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Long Beach has one of the most unique architectural structures in all of the United States. The Walter pyramid located on the Cal State Long Beach campus is one of three pyramids in all of the US. At first glance this blue behemoth dominates the skyline and surprises many visitors. It is a 5,000 seat multi use stadium used for various sports like basketball and volleyball. It also has a full service fitness center and the Pointe and educational learning center. Pretty much this place has it all. As I walked up the stairs to the entrance the sheer size of this place dawned on me. The pyramid rises 18 stories up into the long beach skyline and its blue aluminum outer shell makes it truly one of the most unique structures I’ve ever seen.

Being a college graduate of CSULB I spent many nights watching basketball games in the
pyramid. I never really took the time to step back and see it for all of it glory. So next time you are driving down Atherton or on the CSULB campus check out the Walter pyramid and prepare to be amazed.

5 / 5 stars     
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  1. I’m not really a fan of “city” stuff but must admit this is highly interesting. In fact I was not aware this existed until seeing your post. The way it blends in with the scenic horizon is pretty amazing!

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