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We arrived at T’s at about 11am and we had a party of 4 people. I ordered the Eggs Benedict, two of the people that I was with split a patty melt and my friend bob oreded a Texas omelette.

I have never been to T’s before and it is located in a pretty cool spot in Solana Beach. The parking was somewhat limited but we did arrive at the right time and we snatched up a spot immediately.

There was a pretty cool looking fireplace towards the back of the place that we were seated by and my only complaint was that it was a warm day and being sat by the fire was a bit to much heat.

There are some cool features that stood out to me at T’s. The first was the back room. It looked like a good place to get out of the noise and have a business meeting or something and the other place was the bar up front. The way that it was situated looked pretty cool.

Anyway the food was great and so was the service. As arnold would say, I’ll be back.

minilogo Ts Cafe In Solana Beach

3.5 / 5 stars     

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