Long Beach Polytechnic High School

I don’t know much about Long Beach Polytechnic High School other than it has a bunch of good places to skate and has been a spot where the cops don’t hassle you for years. When I pulled up I parked outside of the Auditorium where I noticed a nice 11 stair with a couple of rails on it and thought to myself this spot probably gets skated a lot.

I arrived after school was out and its kind of weird walking around a school and taking pictures so I walked up to the front and took some pretty cool shots and worked my way back around the school and back to my car. As I walked back past the the Long Beach Polytechnic Auditorium I noticed about 5 guys there on bmx bikes and they were setting up to do some filming. Its kind of funny when you look at a skate spot and think to yourself that would be cool to skate and then come back minutes later and see they rail getting used. Anyway I am sure they were trespassing and I don’t condone trespassing so that is all I am going to say about that.

Long Beach Poly has been the backdrop for many commercials, television shows, and films and the list of professional athletes goes on for a long time. Some of the more famous actors that went to Long Beach Poly are Snoop Dogg, Cameron Diaz and Spike Jones. John Wayne also studied here for a few years as well.

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13 Reviews

  1. bob, 2 years ago

    made my sunday….2000 louie eaves…Have a Happy Relaxing Sunday!.

       -   Reply
  2. fatfriaruk, 2 years ago

    none by my bro in law went to school with Art Makik :)

       -   Reply
  3. (e)DECIBEL, 2 years ago

    Didn’t know this, thanks for sharing!

       -   Reply
  4. last Baby Boomer, 2 years ago

    My High School had a few semi famous grads and one big time TV actress whose name you would know right off the bat. Her Father was one year ahead of me and I sort kind of knew him.
    There were also 4 people from my school killed in the world trade center on 911.
    My Father went to Weequahic High School in Newark NJ with the writer Philip Roth.

       -   Reply
  5. Tim Berkesch, 2 years ago

    Fantastic story and pics – want to see more from your area!

       -   Reply
  6. tru2psu, 2 years ago

    Interesting group of names.

       -   Reply
  7. Black Barbie, 2 years ago

    Jamie Foxx was born and raised in Terrell, TX and that’s pretty close to where I live.

       -   Reply
  8. Jason Venter, 2 years ago

    When I got married, I lived in Bend, OR for several years–which had always been the local “big city” that I visited when growing up in the sticks. Jennifer Love-Hewitt had attended that high school for a short time when filming a television series that was promptly canceled after a few episodes aired. It’s as close as I’ve ever gotten to living in an area near a celebrity.

       -   Reply
  9. Martin, 2 years ago

    doesn’t look ghetto at all

       -   Reply
  10. Mary Miller, 2 years ago

    No, I’ve never gone to school with (or taught) any celebrities. However, a few of my clients here in Florida have included Chuck Norris and Barbra Streisand.

       -   Reply
  11. Alicia, 2 years ago

    Yep – Emmett Smith went to Escambia High School in Pensacola. He knew my dad through church functions and he still sometimes sends my dad Dallas Cowboy stuff – just because he knows my dad doesn’t like Texas. LOL

       -   Reply
  12. Catherine White, 2 years ago

    5 Starts Lou for such an interesting celeb tour.

       -   Reply
  13. Erik D, 1 year ago

    c/o 2000! Jackrabbits! It’s was an amazing experience going to school there.

       -   Reply

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