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The Long Beach Traffic Circle is a circle that connects Pacific Coast Highway, Lakewood Boulevard and The Los Coyotes Diagonal together. I have no idea why the City of Long Beach wanted to turn one of the busiest streets in the state into a traffic circle. That street of course would be Pacific Coast Highway.

I thought the roundabout concept was something that you found in Europe and I am sure that the europeans have driving those crazy things down but not in Long Beach. We need lights not roundabouts. Anyway as you enter the roundabout from say Lakewood Blvd which I did yesterday it is not very clear what lane you are supposed to be in to exit. There are signs there but they are not clearly marked and even if they where the asshole california drivers would basically be themselves and cut you off and block you from getting to where you need to go.

I do not have a solution to this problem other than tearing that nightmare out of there and making the streets straight. On top of that there is a street called the Outer Circle which is a way to get around to the local businesses there. I think this street works other than its confusing name and I would keep this one. Obviously I didn’t have a good time in the Circle yesterday and I missed my turn.


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  1. I grew up in Santa Fe Springs/Norwalk area. I’ve many memories about the circle but just want to add this non-memory. I lived in the mountains as well up in Truckee, CA, where roundabouts seem to be the answer to traffic congestion. But it’s b/s especially in the winter. It’s true that these circles are used mostly in Europe. I think there hella good in the long run. But……..many times as a kid riding in the family car with the mom and dad doing there thing I could have sworn we would get hit blazing around the phreaking circle just for the sake of a Sunday flippin’ drive.

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