Omelette Inn

Today I cruised down to the Omelette Inn on my bicycle. I figured it would be a nice ride down the bike path and since Downtown Long Beach is so bicycle friendly now I thought it would be a nice way to work up an appetite for an awesome Omelette. I took me about 20 minutes to ride down there and it was pretty easy to get through the streets and pull up to the Omelette Inn. Of course parking there was a snap because I was able to lock my bike right up to the gate that surrounds the outside of their patio area.

This is the second time that I have eaten at this restaurant and of course I came down and ordered some omelets. There where four of us and everybody walked away nice and full with a big smile on their face. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for an authentic and old school downtown long beach eatery.

Here is what we ordered in terms of omelets.

Hickory smoked bacon, fresh spinach and swiss cheese topped with sour cream, black olives and green onions.

This one is pretty straight forward. Its a Avocado, Bacon and Chedder Cheese Omelette

The Popeye
3 Egg Whites scrambled with chopped fresh spinach and homed salsa.

Ham Steak and Eggs
8oz. Ham prepared with 2 eggs any style, toast and hash browns.

There is parking on the street which is kind of tough to find or you can park in the covered parking garage behind the Omelette parlor. The first 2 hours are free parking and I am not sure what the rates are after that but I think they go up quite a bit.

5 / 5 stars     

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14 Reviews

  1. Dana J Lange, 1 year ago

    Sounds fun and delicious too!

       -   Reply
  2. Erik Van Erne, 1 year ago

    Great, i like omelette at Nom Food

       -   Reply
  3. mgilstrap, 1 year ago

    Sounds great, I would like to go there and sample them and see how great they are.

       -   Reply
  4. Martin, 1 year ago

    Looks like a great place, I normally make my own food :-)

       -   Reply
  5. Sandor Benko (@SandorBenko), 1 year ago

    Yum looks delicious! Now that I think of it I never had an omelette when eating out, how odd! My dad makes excellent omelettes though ;)

       -   Reply
  6. Joshua Woodwyk, 1 year ago

    Wolfgang’s in Eastown, Grand Rapids, MI!

       -   Reply
  7. Wayne Mansfield, 1 year ago

    My favourite… though you will need to trav el a bit is Fast Eddys in Perth Western Australia – it is THE place when visiting US servicemen stop over for R & R

       -   Reply
  8. Donna Jeane, 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing. In Quincy, MA you can get a wicked good omelet at the Wheelhouse Diner. The photos look delicious.

       -   Reply
  9. Jeff Mayernik, 1 year ago

    Best omelette I’ve ever had (and I LOVE me some eggs) was at FishTails in Newport, OR. Fluffy and tall, just the right amount of bacon, cheese and mushrooms. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

       -   Reply
  10. Bill Whetstone, 1 year ago

    Sounds delicious, will look the up when I Come to Long Beach. In Birmingham, Al, Trattoria Centrale has the best breakfast anywhere. Downtown 20 th St N. 35203

       -   Reply
  11. Thea Bredie, 1 year ago

    Sounds good, but a bit far for me. When I’m in the mood for an EXCELLENT omelette I go home to my Jerry. There’s no omelettes so far, that have come close to his:)

       -   Reply
  12. barry, 1 year ago

    I have given up buying Omelettes I have not found a place that makes them as good I make them, however I was taught by my chef daughter !

       -   Reply
  13. Tom Laing (@tomlaing), 1 year ago

    We’ve quite a few cafes in Willunga where you can get omelettes – come on over and give them a try. We’ve also got our famous Farmer’s Market to get the eggs and accompaniments – breads, salads, oils etc

       -   Reply
  14. Donald Patnaude, 1 year ago

    My favorite place for an omelette would have to be: Bourbon St. Restaurant & Oyster Bar is truly the only American owned and operated Restaurant and Hotel in Bangkok.

       -   Reply

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