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I arrived at the Acura ILX Ride and Drive event at about 10:30 in the morning. I was not sure how crowded it was going to be and since it opened at 10am, I figured I would get there early. I traveled via the Metro Blue Line which is located very close to my house and that took me right to the Chick Hearn Station and I got off and cruised right up to the event which was nice and easy to find. The event will be held in Lot 7, located on the corner of Figueroa and 11th Street.

First up was what they called the Closed Course Test Drive. I hopped into a Acura ILX and was instructed to shift into 2nd gear which would be my main cruising gear. I went through some turns, simulated potholes and a bit of a slalom course. The car handled very nice and it was pretty roomy and I am a pretty big guy and I feel a bit squished in cars that aren’t huge!

The road course was awesome we went down 12th street for about 6 blocks, then went on over to Venice and hung a right on Union street and then another right on Olympic Blvd and then we navigated back over to the Staples Center. After they guy that was in the car with me realized that I was comfortable in Southern California traffic, he just kind of let me do my thing and zip in and out of traffic. The whole point was to get a feel for the power and handling of the car and I got a great chance to do that down Venice Blvd when we went under the freeway. This car has some get up and go for sure!

After my two test drives I started doing some of the fun things that they had set out for us in the Scavenger hunt which included taking pictures of cars and finding hidden QR codes and scanning them and easy stuff like that. I then enjoyed talking and getting my foodporn pictures from the 4 different chefs that were brought into the main tent. I must say that even though it wasn’t that hot out the air conditioner in that tent was off the hook. It was nice to stand in front of it while looking at the Avenger car. I had a great time and would like to thank Klout for setting up the perk.

5 / 5 stars     
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  1. Glad you had a good time, Louie – and your pics do a great job of capturing the event. Bonus points for being the only guest to skateboard in! The tour continues this weekend in San Francisco, followed by Chicago, NYC and Philly. If any of your readers want to come out to the events, we’d love to have them. They can sign up at

  2. Excellent review. Wish I were there. Last similar event I went to was the Audi R8 unveiling in MIssion Viejo. To fancy-schmancy for me though. Looks like you had a great time.

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