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I went in for my visit with Dr. Frank Attenello and I had a good visit with him like I normally do. When I got weighed in I asked the medical assistant to provide me with my weight since 2008 and I was happy to see that my current efforts are paying off and that I am at the same lower weight that I have maintained for the past 4 years. Now I just need to go bust ass and drop 10 more pounds and then I am really rocking and rolling.

Dr. Attenello is a pretty mellow dude he is a family practice doctor that has been there for a long time on the corner of Orange and Bixby. There is never a hassle finding a parking spot or having to pay for parking like so many of the doctors that are around Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

I like the old school doctors office vibe that I get here and that is mainly what keeps me coming back. I would recommend Dr. Attenello for sure.

4 / 5 stars     
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