Red Tracton’s Steakhouse Del Mar

Red Tractions is the bomb! It is my favorite place to visit when I am in the mood for good seafood or good steak. Today I ordered a Petite Fillet and I ordered it medium and I got exactly what I ordered. I have been here about 4 times for dinner and I have loved it every time so now I am going to do a review.

I usually sit at the bar when I eat and there are always cool people chilling out at the bar. It is definatley an older crowd here at Red Tractons. I think that is one of the coolest features of the place. I love to sit and listen to the older dudes chop it up and they always seem willing to get your input.

The wait staff is older here as well so its kind of cute what the ladies call you. Its kind of like they are referring to you as their grandkid or something.

They pour the drinks stiff and serve up good food. This gets a 5 start rating from me.

5 / 5 stars     

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3 Reviews

  1. Bob Warren, 2 years ago

    Have a Super Friday and a Fantastic Weekend!

       -   Reply
  2. dariacarey, 2 years ago

    Love Red Tracton’s! Craving prime rib w onions now, thanks ;)

       -   Reply
  3. Tracy, 2 years ago

    Love this and thank you so much for the kind thoughts! We, here at Red’s could not agree more! Here is to keeping the legacy alive!

       -   Reply

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