in Long Beach. That was until I visited Mustard’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs on Atlantic in Long Beach. I arrived at Mustard’s and the parking lot was a bit small and crowded.

Once I stepped into Mustard’s I felt like I stepped into the city of Chicago with all of the décor and memorabilia from the Chicago based sports teams. I ordered a polish dog with grilled onions and mustard. The dog was on a soft and delicious poppy seed bun and was utterly amazing. They had a massive selection of hot dogs and highly recommend Mustard’s for all your Chicago-style hot dog cravings. Check them out five days a week from 11am to 6pm.

H. Salt Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips are a food that when done right can be an amazing meal and can give a restaurant a great reputation. I recently visited H.Salt Fish and Chips on Atlantic in Long Beach to try out their famous fish and chips. I arrive at the strip mall where it was located and found parking in the crowded parking lot. I stepped into H. Salt’s and immediately the smell of fried food filled the air. I had to use the ATM debit machine which charged me forty-nine cents to get cash out.

This place was cash only so bring cash otherwise you will be charged a service fee from the ATM. After that debacle I ordered to pieces of fish and chips and was delivered the food in a timely manner. The fish was cooked to perfection and was definitely tasty. The fried pieces of cod were really good size and filled me up right. The chips were also good and seasoned perfectly. H. Salt Fish and Chips is a great place to get fish and chips but remember to bring cash!

Golden Massage

My wife first went down to Golden Massage and she told me that she just got the best hour long massage for $20. I have to admit I was curious because that is a pretty good price. Even the ghetto places charge $40 to $60 for an hour long massage.

So I went in and it was a totally different layout. There are 6 beds in there there and its one big open room so you are not in private rooms. The first time I went I did the foot massage one for $20. I believe they do you feet for a half hour, your head and neck for 15 minutes and your back for 15 minutes. That was a nice massage but I wanted a bit more because my neck and back where in knots.

I came back for the $30 per hour massage and boy was that extra $10 worth it. I still give a $5 tip but they get you on your stomach and work on your back for a half hour vs 15 minutes which makes all the difference. The neck and head massage is just right for 15 minutes and they still do a nice 15 minute foot massage as well. Go for the $30 one and give them a $5 tip you won’t be disappointed and you will feel great.

The location always has plenty of parking because it is in a huge strip mall. It is somewhat difficult communicating with the massage people but your not paying them to speak english and if you want that you can triple the money and go up the street.