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The Colorado Lagoon for many years was a polluted uninviting swimming hole that we never viewed as a destination for locals to go and enjoy themselves. That was until they revived the lagoon with a multi-million dollar project to clean the lagoon and restore it back to a livable habitat. Now it is a very nice and beautiful location to walk, bring your kids, or just take a second to enjoy the scenery.

There is a great bridge which will connect you with the other side of the lagoon or you can sit down and stick your feet in and enjoy the cleaner and much more appealing cool water. There is a cool kid’s play area with swings and a jungle Jim and there is even a Long Beach lifeguard headquarters right on the beach as well. The Colorado Lagoon has been revived and now is a great place for a barbecue, walk on the sand, or even to take a dip in and cool off during our warm fall climate. It is now lit up at night with beautiful wooden Christmas trees that line the lagoon, so check it out for a beautiful sight!

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