Chevrolet Corvette Corral Long Beach Grand Prix

This year the Chevrolet has a Corvette Corral which lets Corvette owners display their cars and it also gives them access to the Corvette Hospitality Tent which is a good place to get out of the sun or rain if you where there on Friday.

Each day you park your vette in the Chevrolet Corvette Corral it will cost you $20 and you will be parking in the Marina Parking area. There are a mixture of other ways you can combine your parking pass with seating and access so make sure and check out the 38th Annual Toyota Of Grand Prix website for more details.

When I walked through the Corral I saw a lot of vette owners shooting the breeze with their respective clubs and the hospitality tent looked like a really cool place to chill out.

5 / 5 stars     

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+Louie Baur is Editor at Long Beach Louie, a Long Beach Restaurant Review site
as well as Skateboard Park. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

20 Reviews

  1. Matthew, 2 years ago


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  2. Anne Thomas, 2 years ago

    Beautiful car!

       -   Reply
  3. Bob Cristello, 2 years ago

    Amazing composition to your photo’s Louie. I just had to share these on my Twitter, Facebook and GooglePlus Timelines. Thank you for taking the time to share.

       -   Reply
  4. bob warren, 2 years ago

    What better than 1500 of Louie Eaves? a Corvette….Happy Saturday!

       -   Reply
  5. Robert Phillips, 2 years ago

    Love corvettes….A friend used to drive on of Roy Orbison’s vettes up the coast to keep it tuned

       -   Reply
  6. Liz, 2 years ago

    I’m with Anne, they are beautiful cars! It would be nice to take one for a spin some summer or spring day.

       -   Reply
  7. Jeff, 2 years ago


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  8. Christina, 2 years ago

    Wow, those are some beautiful cars!! Too bad this is probably the closest I’ll ever get to them lol.

       -   Reply
  9. MMROME, 2 years ago

    Love them all!!!!

       -   Reply
  10. Debra Ulrich, 2 years ago

    #Want :)
    Thanks 4helping me salivate Louie! LOL

       -   Reply
  11. Jody Snyder, 2 years ago

    Those are RAD!! All I can do is wish. I miss going to the Gran Prix. It’s been a few years.

       -   Reply
  12. Chuck Huntting, 2 years ago

    Looks like fun!

       -   Reply
  13. Richard M. Krawczyk (@RichardKrawczyk), 2 years ago

    Love these cars! :)

       -   Reply
  14. Mike Murray, 2 years ago

    Hiya, Louie!
    I wish I was “back home” for all the festivities happening over the next few weeks.
    I miss Long Beach terribly.

    Ciao for now!

       -   Reply
  15. Ashley Drake Gephart, 2 years ago

    Love these cars! Though my favorites are the Charger and Mustangs.

       -   Reply
  16. Bellesouth, 2 years ago

    I love the Corvette, but my favorite car as the moment is the MINI Cooper.

       -   Reply
  17. Bill Lazdowski, 2 years ago

    A lotta money sitting there.

       -   Reply
  18. MesaBoogie, 2 years ago

    Wow those look nice Louie)))

       -   Reply
  19. Margaret Wilmink, 2 years ago

    Great looking car, does the red one go faster?

       -   Reply
  20. Hemant, 2 years ago

    Closest I have come this car was when it was featured in Need For Speed, I guess in one of their earlier editions. I also remember of being pretty good with this car and won a few challenges. *sigh* only if I could get me hands on a real one. :)

       -   Reply

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