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This Rally’s Burger Restaurant is located on the corner of PCH and Cherry Avenue. If you live up in Signal Hill its easy to shoot down Cherry and grab a burger. Also if you live in that area of Long Beach its not a problem as well. The have a walk up window with a covered outside dining area and two drive throughs to keep your wait time down to a minimum.

I got a Big Buford cheeseburger and I thought it was delicious. It is an awesome cheeseburger and it doesn’t have that same fast food taste that Carls Jr and Wendy’s have. There is something different about it that is really good. This was my first burger here and I am going to be back for another visit soon.

Another random piece of info is that I just saw a TV show called CEO Undercover and I was the CEO of Rallys going around and checking in on some locations and seeing how his restaurants are being run. I thought the details he was looking at was pretty cool and for that I am a fan.

minilogo Rallys Burgers

3.5 / 5 stars     

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