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I am not to happy with Elizabeth. She is not a bad person but she did not properly diagnose my problem and made me pay for her mistakes. In my business, if I make a mistake or do not clearly communicate with the customer, then I absorb the cost for the miscommunication. I do not push that onto the customer!

She only takes cash so charge backs where not an option. Its as if she might have gone through this before.

I wanted my computer to drive 2 27″ monitors at a very high resolution like 2560 x 1600. The card I brought in already drove my both monitors at 1920×1080.

After waiting for about 4 days Elizabeth told me to come get my computer and that I was all set with the newer powerful card and charged me $70 labor and $69.50 for the new card.

I brought the card home and I was running the exact same thing which was 1920×1080.
I kept my cool because she now had collected $145.58 and nothing had been done.

She told me she could fix it with a more expensive card. She installed that and finally did some research and said that my monitors might not be able to go beyond 1920×1080.

This was the case and I wish that Elizabeth would have asked the right questions about my card and my computer vs charging me labor and basically giving me nothing.

In the end she gave me a $50.58 store credit and I am still out the $145.58.

A simple solution would be to charge me nothing or split the labor with me and give me cash but that didn’t happen. I may be the one guy in Long Beach that had a bad experience here and at this point I would have preferred to bring this to the Geek Squad at Best Buy because they would just be straight about it and probably have charged me less.

0.5 / 5 stars     

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