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I have been to the Long Beach Cafe on two different occasions now and I left very satisfied both times. Both times I tried omelets that where a little out of the norm and they where both excellent.

The first one was a cobb salad omelette and it tasted exactly like a cobb salad mixed into an egg which is awesome and the second time around I went with a Gyro omelet which was also awesome. I pretty much figured out that I could put anything that I enjoy eating, toss some eggs in there and I would be fine with it. Long Beach Cafe keep on coming up with crazy omelet mixtures and I will keep on coming back!

Here is a little information about the brothers that own the Long Beach Cafe. Brothers Nick and George Stanitsas wish to welcome you to Long Beach Cafe, one of Long Beach’s most popular restaurant landmarks. Nick and George’s restaurant experience encompasses over 40 years. They have owned and operated over 10 restaurants during that period. Their combined experience has created a winning formula for operating a successful restaurant. Long Beach Cafe uses no short cuts, exhibiting the greatest experience in preparing fresh, delicious and healthy foods for your enjoyment. Only the highest quality products are used to produce these healthy, fresh, homemade dishes which are prepared daily from scratch.

Written by Louie Baur

5 / 5 stars     
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18 Thoughts on “Long Beach Cafe

  1. Mushroom and cheese omelette is my favourite. Don’t know how these go together so well for me, but they do.

  2. :3 My favorite omelet is an egg white omelet. With cheese, peppers, onions and diced tomatoes, with some salsa and hot sauce.!

  3. This is making me hungry!

    I’m not sure what kind of omelette I like best as I haven’t tried out too much, but I sure can appreciate some spices on it!

  4. Any and all omelettes are delicious if you ask me! I like simple omlettes on toast with butter, yea weird, but good :)

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