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This is the house that Ferris Bueller lived in. It is set in a very nice neighborhood called Bixby Knolls in Long Beach, California. The do a lot of filming in this neighborhood and another one of the most famous locations is the Donny Darko House which is about 5 doors down. You would expect this house to be bigger but its not. It is modest for the neighborhood and I am sure the residents love when people like me come rolling up to shoot pictures from my car.

I walk my dogs through this neighborhood and the other dog walkers in the area that obviously live there are pretty cool. I have walked past and shot many a picture of the house but I figured that knocking on the door would just piss off the residents. The shots that did take place inside the house on country club were probably shot elsewhere anyway.

Some of my favorite scenes that may or may not have been shot in or around the house were when Edward Rooney the dean of students was getting his leg chewed on by the dog, when Jennifer Grey was interacting with him about his wallet and lets not forget that awesome snoring set up that Matthew Broderick had to fool his parents into thinking he was in bed sick all day long. Anyway if you are in the neighborhood check it out and shoot a picture. It also has a check-in on foursquare if that floats your boat.

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  1. Great one Louie.

    Another great picture moment and possible article for thought would be the complex a block or two off the ocean front with the neon sign, Gaytonia. I know that the majority of people I mention it to up here in New England think I’m fibbin’

    Just a thought.

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