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For the 38th Annual Long Beach Grand Prix, I decided to go ahead and make the purchase and get the Super Photo Pass so that I could take unobstructed photos this year of the race. I arrived on Friday with a free pass and I scouted out the 4 different photo locations and due to the rain I was only able to get up in two of them and take a few pictures so that you can see what they look like.

There is a posted 30 minute per session sign and they say that will be enforced. It looks like there is plenty of room up there but that was on Friday and Sunday is going to be a whole different situation. Most of the locations are in the bleachers so my guess is that once they are full they will start rotating people out.

All 4 locations are designated for Super Photo Ticket holders and I also so some VIP’s but I did not have to fight with the normal press for a shot through the fence. 3 of the locations are in bleachers and the 4th location is on the corner of pine and seaside way and when that gets full they will rotate people out. Actually after reading the rules it looks like the Turn 1 location might be a shared location with the press.

It says you can get into the Paddocks and limited access to the pits, but when I tried they kind of laughed at me so I will have to try a different tactic to get into those areas tomorrow.

I included a copy of the map in the images so that you can see where everything is. The breakdown that was given on the website of the 4 locations seems accurate although I only managed to get into two of the locations. Those locations where Turn 6 and Turn 11.

The Turn 1 location is some bleachers and will give you great photos as the cars come roaring down Shoreline Drive and into Turn number 1. You are way up in the air here and will get great unobstructed shots.

The Turn 6 location gives you a great shot of turn 6 which is located right at the corner of Shoreline and Pine. This is an elevated bleacher section and you can catch cars before during and after the turn. You can also see the Turn one Super Photo location from Turn 6.

The Turn 8 location is located on the corner on Seaside Way and Pine Avenue which has a view of turn 8. I tried to get some shots here but it was pouring down rain so I wasn’t able to check it out. This spot is not in bleachers but they have blocked off a section of the steps here. It looks like you can get decent shots here but I will have to come back and update my findings tomorrow.

The Turn 11 location looks like the best location out of all of them. The bleachers are hight up in the air almost above turn 11 and you have plenty of time to get a few pictures in before during and after the turn. You can also pick up the cars hitting the long Shoreline drive straightaway if you are standing in the right spot of the Turn 11 super photo bleachers.

Here are a few shots that I took below of and from Turn 11 and Turn 6. I hope this gives you a better idea of what you are dealing with. So for for $265 I am happy with my purchase. Just the access alone is half that price and although I would have liked to have a place to sit down, finding a seat in the bleachers to rest is only going to be a problem on Sunday.

5 / 5 stars     
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  1. This looks to have been a great location to take photos and well worth it because you have got some pretty awesome shots there.
    Much better than trying to shoot through a fence with a long lens and hoping for the best.

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