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The metro blue line PCH station is also known as the Pacific Coast Highway station. The station is a raised platform and sits right in the middle of Long Beach Blvd right by PCH street. There are special crosswalks on either side of Long Beach Blvd that allow you to access the platform. There are stairs there so if you have bikes like I did on the day I shot these pictures you will have to carry your bicycle up the stairs.

This is the last station where the train goes both ways in Downtown Long Beach. It makes a big loop around on Pacific and comes back. In this case I was trying to get on at Anaheim and head back up to my house which is by the Wardlow Blue Line station and I would have had to do the whole loop. It was easier for me to ride my bicycle from the Anaheim stop to the PCH station and then it was a straight shot back home. Yea I was pretty tired so I rode my bike down and took the train back. I am glad that is an option for me.

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