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Joe Rodgers field is entrenched in local softball and baseball history for many years. The field is located right off 10th and Park Street next to Wilson High School and Billie Jean King tennis center. It is also across the street from Blair Field which is a much larger baseball stadium as well. Joe Rodgers is where many local softball teams play their games, and it is also the home field for the Wilson High School Bruins women’s softball team.

Joe Rodgers is the site of the “Long Beach Softball Hall of Fame” and is commemorated by a gorgeous plaque near the third base bleachers. The field was well manicured and the bleachers looked to be in good condition as well. There were no bleachers in the outfield just large metal fences which looked pretty tough to hit a homerun over. While this is no Fenway Park it is a field that many locals have gotten to play on and with that there is a personal connection to this field with many Long Beach locals and visitors alike

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