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On a recent quick trip to pick up some last minute Thanksgiving supplies I decided to visit Pavilions in Seal Beach on Pacific Coast Highway. The parking lot was understandably packed but the parking lot was easily maneuverable and had an easy entrance and exit. Walking up to the store, the design and color of the Pavilions was very nice and easy on the eyes due to the recent remodel.

The selection was great and prices were very good. It is a must to use your rewards card which you can get on-site if you don’t have one. I got my stuffing and was on my way in a pretty efficient amount of time. They have the self-checkout which was a breeze when you don’t have a lot of groceries. This is a high quality grocery store without the extravagant prices which was very refreshing. Check out Pavilions in Seal Beach for all your holiday cooking needs.

4 / 5 stars     

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