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The Macaroni Grill has consistently been a great lunch or dinner option when I have been out of the area and want to stick to something that I know will be a safe bet on a good dinner. On a recent trip down to Oceanside I took my mom out to macaroni grill located on vista way in Oceanside. Many of the Macaroni grill’s are decorated the same due it being more of a chain restaurant as opposed to a mom and pop restaurant.

Don’t get me wrong though this décor is very nice and has quite the upscale feel to it. I decided to go with the lobster ravioli and my mom went with the chicken marsala. Both dishes were very good and the creamy sauce with my ravioli was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend the Macaroni grill to pasta lovers and with there being many locations throughout southern California you are guaranteed to be close to one of these great restaurants.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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