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It’s that wonderful time of year when people start sneezing, coughing, and getting the dreaded flu bug. On a recent trip to find some Nyquil and anything to help my throbbing head I decided to stop at the Walgreens on Redondo and Anaheim. This Walgreens has a new design and has a good sized parking lot.

Right when I walked in it resembled many other Walgreens but the employees were very friendly and happily showed me to the products I needed. There was a wonderful photo area that made it super easy to get high quality prints from your computer and printed out so you can put them in a frame. The grocery items like cereal were priced a little high for my liking and understandable there wasn’t a large selection. There was one thing I noticed this Walgreens didn’t have: alcohol. While that was not something on my list it was definitely something I should note if you are trying to pick up some booze for your Friday night. Overall, this Walgreens had friendly employees and a fast check out which was exactly what I was looking for.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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