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Mother’s beach is located in an awesome marina setting located right off of Appian Way. Mother’s beach pretty much has it all: volleyball courts, a play area, new snack shack and picnic sites. It’s called “Mother’s Beach” for its lake- like non wave action, shallow swimming area and Lifeguard on duty during peak periods. Mothers beach is both a great beach for kids and adults alike.

Upon walking up to the beach I noticed a very colorful playground and a unique interactive whale in which children push a remote button and the whale shoots water from its spout. I wish this was here back when I was a kid! There are also restrooms near the playground and a grass lawn with large shade trees is perfect for those non beach people. There is ample parking with a lot of coin parking meters. So whether you are a toddler going out for your first swim or some college students looking for a place for some beach volleyball, head down to Mothers beach for a great time of fun in the sun.

5 / 5 stars     
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